Ford Ordering Dealerships to Fix Dual-clutch Fiesta and Focus Models: Report

Chad Kirchner
by Chad Kirchner
ford ordering dealerships to fix dual clutch fiesta and focus models report

Following a scathing analysis from the Detroit Free Press regarding Ford’s handling of their dual-clutch transmission troubles in the Focus and Fiesta, the company has apparently ordered dealerships to fix all affected cars for free, regardless of warranty status.

Automotive News is reporting that the company sent a memo out to dealerships instructing them to fix transmissions if the customer is having issues:

In the July 12 memo, Ford says dealerships should “arrange to diagnose the vehicle and repair as necessary.” The fixes can be applied to 2011-17 models, many of which are out of warranty.

Dealerships were also told to expect another update later today.

I personally own a 2011 Fiesta hatchback with the referenced dual-clutch transmission. I have also had quite a few issues with it, but not as many as some people I know. Nearly every repair was covered under warranty or the extended service bulletin. Unfortunately an issue I had earlier this year was out of even that coverage’s timeframe, meaning I had to pay out of pocket for the fix.

If this above memo is true, and it looks to be, I’ll hopefully not have to worry about footing the cost for another repair when I need it in the near future. In the business I’m in, my car spends a considerable amount of time sitting at airport parking. It’s a nice car for doing that and I’m not eager to get rid of it.

Once we learn more about the specifics of Ford’s memo and their plans we’ll be sure to pass them along to you. I’m not the only one with one of these vehicles and based on the Free Press’ report, there are people out there who desperately do need to get their cars into the shop and taken care of.

[Image: Ford]

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  • Theoldguard Theoldguard on Jul 21, 2019

    One of my two PowerShud-d-d-ers was a 2012 Focus. After a few years I gave it to my son in college. He said anytime someone else drove it (that wasn't supposed to happen) they thought they had broken the car. He wrecked it (a college student wrecks a car?) and as soon as I found out no one was hurt, I was happy. For everyone with PowerShud-d-d-er problems, there is really only one way to fix it. In the scrap yard it works fine.

  • Geo Geo on Jul 21, 2019

    A new Focus was a multi-year commitment and a great expense for many buyers. To buy a vehicle is, in a sense, to put your life and much of your financial security in the hands of the automaker. You're committing to pay large sums of your hard-earned money, plus you're using the vehicle to get to work to earn it. Because of Ford's utter incompetence and traditional Ford distain for entry-level vehicle buyers, hundreds of thousands have suffered financially and emotionally. Many physically. Every Ford exec with any hand in the PowerShift issue should, at worst, be imprisoned. At best, they should never again be allowed to be involved in the auto industry again. Perhaps then domestic executives would finally grasp the seriousness of what they're involved in. This was NOT okay. I will never, ever buy a Ford again.

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    • ToddAtlasF1 ToddAtlasF1 on Jul 21, 2019

      @ToddAtlasF1 If you really think the boom/bust cycle is bad, you should see what unfunded government obligations are going to do to our civilization. You just might have time to figure out the causal relationship before your belief that governments consist of better people than businesses costs you your life.

  • Flybrian Flybrian on Jul 21, 2019

    Looks like all those people lamenting the "outdated Americanized" '08-11 Focus in favor of the new "correct European" one are the real fools now. Those are truly the Cutlass Cieras of the second decade of the 2000s.

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    • Eng_alvarado90 Eng_alvarado90 on Jul 29, 2019

      Actually, the lamenting was more about not getting the 2nd generation sold elsewehere (even more about those sweet ST and RS 2 door HB with the I-5). Since I live near the border, I have seen quite a few 2nd gens with Mexican plates. I drove a 2nd gen Focus and it was a nice little ride. The owner has owned it for 10 years and he has only replaced batteries, tires and brakes. It has the same gas engine and transmission from the warmed over 08-11 North American Focus, it just looked way better and handled a bit tighter.

  • Dividebytube Dividebytube on Jul 22, 2019

    Ugh - I just read the Freep article and it was damning. ::looks at his own Mustang:: at least I got the manual, oh wait!

    • RideTheCliche RideTheCliche on Jul 22, 2019

      I had a 2011 Mustang with the "Getrag" MT82. That piece of garbage transmission ruined what was an otherwise excellent car. It was my first Ford and I absolutely loved everything else about that car, but 5 visits to the dealership with various explanations of "You're driving it wrong" "Could not replicate" and "They all do that" wore me down to the point where I just wanted to get clear of the vehicle, which I did after 18 months. Even under mildly-spirited driving I could not get a clean shift from 1st to 2nd without a grind, or worse yet, throwing the shifter from 1st to 2nd and having it stop mid-way, as if the gate into 2nd disappeared. The 'fix' is to wait a half-to-full second between the neutral-to-2nd part of the throw Surprise! The MT82 is built in China under a joint-venture with... Jiangling? Thanks to this and the terrible dealership experience I will never own another Ford, and if anyone asks I make sure they know about my ownership experience. Ford screwed me to the wall so I'm happy to return the favor.