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A Canadian man was arrested in Vancouver’s West End over the weekend after trying to usurp someone else’s Corvette. The owner had reportedly left the vehicle’s top off in a public lot and a passerby, assuming the car was a free agent, climbed inside. By the time the Vette’s owner returned, the man had settled in and was refusing to leave.

This wasn’t officially a theft, mind you, just a case of some weirdo declining to get out of a Corvette on the grounds that simply occupying the driver’s seat magically made it his. As you have correctly assumed, the situation escalated once authorities arrived. 

According to the Vancouver Sun (via Jalopnik), the owner requested the man vacate his vehicle only to be rebuffed. The police were contacted and received an even better story from the suspect:

Sgt. Jason Robillard said officers who arrived on scene repeatedly ordered the man to get out of the car but he continued to refuse, “stating that this was now his car.”

When it became clear the man would not leave the car of his own will, officers used a bean bag shotgun on the man’s legs, which allowed officers to move in and arrest the 36-year-old Vancouver man.

We’re going to go out on a limb and say this person was probably mentally unwell, as the mere sight of a shotgun pointed at a sane person’s lower half is typically enough to induce compliance. It’s unclear whether police attempted alternative strategies before shooting the dude in the legs. But it’s hard to argue with the results. Robillard said the unnamed man was treated for minor injuries at the scene, despite his refusal for care, and would be charged with criminal mischief. The Corvette was said to be unharmed.


[Image: Roger Dale Pleis/Shutterstock]

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23 Comments on “Canadian Man Arrested for Corvette Squatting...”

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    So this is what Bernie Sanders does between campaign stops. Nothing to see here, just redistribution.

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    I’ve never heard of squatting laws applied to parked cars. Apparently either have the police

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    Did Florida Man go northwest on a vacation? Then again, as a Canadian I can say that ‘Vancouver Man’ can probably give Florida Man a run for his money in the insanity department.

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    brian in oz

    being in Canada, the corvette owner probably apologised to the squatter for not providing a free lunch and later drove him to the hospital.

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    I guess the moral of the story here is to keep your car locked…I leave my top down on occasion…guess I shouldn’t…

    Open comment to editor – It really would not have been too hard to find a photo of a C7 for the opening…I rarely grouse about such stuff as I am grateful for the vast free content, but this seems like a really easy lift..

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      I’m grateful for being spared a photo of a C7. Wasn’t it nice when Corvettes weren’t styled to mimic other companies’ designs? Corvette drivers didn’t have to be seen as wanna-be Ferrari drivers, and that was when Ferraris were much more tastefully styled than they are now.

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        “I’m grateful for being spared a photo of a C7.”

        Heaven forbid we have journalists that accurately communicate information relevant to the actual story, both VISUALLY and in prose. The story involves a C7, not a C3. So the post should reflect that.

        “Corvette drivers didn’t have to be seen as wanna-be Ferrari drivers”

        Unless those people are offering to make the monthly payments on your Corvette, who cares WTF they think?

        Personally I LOVE the styling of the C7. I’m under 40 and had minimal exposure to anything before the C5, plus the angular styling appeals to me on all cars; it’s why I love Lamborghinis. I’d love to own a C7 but:
        -they don’t come in RHD
        -the markup here in Japan is INSANE
        -the annual taxes on such a large-displacement engine makes my eyes water

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    He’s lucky the cops didn’t give him some “stick time” .

    Many years ago there was a CHP officer nicknamed ‘crowbar’ because a trucker locked himself in his cab and refused to take his ticker nor leave the vehicle, Crowbar broke the passenger side window then dragged the recalcitrant trucker through it by his hair…..

    It seems there are so many crazies loose these days .


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    guy was lucky the squatter did not take a dump on the front seat

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    I thought possession was ninety percent of the law?

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      To paraphrase Mao: Rule of law flows from the barrel of a gun. (even ultra-polite/mindful/respectful Japan has capital punishment)

      My inner idealist wish it wasn’t so, my inner realist says it is what it is. There are always bad apples that makes it so society can’t have nice stuff.

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      “Possession is nine tenths of the law.”

      Pretty much the same, but stated differently.

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    How many police officers does it take to get a guy out of a Corvette?

    Insert punchline here………………………………….

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    John R

    oh, boy. Sounds like one of those “sovereign citizen” types…

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    Reminded me of the movie with Clint Eastwood, “Every which way but loose” where his Orang Utan pet takes a dump in the police car, and when the poor cops tried to go after Clint, well you know….. it was dark!

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    David Mc Lean

    I think that squatter was due for a tune-up. A police style tune-up.

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    Expert beanbag marksman to hit someone in the lower legs while squatting in a corvette. The minimum safe range for that round is 20ft.

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