Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Could Make a Comeback With Help From Renault

Anthony Magagnoli
by Anthony Magagnoli
mitsubishi lancer evolution could make a comeback with help from renault

Lancer Evolution vs WRX STi had been as classic a rivalry as Mustang vs Camaro. But, with the departure of the Evo in 2016, there has been a hole in the marketplace and in the hearts of enthusiasts. Reports coming out of Autocar point to a revival of the famed rivalry, with an theoretical Evo XI getting some help from Renault.

While the Evolution name has been rumored to be revived in the form of some sort of SUV or electric vehicle — or both — the Lancer Evolution may yet return in proper super-sedan form. While details are spotty, it is speculated that the engine would come from the next-generation Renault Mégane RS. The current Mégane RS is the front-wheel drive Nürburgring production vehicle record holder, sporting a 296 horsepower and 295 ft-lbs 1.8-liter, 4-cylinder engine. With the next-generation engine anticipated to displace 2.0-liters, it may utilize a bit of electric boosting from a 48V mild-hybrid system to close in on the 341 hp coming from Subaru’s WRX STi S209.

The power is expected to be transmitted through a dual-clutch transmission and Mitsubishi-developed S-AWC four-wheel drive system. While purists may select a manual — if one is made available — the dual-clutch would provide a performance advantage that’s not currently being offered from Subaru.

The underpinnings for the next-generation Lancer Evolution would likely be on the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Common Module Family (CMF) C/D platform. This platform is utilized in the United States under the Nissan Rogue and Infiniti QX50. Both sedan and hatchback versions of the Lancer could be offered, though it is likely that the sedan body-style would be the one utilized for the Evolution XI.

Mitsubishi has been working to reestablish itself in the U.S. and has been seeing steady growth here since 2012. The return of a performance model could be just what it needs to get people to notice the Diamond Star once again, and thus buy their SUVs. After all, that’s where the real money exists.

[Images: Mitsubishi]

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  • Turbo_awd Turbo_awd on Jun 29, 2019

    How reliable is the X? I hear the dual-clutch model doesn't do well with power upgrades? Is there enough room inside for 4 adults?

    • Noble713 Noble713 on Jun 29, 2019

      The dual-clutch can handle up to ~400lb-ft of torque without upgrades. Past that you are taking risks. Most people recommend an aftermarket transmission cooler even if only lightly modded. It can fit 4 adults if they are....normal-bodied (aka not the average fatass American). Legroom in the back is pretty poor unless the passengers are

  • IBx1 IBx1 on Jul 01, 2019

    If they bring the Evo back just to make it automatic, so help me god...

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