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Lotus hasn’t delivered an entirely new model since the Evora debuted over ten years ago. The clock will reset come July 16th, when the company unveils the Type 130 in central London. Approved by Chinese-parent Geely and shrouded in secrecy, the 130 will represent a major change for Lotus as the brand’s first all-electric hypercar.

However, the baby is reportedly not being thrown out with the bathwater. The automaker has confirmed that the model will still be manufactured at its longstanding headquarters in Hethel, Norfolk, and remain hand-built by Britain’s finest. 

Unlike the Elise, Exige, and Evora, the Type 130 will be limited to just 130 examples. While that pre-planned rareness could be the result of its electric powertrain — which remains a mystery — it’s more likely that availability is being limited due to the vehicle’s specialized role. On numerous occasions, Lotus has called the Type 130 a “hypercar,” suggesting it will represent the pinnacle of the brand’s technical prowess — which has been further aided by the company’s collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering. That likely means it’s going to cost more than most people’s homes, greatly restricting the pool of potential customer.

CEO Phil Popham has previously said that partnering with Williams is essential for delivering high-performance vehicles that can compete in the “rapidly changing automotive landscape.” By most assessments it looks as though Williams is tasked with furnishing electric systems to the project, and will likely supply the batteries, too. Meanwhile, Lotus is presumed to be responsible for the rest of the vehicle and ensuring it’s as lightweight as humanly possible — adhering to the brand’s official design strategy (which it frequently brings up).

Rumors suggest early prototypes of the Type 130 utilized two electric motors to support an all-wheel-drive configuration, permitting an electric range of at least 250 miles. Fast-charging was a given. However, the speculation remained unconfirmed; later claims suggest the model, codenamed Omega, could make use of up to three e-motors.

Production is said to take place shortly after the June 16th debut, with deliveries commencing early in 2020. Thus far, we’ve only had a single teaser image to work with, plus a brief video clip showcasing the vehicle’s charging port. Lotus assures its fans it’s okay to start preparing to be blown away by this and subsequent models that will help reshape the brand’s new identity.


[Image: Lotus Cars]

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12 Comments on “Lotus’ First New Model Since 2009 Rolls Out Next Month...”

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    I thought Polestar was supposed to be the electric sports-car company owned by Geely.

    I would be much more interested in a modern version of the Lotus 7.

    • 0 avatar

      “I would be much more interested in a modern version of the Lotus 7.”

      That would be an Ariel Atom.

      Or of course you can have pretty much an original Lotus 7 in the Caterham 7 (although with modern engines).

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    What about the other 98% of the market that demands ICE? Niche brand creating a car that’s a niche within a niche does not spell success. Granted Chinese ownership should be enough of a red flag to stay away, this seems like a terrible idea. It’s a good thing British cars are renown for their quality electronics…

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      The fact that they are only building 130 copies and it costs $2.5 million dollars is going to be a bigger limiting factor than the fact that it’s electric. Do you think someone is going be unable to charge their $2.5 million car because they live in an apartment and have to park on the street? Or maybe they were going to spend the $2.5 million, but back out because they have a 500-mile commute, each way, and it doesn’t have enough range. If it was a $2.5 million ICE car, no problem, right?

      They’re not building a car to compete with the Altima. Most of these cars will probably be able to get through 20 years of driving on a single charge given the miles they’ll see.

      • 0 avatar

        His rants are often based on misinformation and misunderstood information. He read “Lotus is building an electric sports car” and ran from the Canadian border to Texas with it.

        Lotus plans to build 130 examples. Pretty sure theyll sell every single one, even if our friend here refuses to buy one JUST because it doesn’t use gasoline. It’s a chance theyll have to take, lol.

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        No where in this article does it say 2.5M, I can think of a multitude of better cars that I would want to buy over a Chinese owned British company making electric cars at 2.5M a pop. What’s the point? The entire car has to be a showcase on lightweight batteries; technology means that in 20 years this car will be so outdated that it will essentially be a paper weight.

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    On my daily drive home from work, I pass a dealership that has been pretty successful (guessing, because of their longevity) at peddling used, off-lease German luxury cars and SUV’s. I think they’ve been faced with a great deal of competition lately, so this past year I see they’ve added Lotus to their marquee, along with banners plastered all over the windows. There appears to be a few examples inside – same model, different colors.

    I’ve been asking myself “What does being a Lotus dealer even mean?”

    • 0 avatar

      It probably involves ants.

      Watched on the VINWiki videos, and they said that since the Lotuses were prone to roof leaks, it wasn’t uncommon to find major ant infestations.

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    Lotus = Chinese crap.

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    WOW – all electric Lotus. Was a huge fan of Lotus until reading this. I guess I will just have to lust after all of their early cars up and including the Evora.

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    cimarron typeR

    They’d be foolish to give up on the Evora, I know the Renlea Baruthian’s gushed all over the latest iteration

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