QOTD: Next Date? Outta Date!

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy
qotd next date outta date

What’s the matter with the car I’m driving? / Can’t you tell that it’s out of style? / -Billy Joel

William Martin Joel might’ve been on to something here. Late last week, while behind the wheel of a new 4Runner, I was reminded of just how much I like the thing, despite its prehistoric infotainment system and Ralph Kramden driving position. Plenty of others seem to agree, as Toyota has no trouble moving them off dealer lots.

Then I realized something mildly startling — this isn’t the first slightly-outta-date new vehicle that I thought was the bee’s knees.

Take the old Montero Sport, for example. Still sold new at Mitsubishi in Canada well into the 21st century, it was a throwback to upright and trucky SUVs in an age when most customers were scrambling towards machines such as the car-like Toyota Highlander. Parked next to an early-90s Pathfinder, the 2003 Montero Sport compared well. I loved it.

That’s hardly the only example of yesterday’s style and tech being sold as brand new on which I periodically check the build-and-price tool. The Nissan 370Z, for instance, captures my attention despite being on sale in its current form since the late Jurassic period.

But it was spending time in the 4Runner that cemented today’s QOTD. If a tree fell on the Charger tomorrow, I’d be taking a hard look at Toyota’s SUV — while investigating aftermarket options for the infotainment system. My next date might be outta date, then.

How about you? Are there any vehicles on sale today that are at or near the end of their product cycle yet you still find desirable?

[Images: Toyota, Mitsubishi]

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  • AlfaRomasochist AlfaRomasochist on May 20, 2019

    As of right now you can still buy a leftover 2018 RAM 2500 / 3500 with the Cummins diesel and a 6-speed manual transmission. That's the last full size pickup available with a stick shift in the US. Probably ever.

  • Ktm_525 Ktm_525 on May 20, 2019

    Land Rover LR3/4

  • ToolGuy VW (marque not group) and Tesla very nearly switched positions on a YTD basis.
  • RHD Inexpensive gasoline appears to be a thing of the past. ILO is correct - we have enough sunlight, wind and emerging ocean wave energy to power the entire country and then some. Clean air is nice, and being free of the whims of OPEC, geopolitics and hugely profitable oil companies will do all of us a world of good.
  • Raymond Segura Can you tell me where I can get the rear bumper for 69 impala?
  • Art Vandelay some of the crazy numbers I get. Percentages look bigger with any fluctuations with low volume makes and brands leaving the market will see massive month over month changes. But what’s with Buick? I still see the occasional ad on TV and yet the drop is disproportionate even compared to all the other GM brands.
  • Master Baiter "There is no mandate for consumers to buy EVs, not in any country or state. That’s made up."Right. And you are not mandated to purchase a toilet that only uses 1.6 gallons/flush. You could choose to not have a toilet--just go in the woods, like the bears do.