Toyota Announces 2020 Supra Color Options

Matt Posky
by Matt Posky
toyota announces 2020 supra color options

Now that the hype train has pulled into the station and unloaded the Toyota Supra, we can finally begin to examine what all the fuss was about. Still, Toyota has one more minor announcement left up its sleeve. While we’ve frequently seen the coupe in black, white and red (or camouflage combination of the three), we didn’t actually know what shades the manufacturer would offer for its introductory year.

Launch Edition vehicles will continue to be relegated to the established trio of hues, adding red mirror caps, black 19-inch wheels, unique upholstery, carbon-fiber accenting, and commemorative plaques for $55,250. But other colors are coming — most of them silver.

Car and Driver recently tipped us off that Toyota has updated its website, digitally showcasing the upcoming GR Supra with eight additional color options. Beginning later this year, the sports car will be available in Downshift Blue (Navy), Nocturnal Black, Nitro Yellow, Absolute Zero White, Renaissance Red 2.0, and three versions of silver. Going from lightest to darkest, those chromic shades include Tungsten Silver, Phantom Matte Gray, and Turbulence Gray.

While not the most diverse range of colors, especially considering the Launch Edition reuses three of them, all of the obligatory sports car hues are there, starting at $49,990. It should be noted that Toyota affixes an “extra-color cost” to Nitro Yellow and Phantom Matte Gray.

Regardless of trim or color, all U.S.-spec’d Supras come equipped with a twin-scroll turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six — producing 335 horsepower and 365 lb-ft of torque — bolted to an eight-speed automatic. Launch Edition cars (below) should start cropping up this spring, with less-expensive models arriving in the fall.

[Images: Toyota]

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  • Ajla Ajla on Mar 20, 2019

    " 'Nice BMW'. You’ll be hearing that a lot, as an owner. :/ " It is crazy that the bloom is so fallen from the BMW rose that this would be considered a put-down.

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    • JimZ JimZ on Mar 21, 2019

      @Raevoxx yep. it's not a knock against BMW, but Toyota, who apparently can't make anything interesting without having another company do it for them. The company that made the Celica Turbo, MR2, (original) Supra, SC300/SC400 now has to let Subaru and BMW do the fun work for them.

  • ToddAtlasF1 ToddAtlasF1 on Mar 21, 2019

    I asked a former coworker who would buy BMW quality and engineering with a Toyota badge. It seems like a non-starter to me. He told me his father has purchased a spot on the waiting list at his local dealer. I've never known his father to own a Toyota, but he has two BMWs and two Mazdas at any given time. His wife drives a Honda. I still don't understand.

  • Jeff S Corey Lewis--GM designed those cars shortly after the 1978 oil crisis caused by a reduction in oil production in Iran and the eventual over throw of the Shah and the Iranian hostage crisis. GM anticipated gas would be $5 a gallon and up and that there would be shortages of oil. By the late 80s the supply of oil stabilized and gas and diesel prices stabilized. Ford didn't have the resources to completely redesign all their cars and except for the midsize, compact, and small cars that were front wheel drive and that is why Ford held onto the Panther platform for so long. GM just on the X car design and development spent 2.5 billion dollars and spent at least another billion on the C platform that was used on those 1985 full size front wheel drive cars.
  • SilverCoupe I am one of those people whose Venn diagram of interests would include Audis and Formula One.I am not so much into Forums, though. I spend enough time just watching the races.
  • Jeff S Definitely and very soon. Build a hybrid pickup and price it in the Maverick price range. Toyota if they can do this soon could grab the No 1 spot from Maverick.
  • MaintenanceCosts Would be a neat car if restored, and a lot of good parts are there. But also a lot of very challenging obstacles, even just from what we can see from the pictures. It's going to be hard to justify a restoration financially.
  • Jeff S Ford was in a slump during this era and its savior was a few years away from being introduced. The 1986 Taurus and Sable saved Ford from bankruptcy and Ford bet the farm on them. Ford was also helped by the 1985 downsize front wheel drive full sized GM cars. Lincoln in 1987 even spoofed these new full size GM cars in an ad basically showing it was hard to tell the difference between a Cadillac, Buick, and Oldsmobile. This not only helped Lincoln sales but Mercury Grand Marquis and Ford Crown Victoria sales. For GM full size buyers that liked the downsized GM full size 77 to 84 they had the Panther based Lincoln Town Cars, Mercury Grand Marquis, and Ford Crown Victorias that were an alternative to the new GM front wheel drive full size cars that had many issues when they were introduced in 1985 and many of those issues were not resolved for several years. The Marks were losing popularity after the Mark Vs. 1985 was the last year for the rear wheel drive Olds Delta 88 and rear wheel drive Buick Lesabre the rear wheel Caprice and Caprice Classic 3rd generation continued till 1990 when it was redesigned. B Body Buick Estate wagons continued thru 1990 as the Olds Custom Cruiser wagon and both were redesigned. GM held onto a few rear wheel drive full size cars but the Lincoln ad really brought home the similarly looking front wheel drive full size cars. Lincoln's ad was masterful.