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After creating ripples throughout the automotive community by announcing an all-electric next-generation Macan small crossover, Porsche might go a step further and ditch the model’s name altogether.

Talk about severing links to the past…

Speaking to Australia’s Wheels (h/t to Motor Trend), Blume laid out his brand’s electrification strategy — a product plan which must tread carefully, lest it raise the ire of motoring purists. While the upcoming Taycan and its offspring were designed from the ground up around a fully electric powertrain (and dedicated platform), Porsche isn’t about to start building EV versions of existing models willy-nilly.

“We have the idea to offer in each segment three options of engines (high performance petrol, plug-in hybrid and pure electromobility),” Blume said. “In the limousine segment, we will have the Panamera as petrol and hybrid and the Taycan as electric. In the SUV segment our ideas is a fully electrified Macan, petrol Cayenne and a hybrid Cayenne. Our idea for the Macan is to continue with some updates as long as possible and then to come round about 2020 with the electrified Macan.”

Once that occurs, the model might warrant a new name, Blume said. The executive describes the future SUV as having “the roots of the Macan,” but appearing “very different and future orientated.”

“When we develop a new car in the model range, it’s always a challenge to make it even better without losing tradition. We haven’t decided yet [to continue the Macan nameplate],” he said.

Blume was careful not to mention the 911, it appears, though he did say the Boxster could be the next Porsche model to ditch its internal combustion powerplant. “It depends on the development of the markets and the needs,” he said, adding that a decision on the model’s direction will come this year.”

If the Boxster does go electric, it won’t carry on with its existing platform. “Our opinion is that when you use a car that is designed for a petrol engine it doesn’t fit for an EV because of the construction of the body,” Blume said. “When you play in the segment like Porsche to develop very sporty cars, it has to be tailor made for each type of engine.”

[Images: Porsche AG]

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12 Comments on “Speaking of Names, Add ‘Macan’ to the List of Dustbin Contenders...”

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    R Henry

    If a company has a great product, it doesn’t really matter what they call it. If it is a good match for the brand, it will sell well.

    Porsche could call their vehicles “Rear Engine Sports Car #1″(911) and “Small SUV #1” (Macan) and it would not effect sales.

    If however, the product is an average offering, lacking uniqueness, an evocotive name helps. How the car “Malibu” relates to the beach city in California however, is entirely beyond my reckoning.

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    Considering that the Macan is Porsche’s best selling product, I am still somewhat skeptical that they will actually follow through on this.

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      Why not? What’s missing from this article is that Blume also stated that Porsche will be getting next-generation batteries in 2020 that will boost the current 37 ah per cell to 47 ah. That’s an approximate 21% boost in battery power density. Assuming the 310-mile range Taycan isn’t using these batteries yet and a 21% range increase, we could see it’s range increase to 375 miles. That’s the same range (or better) as I’m seeing reported in a Macan Forum for the gas model of the Macan. I’m not sure what the range of a BEV Macan would be even with the new batteries, but we’re seeing steady progress with EVs in terms of range, charging speed, and cost reduction. For a premium brand, I think it makes sense to ditch a 4 cylinder for something smoother and more powerful.

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    James Charles

    “Dust Bin”? How quaint and British.

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    I’d like to see them ditch either the Cayman name or the Cayenne name. These two confuse most people I’ve met. When people ask what I drive I have to say: “A Porsche Cayman … that’s the hardtop/expensive version of the Boxster, not the trucklet.”

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