Hot Take: You Probably Wouldn't Have Wanted the New Ford Taurus, Anyway

Matt Posky
by Matt Posky
hot take you probably wouldnt have wanted the new ford taurus anyway

Despite having risen from the grave in 2007, following its brief stint as the Ford Five Hundred, the Taurus has been reburied. The last example rolled out of Ford’s Chicago Assembly Plant a few weeks ago (to make room for SUVs), though the car lives on in China. However, we doubt you’d be interested if the manufacturer suddenly began exporting them.

A seventh generation of the Ford Taurus was introduced there in 2015, looking like a hybrid of the American sixth-gen and Australia’s FG X Falcon. A mid-cycle refresh is right around the corner, and you’ll probably be glad it’s staying in China.

The car’s official debut isn’t until next month’s Shanghai Auto Show, though leaked images of the car have made the rounds online — apparently stemming from the Sohu Internet news site and several leaks from within the company. While the car still resembles the Taurus we’ve put to rest, a few minor changes cropped up. Slimmer headlamps, a new grille and bumper, more LEDs, and some additional chrome detailing help modernize the look. And it’s all very bland… and round.

Worse yet, the Chinese Taurus will only be available with a 1.5-liter EcoBoost or the current 2.0-liter EcoBoost (producing 245 horsepower), mated to a six-speed automatic. The V6 is gone, not that the country has any longstanding affinity for the SHO or large, high-horsepower vehicles in general.

It’s not completely terrible, but Changan-Ford doesn’t appear to offer anything that would light a fire under Americans shopping for a new full-size sedan. Hopefully, that makes the loss of the North American Taurus more palatable to those feeling extra raw about its continued existence in Asia.

As for the possibility of future exports, don’t count on it. Ford isn’t even considering shipping the car to other markets right now, and we don’t expect that to change anytime soon — even if US-Chinese trade tensions suddenly dissipate.

[Images: Sohu Inc]

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  • Gardiner Westbound Gardiner Westbound on Mar 22, 2019

    The problem with the outgoing Taurus was the small interior relative to its exterior size. The item doesn’t address that issue. Regardless, I would want a V6. Too much iron to move with a heavily stressed four cylinder.

  • Outback_ute Outback_ute on Mar 25, 2019

    I've seen one of the Chinese market Tauruses, pre-facelift, and it was a nice-looking car. Is anybody in the market for a full-size car looking for something styled like it is out of insert-reference-here? Ok so the facelift hasn't helped but that is easily fixed. It is 3.2" longer in the wheelbase than the outgoing Volvo-origin car.

  • Dukeisduke Years ago, I was driving southbound along North Central Expressway (south of Mockingbird Lane, for locals), and watched a tire and wheel fall out of the bed of a pickup (no tailgate), bounce along, then centerpunch the front end of a Honda Accord. It wasn't pretty.
  • Dukeisduke If these were built in the US, they'd probably be plagued with recalls, like everything else they make now. It's just as well they don't bring them here.I've owned one Ford, a '95 F-150 (drove it for 17 years and 214k miles) and it was fantastic. But you couldn't run fast enough to buy another Ford. Quality used to be Job 1; now it's an afterthought.
  • Dukeisduke "side-to-side taillights""Across-the-border" is the phrase you're looking for - it's what Ford called the taillights on the '67-'68 and '70-'71 Thunderbirds.
  • 28-Cars-Later Pretty sure its the next gen Fusion, which did manage 110K sales in 2020 USDM but that was roughly 66% less than 306K it sold in 2013. If 100K units is the expected high water mark I can understand why resources went elsewhere... though Mach-E can't even do half that and its hyped like the Second Coming so maybe there was a missed opportunity after all?
  • Kcflyer Laughing inside at the "300 mile range when it's warm" line. Can you imagine if ICE vehicles were this comprised? What a sick joke the green agenda is.