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The Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office had a run-in with a drunk driver over the weekend. While there’s typically nothing funny about catching someone driving under the influence, fate saw fit to throw us a bone in this instance, as the encounter led to comical shenanigans involving Axe body spray.

Apparently, the driver decided to fill his mouth with the substance in an attempt to fool an approaching deputy.

Unfortunately for him, the ruse failed. Deputies reported that they witnessed the event in progress as they walked up to the vehicle and immediately noticed several open containers of alcohol the occupants had failed to hide.

While the story is being circulated on various automotive outlets through The Smoking Gun, the original story appears to have been broken by local news affiliates first. According to the reports, 49-year-old Efren Mencia-Ramirez was spotted speeding and weaving erratically on South Carolina’s I-85 on the night of March 23rd — encouraging deputies to conduct a traffic stop.

“Deputy Harakas advised me upon arrival that the driver and passenger had both been drinking beer,” explained one of the officers on scene. “Deputy Harakas stated that the driver passed him at a high race of speed and also swerved into his lane of travel. He stated the driver, later identified as Efren Mencia-Ramirez, was spraying Axe body spray into his mouth when he approach to cover the smell of alcohol on his breath. Deputy Harakas also gave me Mr. Mencia-Ramierz’s passport and stated he did not have a valid license.”

However, even if all the paperwork was in order and the smell of booze effectively masked by body spray (it wasn’t), the driver would still have found himself the subject of additional scrutiny.

“There was a 12 pack of Corona beer in the passenger floorboard. 11 of the 12 beers were open,” the deputy continued. “10 of them were almost completely empty and the 11th was approximately 1/3 full and open. There was a passenger in the vehicle, Mario Umana, who had an open beer between his legs. All open containers were within reach of the driver and front passenger of the vehicle.”

Officials charged the passenger in the car with open container. But the driver also faces driving without a license, driving with no proof of insurance, an open container violation, and driving under the influence.

“I walked Mr. Mencia-Ramirez back to my vehicle to speak with him,” recounted the deputy. “He had a very strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his person. His eyes were glassy and bloodshot. I asked him how many beers he drank and he stated one. Mr. Mencia-Ramierez only understood some of what I said however because he spoke very little english.”

Being plastered probably didn’t help with communications, either. Subsequent tests revealed that Mencia-Ramirez possessed blood alcohol content of 0.15, almost twice the legal limit. He was taken to Spartanburg County Jail, probably with some pretty wild-smelling breath, but the fate of the Axe body spray remains unknown.

[Image: Paul Biryukov/Shutterstock]

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41 Comments on “Drunk Driver Fills Mouth With Axe Body Spray in Bid to Fool Police...”

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    “Axe Body Spray – stinking up lockers, homes, and police cars since 1983!”

    There’s a Jeff Foxworthy joke somewhere in here, but I just can’t find it…

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    Drunks ~ they’re all the same .

    Let’s see how fast this topic turns to Immigrants….


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    the biggest crime here is that a 49-year-old apparently uses Axe body spray.

    that stuff is strictly for 14-year-olds dumb enough to believe the commercials.

  • avatar

    “strictly for 14-year olds dumb enough to believe the commercials” OH ! Oh ! Sounds like I’m guilty of a social faux pas : (

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    Oh the poor man, now he’ll never be able to get a driver’s license or buy insurance. As a society we must find the compassion to treat people like him fairly. How shall we deal with this injustice? A new BMW sedan with free maintenance for five years might be a start…

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    LOL…Big Red gum used to fool my mom, and she is a walking breathalyzer.

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    In the country illegally (probably), speeding and weaving through traffic, no license, no insurance, open containers visible, drunk as a skunk, and swallows cologne made from alcohol to counteract alcohol in his system. And Trump was criticized as racist when he said Mexico wasn’t sending us their best?

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    But I have a question. Is it really racist to notice…..
    1- Illegals commit crime at a higher rate than native born.
    2- Illegals consume food stamps and welfare at a higher rate than natives.
    3- 10 Illegals competing for the ONE unskilled job, waters down the pay rate for native born.

    I could go on but, why bother.

    • 0 avatar

      “But I have a question. Is it really racist to notice…..
      1- Illegals commit crime at a higher rate than native born.”

      yes, because it’s not true. even the right-leaning Cato Institute admits as much.

      “2- Illegals consume food stamps and welfare at a higher rate than natives.”

      yes, because it’s not true. Whites are the largest beneficiaries of Medicaid and SNAP.

      “I could go on but, why bother.”


      • 0 avatar

        Stop with the facts JimZ. You will run into the FoxTrap

      • 0 avatar

        JimZ –

        You mean the Cato Institute funded by the “open border” Koch brothers, sounds like an unbiased source to me. Given their lack of incentive to find the truth, it is highly doubtful CATO worked hard to overcome the lack of crime statistics kept on illegal immigrant crime (the govt doesn’t want us to know), but others have made the effort and the answer is illegals do commit more serious crime, and every crime they commit is a crime that wouldn’t happen if they were back in their home country. And of course we have gotten to the point where we don’t even count being in the country illegally as a crime, nor identity theft crimes that they often use to get work – so in reality EVERY illegal is a criminal.

        As for welfare, this has been in the news recently, and again illegals use much more welfare than citizens, which is kind of amazing since they are supposed to be eligible for most of it.

    • 0 avatar

      zero car content. I can read Daily Kos or Fox if I want that kind of thing. Please, talk cars. We don’t need twitter/reddit type flame wars here…(retreats to safe space)

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    So drunk, and a beta male? Or, drunk, and fourteen years old.

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    Here are FACTS.

    illegals – 63% on benefits. native born are at 35%

    Illegals – make up 26% of prison population. But they are less than 6% of the population in the USA.

    I dont expect an apology

    • 0 avatar

      Yes, but what about the Statue of Liberty where it says: Give us your drunk drivers, your welfare cheats, you gang members yearning to run free…

    • 0 avatar

      CIS is a “think tank” founded by an ophthalmologist and is expressly anti-immigration. But go you, you found a biased source which confirms your biases and now you’re screaming “FACT!”

      Calling oneself a “Center” doesn’t automatically make one correct or an authority on anything.

    • 0 avatar
      King of Eldorado

      My current favorite car brand is Honda, but I’m starting to like the Koreans more and more. (<— car-related content)

      That prison population number is for federal prisons, and consists largely of drug smuggling offenders. The kind of crime most people worry about is state-level (robberies, assaults, break-ins…). Undocumented immigrants survive in the USA by keeping their heads down and minimizing contacts with the authorities, and thus tend to commit fewer of the latter types of crimes.

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    Apologies guys ~ I didn’t mean to set the spurs .

    Back on topic : I had no idea about the pennies under your tongue, once again this site is fascinating in the things it teaches me .


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    You just can’t make this [manure] up!


  • avatar

    Blood test.

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    So I’m thinking about buying a used car, Charger possibly. What is the engine compliment that many here believe is the best in that car? What rolls in my mind is Pentastar, but I do not remember the favored displacement.

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    Years ago—- my older sisters boyfriend at the time got pulled over for driving stupid, and was drunk. They took him in, and at that time they gave you a breathalyzer at the station. He asked to use the restroom, and in there he found a bottle of ammonia. He proceded to use it as a mouthwash to cover up the alchohol. Needless to say his whole inside of his mouth was covered with blisters d__b__t! Still failed the breathalyzer

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