Ace of Base: 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 W/T

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy

These twelve calendar months of 2018 could be called the Year of the Truck, given the number of new models we’ve seen from major players. Even those that aren’t majorly reworked have gotten some measure of refreshment either in the form of a newly rated top engine (Ford) or snazzy color-keyed trim (Toyota).

We visited the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Work Truck much earlier this year but, at the time, there were few details in terms of powertrain or price. Those areas have since been addressed by The General, leading me to the question: does the least-expensive Chevy full-size retain its spot on our Ace of Base list?

The 2018 W/T stickered at a reasonable $28,700 before the rafts of cash on its long and square hood. For the new 2019 model, the price jumps by $1,095. Still under thirty grand, then. I’m sure there will be legions of folks in the comments who’ll rail against a 30k base truck and call it an affront to America and every blue collar worker in the country, all the while waxing about the 1986 Chevy pickup that was offered without a headliner for less than the price of a cup of coffee or some other ridiculous claim.

Those days are gone and, I’m glad to say, so are the saddle fuel tanks and scary handling and terrible fuel economy and … shall I go on? Today’s trucks, even the base ones, are miles beyond their agricultural forebears and are priced accordingly. A purchase price of $10,000 in 1986 would be roughly equivalent to $23,000 today. I’d like to think the extra safety, economy, and technology in a 2019 pickup is worth the extra cash.

I digress. To repeat our history lesson, Chevy has stuck the Work Truck (W/T) trim on its most poverty-spec pickups for ages, with most of them destined for a lifetime of hard and difficult work only to be mercilessly sacrificed to The Crusher or The Back Forty once they were used up. In the ‘90s, you’ll recall from our previous instalment, Mike Schmidt taught us the value of GM’s work truck-grade plastic grille:

Chevy has also confirmed the base engine for the W/T. It’ll be the venerable 4.3-liter V6, imbued with cylinder deactivation and a six-speed automatic. Barring an unexpected bump in output for 2019, horsepower sits at 285 ponies.

What we have been told is that the Work Truck will be the only model available as a regular cab long bed, so get used to seeing that billboard grille on worksites and in the Home Depot parking lot. Rough-n-ready 17-inch steel wheels will look the part, while the interior will be available in either skin-searing vinyl or cloth seats. It’ll have a 7-inch color touch screen, likely with a backup camera. Air conditioning is standard, too, but power windows are extra.

Now that we know its sticker price of $29,795, the 2019 Chevy Silverado W/T can officially go up on the Ace of Base board. All that’s left now is to drive one.

[Image: General Motors]

Not every base model has aced it. The ones which have? They help make the automotive landscape a lot better. Any others you can think of, B&B? Let us know in the comments. Naturally, feel free to eviscerate our selection.

The model above is shown in American dollars with American options and trim, absent of destination charges and available rebates. As always, your dealer may sell for less.

Matthew Guy
Matthew Guy

Matthew buys, sells, fixes, & races cars. As a human index of auto & auction knowledge, he is fond of making money and offering loud opinions.

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  • DeadWeight DeadWeight on Oct 04, 2018

    Does this Guangzhou-Guadalajara Motors (GGM) pickup have even more than the standard 50% lowest-bidder Chinese parts content than other Guangzhou-Guadalajara Motors (GGM) pickup trucks? Sweet grill! Awesome design! Is it a rebadged Wuling pickup?

  • Road_pizza Road_pizza on Oct 05, 2018

    Good gawd is that thing UGLY. A rolling mud fence.

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  • Irvingklaws Was a must have for my wife's new car. After years of windshield mounts, trying to keep the sun off the phone, wires running across the dash,'s been a welcome upgrade. Don't have it in my current (old) car, just a stock stereo with the aforementioned windshield phone mount and wires...which is fine enough for me. But if I upgrade the radio with an aftermarket unit, the first thing I'm looking for, after separate volume and tuning KNOBS, is Carplay. Note, I've yet to find an aftermarket head unit meeting these basic qualifications. The infotainment in my '17 GTI had both of these and was near perfect, I'd be happy with that unit in any car.
  • Haze3 Near must have... car guy make car, software guy make software THAT I CAN USE EVERYWHERE and not just on some specific brand of truck/car/suv.
  • Wolfwagen If there is no Rust or rot this would be a good buy when MB craftsmanship and engineering meant something. While I prefer the 500 or 560 for the larger engine, this is good
  • Wolfwagen Tim, Now you should ask the B&B who we want to succeed and why. You could limit it to EV or non- North American MFGs.