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Image: VW Group

Following Volkswagen’s disastrous, reputation-fouling diesel scandal, the brand quickly pivoted to utility vehicles in a bid to recapture lost U.S. sales. So far, so good on that front. The Atlas is a strong contender in the midsize field and the new-generation Tiguan saw a surge of buyers after VW added a third row and piles of length.

Still, the lineup isn’t fully fleshed out. While the old-generation Tiguan (called the Tiguan Limited) remains as a small crossover offering, that model disappears for the 2019 model year. VW hasn’t even named its compact successor, a model initially geared solely for the North American market.

Meanwhile, overseas buyers already have two small VW crossovers to think about — the T-Roc, already on sale, and now the T-Cross.

Slated for a fall 2018 debut, the T-Cross was teased in an artist’s rendering Tuesday morning. Volkswagen says the model, which slots beneath the T-Roc in size, rides atop the brand’s MQB platform and offers passengers a “surprising amount of room.” A sliding rear bench helps in this regard.

While the model has European customers in mind, buyers in China and South America will also get a chance to drop currency on one. However, it doesn’t look like the U.S. stands to gain a new subcompact offering.

As for our small crossover, the last word on that trickled out in March, when VW brand sales boss Juergen Stackmann referenced it in an interview with Automotive News. “We call it internally Volks-SUV,” he said, adding “the production car won’t have that name – because it turned from a regional project into a global project.”

Stackmann said sales would begin in August, but don’t get ready to head to the dealer just yet. Initially produced in China via a joint venture, locals get first dibs on the unnamed crossover (which also uses VW’s MQB architecture). Production for the North American market begins in Mexico in 2020.

[Image: Volkswagen Group]

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19 Comments on “Volkswagen’s Newest Crossover Is Yet Another VW Crossover America Can’t Have...”

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    Someone explain to me again why the T-Roc isn’t being sold here?

  • avatar

    The rate at which the Atlas showed up on Vancouver streets suggests a whole lot of people were just waiting to buy a huge VW.

  • avatar

    America can’t have it? A temperamental badly built money pit! Why would America want it?

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    Considering the number of crossovers we already have, we certainly don’t NEED another crossover. Rather, we need proper •compact• pickup trucks, based on today’s compact SUVs (as compared to mid-sized.)

    • 0 avatar

      I loved my S-10, wasn’t crazy about the 4.3L, but overall it was one of my favorites cars. I’d consider another one if they came back in that size. I also didn’t like the light that suggested when you should shift, I asked them to kill it but they said the whole gauge cluster would go out. I put a piece of electrical tape over it, lol.

      • 0 avatar

        I had a 98 T10 Blazer with the 4.3 litre V6. The engine was a dog and the mileage sucked, but I liked having a relatively small SUV as a secondary vehicle for the odd time I needed to haul a thing. That was about as big a vehicle as I would ever need.

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    Testacles Megalos

    VW could do something interesting for the US, more useful than adding yet another contributor to the road blight imposed by the current plethora of soccermom/secretary/cubicle jockey/metrosexual road suppositories.

    It’s time to deal with these poser-truckettes.

    Bring me A New DOKA. Three open diffs, all separately lockable from the dashboard. Drop-panel sides with a range of accessory factory toppers, 2.5l turbo 4 with early boost. Six forward gears, maybe a DSG version for the “sport” model.

    Would GM ever bring back the Corvan pickemup?

    FCA—-can you do a new FC150? Quad cab?

    There’s got to be a market for a small 4-place pickup. Regular pickups have become huge/too big, even the “small” pickups are now bigger than an F1. With all the SUVs on the road now, it’s suicidal to drive a car. I want my DOKA to also be equipped with death rays and battering rams, a cloak of invisibility, and an electronic button that causes all cell phones within 500 yards to instantly glow red-hot. Can I also have a steamship horn installed?

    • 0 avatar

      You can of course buy a VW Doka today (albeit with a 2.0), including AWD. 150 or 204 bhp Diesels (you’d get a petrol TSI obviously), 6-speed manual or 7-speed DSG. 2.1 tonnes empty, strangely only 700 kg payload (the FWDs can handle more), 2.5 tonnes towing load. 5.5 metres long, 2 metres wide, 2.1 metres load bed length.

      Looks like this:
      Could also look like that:

      But you chicken-taxed the VW Transporter out of America, didn’t you? Too bad. No Dokas for you.

      Given recent utterings of your president, I wouldn’t consider bringing another imported model to your shores in the foreseeable future if I were a foreign automaker. But maybe you’ll get an Atlas Doka instead :-P

      • 0 avatar

        You know, I think I could go for that yellow one. Extended cab (not full crew) with a decent bed and approximate mid-sized rather than full-sized.

        And now you see why I’m no fan of the Chicken Tax (which some insist had no effect on pickup sales, despite killing off ALL the imports that didn’t move manufacture to the States.)

      • 0 avatar
        Testacles Megalos

        What’s the Feckless Leader have to with it? The chicken tax was a Kennedy (The Darling of Yurp) invention.

        What constitutes a desirable motor transport doesn’t have much to do with whoever currently has the license on violence.

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    R Henry

    What is it with VW and their non-nonsensical model names?

    I have noticed that VW advertising in the USA market is excellent, yet the VW marketing crew responsible for naming the products must be high on crystal meth or something stronger. I really don’t see how “T-Roc” “Tiquan” or “Tuareg” made it past the various levels of corporate approval. Truth be told, even “Atlas” is a name better suited for an actual truck, not a family hauler.

  • avatar

    Nice car, but so much compromise… short-sidewalled tires and huge wheels only because they look cool, but ride badly, don’t resist potholes and cost a fortune; not spacious like a wagon, not sporty like a 5-door Golf, no unpaved-road or off-road potential, not economical on gas, not roomy like a minivan… but it’s shiny and would probably sell OK if the price isn’t too high, because the females who might want it don’t care about any of the above.

    • 0 avatar

      The car in the picture is an artist’s conception, not a production vehicle. Surely the wheels will be dimensioned more sensibly in the latter. Other than that, well, it’s a Polo at heart — being spacious isn’t its main goal.

  • avatar
    Testacles Megalos

    What’s the Feckless Leader have to with it? The chicken tax was a Kennedy (The Darling of Yurp) era invention.

    What constitutes a desirable motor transport doesn’t have much to do with whoever currently has the license on violence.

  • avatar
    Art Vandelay

    Good to see that whole “no political trolling” thing made it a whole day.

  • avatar

    “Volkswagen says the model, which slots beneath the T-Roc in size, rides atop the brand’s MQB platform and offers passengers a “surprising amount of room.””

    So…a lifted Golf?

    A short AllTrack?

    Lotsa BMW envy going on here…

  • avatar

    jalop1991: VW sales are up for the year, more than BMW – so there’s no serious “envy”.

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