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Image: Ford Motor Company

Ford announced a minor recall for the 2018 EcoSport involving brake fluid reservoir caps and user manuals. While these are technically “faulty” components, they weren’t broken or incorrectly manufactured. They were, brace yourself, European.

The automaker says it isn’t aware of any accidents or injuries relating to the parts — and we would be completely astonished if it had. But the recall is going through anyway because Euro-spec components on an American vehicle is the ultimate taboo for regulators. Parts intended for foreign markets on domestic cars is a sick-and-twisted automotive fetish best left to Anglophiles and JDM enthusiasts. 

However we doubt either demographic purchased the EcoSport, since it is manufactured in Ford’s Chennai Assembly Plant in India. Built between October of 2017 and March of 2018, the affected models only number 273 strong. Those are small potatoes compared to a recall from earlier this year that affected nearly 1.4 million examples of the Ford Fusions and Lincoln MKZ.

Unlike those cars, the EcoSport issue doesn’t involve steering wheels that may come loose and detach from the steering column. In fact, assuming those reservoir caps are a snug fit, the worst thing we could possibly imagine is someone finding incorrect information in the European owner’s manual.

Ford also made mention of an even smaller recall on the 2018 F-650 and F-750. The company is worried that their parking brake cables may not have been shipped with adequate tension. Fearing the potential risk of a rollaway incident, Ford is recalling 151 models. While putting the pickups into park should be sufficient to avoid disaster, the manufacturer recommends chocking the wheels before leaving the vehicle unattended. Although, if you’re driving a rig this large, odds are good it’ll be in a lockup when you aren’t using it for work.

For the EcoSport, Ford says dealers will replace the brake fluid reservoir cap and owners’ manual kit with the versions required by federal motor vehicle safety standards at no cost to the customer. The same goes for any big F-Series needing some cable tightening.

[Image: Ford Motor Co.]

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34 Comments on “Ford Recalls North American EcoSport Over Seemingly Benign Issue...”

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    The attention to detail of an office furniture manufacturer.

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      I’ve seen two of these crossovers in the last 2 days. I can’t believe anyone put hard earned money down and took these off the lots. Literally it’s the most 3rd world looking vehicle I’ve ever seen, if VW restarted production on the VW Thing, it would look more modern and fit in better on American roads then this pile of [email protected]

      I was speechless by the radio advertisement I heard for this car. They started naming the features of it and I was about to laugh. Carpeted throughout vehicle, 2 12V outlets, 2 USB outlets, rear swing gate (really is that really a feature as opposed to not being able to enter the rear?), there was one other odd thing that every vehicle since the 1980s has had they listed as the standard feature I can’t recall.
      Basically, outside of USB hookups your buying into 1970/80s refinement… from Eastern Europe.

      Where’s the Ford deathwatch?

      In person this is an incredibly embarrassing vehicle to look at.

      • 0 avatar

        Fully agree and yet they have sold 11k so far this year. Over 5,200 just last month.

        The reviews have been horrible and this is a major misstep for Ford. Ford is heading for major failure when they cannot design a competent small SUV.

        The have forgotten yet again how to build cars and now their SUV game is starting to crumble. Worse yet, the diesel F150 is also huge failure. That should terrify people.

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        I had the displeasure of seeing my first one on the road over the weekend. What a stupid looking vehicle. It basically looks like a jacked up Festiva (if that car had survived past the late 1980s). I thought Americans didn’t like small cars?

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        I saw my first in the wild the other day. It looks like a clown car. Or a Kozy Koupe. Or like nothing you’d want to be seen driving.

        I’d rather have that pink Nissan Micra C+C…at least I’ll get some sun with my shame…

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    I wonder if the difference is just the text saying what kind of fluid to use, with the Euro cap listing whatever they call DOT 3.

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    Instead of an owner’s manual in the glovebox, Fords should come with a bus schedule.

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    I guess that’s part of Ford’s sedan reduction strategy. Good luck with that.

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    Middle-Aged (Ex-Miata) Man

    Hard to believe this half-assed CUV was rushed to the North American market, huh?

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    These to me seem like one of the worst vehicles sold in the US. A 123 hp 3 cylinder squashmobile assembled in India makes the milquetoast Corolla seem like a Lambo!

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    Ford now is the most trusted brand of SUVs according to the mainstream media. Roll over cars, dig these SUVs and CUVs.

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    My Highlander had a recall. They sent me yellow labels and told me to glue them on the door jamb, on top of originals. Because original label had incorrect gross weight by few pounds.

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    Something that causes the drivers to die of boredom?

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    Estimated 29mpg highway. That’s pretty terrible compared to the rest of the segment.

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    Wow, Ford taketh away the ‘car’ models and giveth this heap?

    It was sold in Europe as a cynical effort from the far east to cash in on the small SUV craze.

    Believe it or not, this is actually the updated model. The original European model was so universally panned by critics that they rushed to release an update. Early “even worse” models are identified by a distinctive rear wheel on the back door (that at least made the swing-open make sense).

    Though when Ford gets it wrong they usually follow it up with a strong follow up. Without the horrific 1990 Euro Escort we wouldn’t have gotten as good a car as the Focus.

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    The EcoSport is just a butch Tata Nano.

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