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Jaguar is offering a new appearance package for the XE, although it’s marketing it as a wholly unique trim. The new “Landmark Edition” retains all of the features you’d expect to see on the sport sedan, while adding a handful of visual upgrades that provide a sportier look without crossing into teenage-tuner territory.

The exterior features a unique sport front bumper and body-colored side sills. Jaguar also mentioned a trunk-mounted spoiler but it’s extremely difficult to distinguish any differences from the standard R-Sport. Meanwhile, side window surrounds, door mirror caps, and grille surrounds have been given the ever-popular black treatment. Although Jaguar appears to have done a more tasteful job with its de-chroming than some other European carmakers

Other changes include special Landmark badging on the darkened side vents, that way people know you’re driving a special-edition model, as well as 18-inch alloy wheels that are unique to the vehicle. Additional badging populates the treadplates and interior, which is unchanged otherwise.

Standard features for the trim include a 10-inch touch screen with satellite navigation, adaptive xenon headlamps, and front and rear parking sensors. Emergency braking, traffic-sign recognition, lane-departure warning, lane assist, and adaptive cruise are also standard for the Landmark.

Despite the sporting looks, Jaguar said the special edition will stick with the sedan’s 2.0-liter Ingenium gas and diesel engines — which will come as either a 247-hp turbocharged inline-4 gas burner or a 180-hp turbocharged inline-4 diesel. No mention was made of the 35t trim’s beefed-up motor or the V6-equipped S trim.

Jaguar says it will be releasing additional details on 2019 XE Landmark Edition, including pricing and the full-range of specification, closer to the sedan’s launch date later this year.

[Images: Jaguar Land Rover]



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16 Comments on “Less Chrome, Same Performance: Jaguar Reveals 2019 XE Landmark Edition...”

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    Am I the only one who’s meh on any Jag but the XJ?

    The styling here is SERIOUSLY generic, and adding dark trim doesn’t do much to help matters.

    • 0 avatar
      Roberto Esponja

      Thank you for sparing me the typing.

      These new Jaguars are probably nice cars, but they don’t say “Jaguar” to me, more like Infiniti. Yeah, some might argue that their prior appearance was passé, but at least you couldn’t mistake them for anything else. Just as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and other brands have done, they should have stuck with their proprietary “face”.

    • 0 avatar
      bumpy ii

      If you want distinct, eye-catching style, the new Avalon is just down the page…

  • avatar
    Kyree S. Williams

    It has been wholly interesting to watch Jaguar flop as it tries to draw in on its British heritage, while its sister company Land Rover flourishes.

    • 0 avatar

      You see much British heritage here, Kyree? I don’t. That interior could be from any number of cars from anywhere in the world. That might explain why they’re flopping.

      Shame, because as I understand it, the new Jags are damn good to drive.

  • avatar

    Cool Forte.

    Be retro or GTFO.

  • avatar

    The burl wood accents are replaced with plastic??? No wood, no good.

  • avatar

    I really want to want a Jaguar. Really. But I don’t.

    Maybe instead of black everywhere, more chrome, brown, and wood.

    They need cars that feel like a real Jag, but without the quality issues.

  • avatar

    I’m really partial to the earlier XFs, but had no idea a smaller “XE” even existed until now, it looked rather similar.

    I saw a few XFs in black in use as taxis in Paris, I remember becoming quite enamored with them for a moment: black XF gliding along glistening cobblstones in the evening rain in Paris, yeah that’ll do the trick. Researched them a tad, enough to confirm my suspicions of their general finickiness.

  • avatar

    All rotary shifters should be burned!

  • avatar

    I so wanted to like the XE – but holy cramped back seat. Which means I would have to get a XF.

    And I’ve been interested in them – depreciation is high enough that the supercharged 5.0L is within reach. But I’m afraid of getting to know the mechanic on a first name basis.

    And yes, Jaguar lost the thread with the new design language. There is an XE that I saw in a strip mall parking lot and at first I thought it was an old Chrysler 300M or something like that.

    • 0 avatar

      The XE back seat is awful except for little kids – literally, they need to be little.

      The XF redesign in 2016 fixed the prior gen’s back seat issues. There’s more room in the XF back seat than in the standard wheelbase XJ.

      Design wise, I was hoping Jag would figure out how to continue the ideas from the XJ. Instead they based design off the F-Type.

  • avatar
    cimarron typeR

    It’s amazing that I haven’t seen a single XE in my burb.More Giulias than I would expect.Jags biggest problem is they only have 1 SUV , theyre E pace or whatever the compact SUV is called will have to be a hit. Personally I’d rather have a Velar than F pace.

    • 0 avatar

      I’m not amazed at all, given how generic the styling is. You could have passed six of them and not known it.

    • 0 avatar

      I’ve seen a grand total of 2 XEs in my part of Los Angeles. Have seen many Giulias by comparison – one one just this morning on the drive to the office, in fact.

      I like the F-Pace, but think they dropped the ball on the E-Pace’s front styling. It’s goofy-bad, in a Kia Sportage way. I think the front will need an emergency re-fresh for it to be a solid hit the way the F-Pace has been.

      Also, Jag suffers from making their base models REALLY base. The F-Pace looks great in Sport trim, but awful in base trim.

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