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Subaru VIZIV tourer concept

Subaru has been showcasing the Viziv Performance Concept in an effort to build hype for the next-generation WRX since last fall. The automaker even produced a hardcore STI variant to double down on the concept’s current role. However, a large subset of Subaru enthusiasts only care about one thing: finding out when the WRX wagon will return.

Officially, the WRX wagon died when Subaru made the switch to a stubbier hatchback in 2007. To the chagrin of the platform’s fans, the company eventually stopped offering the performance model as a hatchback, too. North America has been in a tizzy ever since, and enthusiasts seeking an AWD performance hatch have been forced to seek comfort elsewhere. Those days might be coming to a close.

Subaru just unveiled the Viziv Tourer Concept at the Geneva Motor Show, giving us a taste of what might be in 2020. 

Subaru VIZIV tourer concept

Like all Viziv concepts, the automaker didn’t have much to say in terms of hardware. Like all new autos from the brand, it adopts Subaru’s Global Platform, symmetrical all-wheel drive, and a four-cylinder boxer engine. At 188 inches in length, the Tourer Concept is quite a bit longer than the current Impreza hatchback. It’s also far wider than the modern WRX, at 76 inches. However, its overall dimensions are the closest to production-ready of any of the Viziv Concept vehicles, and could indicate that Subaru is going with something more rotund when the time finally comes to build the new WRX.

The manufacturer envisions the Tourer as a four-seater. Curious, considering the window tint prohibits any glimpses into the cabin. One would presume the point of a wagon was to provide extra space for people and things when the need arises. But this is still a concept vehicle with shaved door handles and no mirrors to speak of. Plenty of change will occur before the concepts morph into the production WRX.

Still, we really hope Subaru keeps the Viziv’s aggressiveness. The black fender flares and skirting are cool as can be and might be nice additions as part of a performance package Subaru can scrape up some extra coin with. Even without them, the model would still be extremely bold — something akin to the Honda Civic Type R, but with some semblance of respectability still intact.

Subaru VIZIV tourer concept

[Images: Subaru]

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18 Comments on “Subaru Viziv Tourer Concept Previews the WRX Wagon We’ve Been Missing...”

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    Haven’t we all learned to ignore the Viziv concepts since they invariably lead to a letdown when we see the actual new WRX? Besides, these most recent Viziv concepts look nearly identical to the ones Subaru showed before the LAST generation Impreza/WRX came out. Fool me once…

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    That thing actually looks good. But it needs a bigger greenhouse or the visibility will be terrible. Of course, “looking good,” and and “Subaru” have never gone in the same sentence, so I’d bet against anything like this.

    • 0 avatar

      Subaru is capable of building attractive vehicles. The problem is that, after they introduce a new design that’s clean and elegant, they don’t leave it alone. Instead, they mess with it year after year until it’s ruined.

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    It looks quite good, sort of a Levorg 2.0.

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    If they built that with as little real world change as possible, I’d definitely be interested.

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    Subaru is content with underpowered lawn mower type engines that do not accelerate at lower speeds. They just have one model, the WRX STI that is good. Most of their models are like their sport car, the BRZ! All show and no go!

    • 0 avatar

      The 175 or so HP in most of their cars is adequate for most situations and get decent fuel economy. More power would be nice, but it’s not as terrible as you claim it is.

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      Tele Vision

      A friend had an STi – for a year. He said it bogged badly unless many beans were given, after which everyone around him on his way to work wanted to race him at the next light. He hated the thing. It makes sense: unless it’s on-boost it’s a heavy, AWD car with a four-cylinder engine. 300HP out of a wee engine comes at a price and everyday drivability was that price. He went back to a Dodge Cummins.

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    Another in a long line of great looking Subaru concepts that invariably turn into dull production cars.

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    To my eye it looks a lot like a Regal TourX that shrunk in the wash. The DLO, roofline, proportions, side treatment… it’s a good look though, just way too stylized as on all prototypes.

  • avatar

    Venza, is that you?

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    It’s just a preview of the next-gen Levorg, which won’t be sold here just like the current one

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    Hmm. Seems I’m in the minority, but I am not a fan of this design. Overly blocky. Tires and wheels arches are just tacky. The basic design overshoots good taste by about 50 too many creases. I have always had a soft spot for WRX wagons, but I would love a design that could at least masquerade as an adult’s car. Make all the fast and furious bits disappear in a “grown up” appearance package or something. I guess I don’t need to worry, this won’t be hitting showrooms until it gets sufficiently redesigned by a committee of granola eating hipster urban outdoorsmen and elderly pet owners….after which time I will have lost all interest.

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    Those renderings depict the Subaru 30 minutes before last call, the model that hits production will lean more toward 7:00 am the next day.

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    Tony C

    Everyone keeps saying this is the next WRX but it’s the size of an Outback.

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