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Ferrari is recalling certain 488s produced during the 2016 model year, after the manufacturer uncovered a software glitch that may occur if the vehicle’s brake discs are in need of replacement. The issue affects 39 488 GTB coupes and one lone 488 Spider produced between June and November of 2015.

According to a filing with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a “software error may cause the software algorithm which calculates the percentage value of wear of the carbon-ceramic brake discs of the vehicle to malfunction.” This might result in the vehicle’s brake disks wearing down past the point of needing replacement without the driver being notified via the applicable warning messages.

While it would be unfair to assume any Ferrari owner doesn’t rigorously maintain their vehicle themselves, spending every other Sunday in the garage with a rag, a wrench, and a handheld laser micrometer, the lack of a brake disk warning light could theoretically cause some people to neglect replacement — creating an increased likelihood of an accident. And we know you would hate to be the kind of Ferrari owner that smacks into the back of an SUV in the Home Depot parking lot because you forgot to swap in fresh new set of $25,000 brake discs. 

Ferrari says it discovered a discrepancy between estimated and actual wear of the carbon discs during scheduled maintenance inspections on a swath of 488 GTBs. After a thorough investigation, Ferrari determined the software did not work properly due to an electronic error.

While a correction to the issue was made in December of 2015, these vehicles somehow ended up escaping unfixed. Ferrari has said authorized dealers will update the Instrument Panel Node software, for free, for all customers of the affected vehicles.

Customers may also be eligible to receive reimbursement for the cost associated with this defect, provided the customer sends the original receipt or other adequate proof of payment to the company for confirmation of the expenses incurred. Phew. That’s probably a huge relief for all of you out there with 488s.

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25 Comments on “Is YOUR Ferrari 488 Affected by the Latest Recall?...”

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    That has got to set the record for the smallest recall ever.

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    Well, that breaks it. If Ferrari can’t get quality right it’s back to the Camry for me.

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    How does a 2016 Ferrari even get enough mileage on it to notice a rear brake wear problem?

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      maybe publishing high mileage recalls makes the undriven Ferraris look even more valuable

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      A lot of ferrari drivers race and track them. They can go through 50 pad sets/year.

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        As a track guy I get that… but if you track your ride you tend to be pretty good about checking pads/rotors for wear. Maybe that is how they found this problem?

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        “A lot of ferrari drivers race and track them. They can go through 50 pad sets/year.”

        Not, one would hope, with the pricey carbon-ceramic brake system rotors that define this recall.

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          Honestly, I wouldn’t surprised if some did. It blows my mind how much money some people have.

          I was at a track day when a guy wrecked his Carrera GT, and when I say wrecked, I mean “split in half and up in a giant fireball”. Worst race track wreck I’ve ever seen. No question a $500k+ car totaled.

          So the owner did what any driver like him would do. HE WENT AND GOT HIS LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO and came back out on the track.

          If a 1/2 a million dollar plus loss doesn’t slow you down for more than an hour, I have an odd feeling carbon-ceramic brake systems may just be par for the course.

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            I was more meaning that the ceramic rotors last quite a long time compared to normal iron versions.

            So, one fewer Carrera GT on the road. Those have the reputation of extremely tricky handling at the limit. And then of course there’s the question of managing 603 hp of V10 power.

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    SCE to AUX

    “Ferrari has said authorized dealers will update the Instrument Panel Node software for free…”

    How magnanimous; all recalls are free to the consumer.

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      Amazingly though you actually have to explicitly tell some people that. Saw a Facebook post from a guy saying he won’t take in his Honda for an airbag recall because he says it’s never free when he takes his car to the dealer. I guess some stupid can’t be fixed, even with a notice that says it’s free.

      • 0 avatar

        But Honda never breaks – how “it’s never free when he takes his car to the dealer.” ?

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        That might be a reflection of a particularly shady dealer always finding something else wrong with the car, such as sludged blinker fluid. Unless the guys lives in a town with only one dealer he should switch.

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          Oh yes I’ve never taken my hyundai into the dealer for a recall without them claiming I desperately need to do some other stuff.

          Fortunately I say no.

          “Your brake pads are down to only 50%, we need to replace them”

          So what your telling me is I actually have another 30k miles left on them?

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        It’s not free. Nothing is free. Lost wages for taking the car to the dealer costs money. Renting a car or taking Uber is not free.

        GF’s daughter won’t take her ’10 Accord in, either. Works 2 full-time jobs while going to school full-time. No time to go to the dealer.

        • 0 avatar

          Busy gal.

          So neither you, her mother, nor any of her friends or other family can manage to help her out so she isn’t driving around with a claymore mine pointed at her head? If I knew her I certainly would. I can work from the dealer’s waiting room just as easily as from my home office.

          Down here in SW Florida Honda had teams going door to door fixing cars in people’s driveways. Maybe worth a phone call.

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      The dealer will still end up on top; while the guy is waiting he’ll probably spend $2k for a Ferrari branded toilet roll holder in the hospitality suite.

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    So will Ferrari reimburse owners for their highly valuable time wasted dealing with this recall? Maybe with a complimentary odometer rollback to pad resale?

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    Fortunately my Ferrari 488 is NOT recalled! I didn’t want to deal with that hassle.

    I checked, but Hot Wheels aren’t part of the NHSTA . Hogwash I tell you.

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    “Is YOUR Ferrari 488 Affected by the Latest Recall?”

    Mine? – no

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    MY Ferrari 488 won’t be affected because it’s imaginary.

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