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Bugatti Chiron

We know the odds of your owning a $3 million Bugatti Chiron are pretty slim, so recall information from the brand doesn’t pertain directly to you. However, it’s sometimes interesting to examine how the other half lives. Have you ever wondered what several million dollars will get you when you spend it on a car that may have left the factory less than perfect?

According to the manufacturer, you are graced by the presence of one of Bugatti’s “Flying Doctors.” These mobile mechanics will begin contacting 47 Chiron owners to schedule dates where they can visit and examine the vehicles for faulty welds in the front seat recliner brackets. The bad welds are only expected to affect one-percent of the total, which works out to a perplexing half a car by our math. But, when you pay a few million for a car, you expect dapper concierge technicians at the ready.

While we don’t know what these Flying Doctors look like, it’s probably pretty safe to assume branded lab coats and top hats are part of the company-mandated uniform. They are also likely to have some kind of elegant cane that can be converted into various tools to examine your car with.

Bloomberg reported that, from there, affected Chirons will be rounded up and transported in an enclosed truck to one of 12 Bugatti dealers in the U.S. for further inspections and repair. The fix involves replacing the entire seating assembly.

Bugatti’s safety report to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states, “Vehicles will be recalled and customers will receive a letter. Our Flying Doctors will also inform customers individually by phone/then e-mail to arrange an appointment to have the vehicles fixed. Both seats will be checked for proper welding of the recliner. If any seat is found to be welded incorrectly, the complete seat assembly will be replaced. Official Bugatti partners are able to do the check and the work. Bugatti will cover the costs involved for the repair.”

Dealer notices began on December 8th and customers will begin setting up their date with a Flying Doctor next week. Bugatti says there is no time or milage limit for the recall.

Bugatti Chiron

[Image: Bugatti]

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9 Comments on “Bugatti Recalls Involve Something Called a ‘Flying Doctor’...”

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    Actually Saturn made a big deal about something quite similar. Their driver’s seats had been recalled and they flew someone to Alaska with a seat to install it in a customer who had purchased their car in Seattle and had it shipped to Alaska as happens with so many of the vehicles in that state. So GM had ads with the happy customer who’s seat was replaced at his house rather than shipping the car to the nearest dealer.

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    I worked on that Saturn recall. Someday I’ll tell the story about it.

    The supplier, Johnson Controls, paid the entire cost of the recall and some of the cost of the ad campaign.

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    Hope that bracket gets the Saudi Prince’s back…

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    “However, it’s sometimes interesting to examine how the other half lives. ”

    Really — the “other half” can afford a Chrion? More like the other 0.00001%

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      @twotone: while I get your comment, you do understand that it was a “turn of phrase” and not a literal statement?

      @ no one in particular: My manager was talking with me about how it seems the general populace doesn’t stop to think any more. Just jump to comment without taking the time to reason out whatever situation they are reacting to. It appears to be connected to the (over)use of social media with folks having the ability to be quick to respond to whatever they happen to read. Unfortunately a portion of those folks also are not taking the time to first think/reason – then respond.

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    I just saw on the news the other night that Honda has 500 techs roaming around replacing Takata airbags in people’s driveways. In South Florida, literally just driving around and looking for the applicable cars. Color me impressed! Of course, it is mostly those cars that are actually killing people, so cheaper than the inevitable lawsuits.

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    Matt, you ended a sentence with a preposition in an article regarding an automobile exclusive to the most elite clientele. That grammatical faux-pas is something up with which they will not put.

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