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BMW HQ electro-mobility

In a flagrant exercise of self-congratulation, BMW announced it met its sales goal of 100,000 electrified vehicles in 2017 “as promised.” Saying that this “underlines the company’s leadership role when it comes to electro-mobility,” BMW installed a battery-themed light installation on the side of its world headquarters in Munich, Germany, that announces “the future is electric.”

While this may be true, mainstream news outlets have muddled the brand’s message by framing the EV aspect all wrong — which is probably exactly what the automaker hoped for. We’re not going to slander the company’s achievement outright; the volume does represent a nearly 60-percent increase over last year. But these aren’t just battery-electric cars, they’re hybrids, mild-hybrids, and BEVs. 

We probably wouldn’t have winced if BMW had just announced it had achieved its sales goal for the year, let media pick it up, and moved on. However, the undue pageantry accompanying the news rubs us the wrong way.

“We deliver on our promises,” stated Harald Krüger, chairman of the BMW Group’s Board of Management. “This 99-meter-high signal is lighting the way into the era of electro-mobility. Selling 100,000 electrified cars in one year is an important milestone, but this is just the beginning for us. Since the introduction of the BMW i3 2013, we’ve delivered over 200,000 electrified cars to our customers and by 2025, we will offer 25 electrified models to our customers. Our early focus on electro-mobility has made this success possible — and electro-mobility will continue to be my measure for our future success.”

That’s all well and good but Nissan surpassed the 100,000-unit mark with the all-electric Leaf in January of 2014. Nine years earlier, Toyota sold 107,897 examples of the Prius in the United States alone. These days, practically everyone is selling hybrids or BEVs and global plug-in volume has more than tripled since 2013.

For BMW, electrified vehicles make up about 7 percent of its total sales in Western Europe and the United States. While not bad, the brand’s most eco-friendly model, the i3, has seen its share of the market dwindle in North America every year since 2015.

Granted, Bavarian Motor Works isn’t the only company that conflates “electrified” with electric cars. This is a sin that almost everyone is guilty of. However, not everyone is building high-tech monuments to themselves as a result. Perhaps the manufacturer was simply trying to psych itself up for the future. In addition to making plans to implement mild-hybrid technology across its portfolio — which should only just barely qualify as an electric vehicle — BMW also intends to field 12 fully-electric models by 2025 with a ranges of up to 430 miles.

[Image: BMW Group]

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    On a related note, it is a sign of catastrophic national leadership and nothing less than a moral sin that the United States of America, in the year 2017, does not already have an 100% renewable energy-powered interstate charging grid (not limited to EV vehicles, but allowing homes and businesses to tap into it as well) up and running, which would not only be environmentally sound, but actually SAVE tens of billions of dollars, improve human health/mitigate diseases, CREATE tens of billions of $$$ worth of economic activity/jobs/stimulus annually,

    But the current U.S. “leadership,” using people as ignorant as Jack Baruth as pawns, is too aligned with the status quo oil, coal, natural gas alliance (the Carbon Cartel) to have any incentive other than preserve the status quo, thwart progress, and run interference for as long as possible.

    As with most other progressive causes, it will fall on businesses to transform the grid and get to a 100% clean, renewable, reliable power grid, and tell the forever corrupt government “officials” to fcuk off, and disempower their army of ignorant and backwards-looking pawns (such as the Jack Baruths of the world), by just doing it, which will deny those fossils and relics the argument that it’s not possible or beneficial (it’s both possible, nay…inevitable….and highly beneficial, in terms of cost-savings, economic stimulus, health benefits, independence, cost-stabilization, reliability, etc., etc., etc. – the benefits would be so huge as to literally trigger the next golden age of civilization).

    Get on board, or get left behind, America. Your main economic and rivals are much further advanced than you are, already, and their lead over you is growing with each passing day.

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      “As with most other progressive causes, it will fall on businesses to transform the grid and get to a 100% clean, renewable, reliable power grid”
      knock yourselves out…

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      Since you seem to be bent on personal attacks today.

      Mind sharing what amazing personal leadership you have shown with your own electric car purchase? Certainly you aren’t propping up the Carbon Cartel. . .

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      Breathe, man. Life is too short.

      Swamp is all about the status quo, its where they derive much of their control and influence. One day the status quo will change, when they are ready for it to change, after they have cemented their new control and influence over it. The next golden age is Elysium.

      Nothing new under the sun. You won’t see real change until the bombs fall or something like a Carrington Event. No sense in being mad at things you can’t change, but you can keep yourself from having a stroke for nothing pal.

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      who pissed in your cheerios?

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      Important stuff to say. Unfortunately most Americans don’t travel so it doesn’t register on them that they are being left behind in coal smoke.

      As for JB it may be there is a greater demand in car culture for content that looks back rather than forward. I think he knows what’s going on. For instance, do any customizers do ev’s or hybrids?

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      You do realize the the largest wind farm on the east coast was shot down by both progressives and conservatives, right? All because it would spoil the view. Don’t think for one minute the progressive elite are as altruistic as you think. They will do what’s in their best interests first just like any other DC elite. Which means they will grab control of your so called ‘green energy’ creating with it a cartel to rival big oil.

      And your rants come across as childish at best.

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      Solar (capturing just two minutes of the sunshine that ordinarily reflects off of the earth each day would generate enough energy to power the United States needs for an entire year; there’s an infinite supply of clean energy in just solar alone)
      Hydro {in way more more than just power generated by dams)

      The entire world could completely go green, renewable, clean energy, and abandon any reliance/dependence on carbon-based energy generation forever, TODAY, if TPTB wished to cut off the filthy (in many more ways than one) Carbon Cartel.

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    As long as apt and condo dwellers cannot find a way to charge their EV’s, sales are going nowhere, the majority of those who would benefit from buying EV’s live in urban areas, which translates to apartments where charging is just not practical

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    SCE to AUX

    To me, an ‘electric’ vehicle is one which *requires* an external source of electrical energy – a Battery Electric Vehicle.

    Hybrids aren’t electric vehicles.

    Plug-in hybrids can run on gasoline alone, just less efficiently.

    Fuel cell vehicles run on hydrogen.

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      It’s not terribly difficult to distinguish between electric and electrified vehicles. When my hybrid runs in electric-only mode and I consider the amount of electric powertrain stuff in it, I don’t know what else to call it but “electrified”.

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      volvo driver

      “Plug-in hybrids can run on gasoline alone, just less efficiently”

      Are you retarded?

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    8 months or so ago, didnt DEADWEIGHT disappear for 6 weeks or so?

    I think he was more prescient and funny before the break. Since then, I see too much anger and poison and personal attack based comments.

    Drop it dude. You ll feel better.

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      Since he’s gone from bashing Cadillac to bashing our lack of national leadership on green technologies, I’m happy with Deadweight’s change of focus.

      Now that Baruth has brought Trumpian political ranting to this site, there might as well be some decent rants from other viewpoints… And Deadweight nailed the Silicon Valley Liberal position.

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    And they lost money on every single one of them – I’m sure BMW shareholders will be pleased with their reduced dividend distribution.

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      Until you see the shareholders replace the management, the only possible conclusion is that the shareholders see the sense in what BMW is doing. Despite what the armchair critics have to say.

      Do you put your money where your mouth is and invest in coal?

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      Tesla is seeing sales growth that BMW can only dream of.

      How does BMW get a slice of that action, now that they’ve sold a 3-series to everyone who wants the BMW roundel on their back during their morning commute?

      Apparently, they light up their headquarters to celebrate their also-ran status in this hot new market! Wohoo!

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    My wife says that I do to much in conspiracy theories but here it goes..
    I dont think that this is the same Dead Weight that used to be here. I think someone else is in control of his account….JS.

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    Lol @ all the Trump voters just now noticing how insane DW is.

    As for BMW, they should count any case with a battery in it. They are all electrified

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    Looks like Energizer Lithium batteries.

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    Broke: The Ultimate Driving Machine.
    Woke: The Ultimate Washing Machine.

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    Predictable outcry from the 35% of dinosaurs still with the White House, as it attempts to provide coal-burning internal combustion automobiles to lead the USA into the future – and save the smidgen of the US economy allied with such horse-and-buggy industries.

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