Junkyard Find: 2005 Dodge Sprinter Cargo Van

junkyard find 2005 dodge sprinter cargo van

The European-style vans sold by Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner, and Dodge have been with us here in North America since 2001, and have held their value very well since that time. Depreciation of even the most useful vehicle is relentless, however, and it was inevitable that used-up Sprinters would begin showing up in big self-service wrecking yards at some point.

That day has arrived; I spotted the first of the discarded Sprinters in my junkyarding experience, this one in a Phoenix yard over the summer.

As is always the case with the first of a valuable vehicle type to appear in a cheap wrecking yard, this one has been picked nearly clean of running gear and trim parts. In another five years, the market for used first-generation Sprinter parts will be saturated and these vans will be attacked less ravenously by wrecking yard vultures.

This one is a diesel-powered, Dodge-branded Sprinter with automatic transmission.

These vans are very efficient cargo haulers, though you didn’t see them every day back in 2005. This one doesn’t seem smashed, so perhaps it donated its drivetrain to another truck in its fleet before being dispatched to the knacker’s yard.

Perhaps there is a bit of acceleration exaggeration going on in this ad.

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  • DownUnder2014 DownUnder2014 on Nov 25, 2017

    I've never seen a rusted Sprinter of this generation in my part of the world, but I have seen an early 2nd Generation (2008 model) with rusted-through rear doors (at the bottom). Then again, it is a Refrigerated van, so that might be part of the reason... I am in a temperate climate though so YMMV.

  • MrAnnoyingDude MrAnnoyingDude on Nov 25, 2017

    Fun fact about Sprinters: In Poland, where I live, the 32-seat bus versions of them are the staple of cheap transport. You can get a trip from Puławy, where I live, to Lublin (ca. 65 km/40 miles), for 7 PLZ (a bit below $2) in one.

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  • EBFlex “getting a full charge in just about three hours or so. Not that it would’ve mattered if I couldn’t charge – I’d just run on gas.”And this folks is why PHEVs are the future and pure EVs will remain vanity products for the rich.
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  • Rich Benkwitt I’ll take that red and white 2 door and I guess the 4 banger so I can have the manual tranny just like my 1969 Bronco. I have my Wildtrak on order now waiting impatiently!