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Nissan has a new senior vice president in charge of U.S. sales and marketing. Dan Mohnke, the company’s former vice president of strategy and digital acceleration, was promoted to the role previously held by Christian Meunier.

Heading to Infiniti, Meunier will serve as the brand’s vice president for global marketing and sales operations. The position was created exclusively to help the brand’s expansion into new markets. Meunier will report directly to Roland Krueger, president of Infiniti Motor Company and senior vice president of Nissan’s global division. Meanwhile, Mohnke will report to José Muñoz, chief performance officer for Nissan Motor Co. 

“During Christian’s tenure overseeing the Nissan brand in the U.S. and Canada, our team has set records in volume and share, taking advantage of strong growth in our world-class truck, SUV and crossover lineup,” said Muñoz in a statement. “I am confident that Dan [Mohnke] and Joni [Paiva] will maintain Nissan’s momentum in the U.S. and Canada, while Christian’s strong leadership will benefit Infiniti’s efforts to grow globally.”

Joining Nissan in 2006, Mohnke has only served as the company’s digital acceleration strategy head since May of 2017. He previously worked at General Motors as a Saturn executive.

Meunier has been with Nissan in 2002. He previously worked with Land Rover and served as product manager for Mercedes-Benz light trucks before taking on a myriad of executive roles within Nissan — including vice president of sales for Europe, vice president of marketing for all of North America, president responsible for Brazilian sales, and Nissan’s Canadian head.

All of the positions Meunier held at Nissan resulted in increased sales for the region. In the U.S., Nissan has posted annual sales growth since 2009, with the tally doubling since that year. As Infiniti sales are currently right where they were in the mid-2000s, the automaker believes he might be able to do the same for that brand.

The company specified both men represent an opportunity to further sales growth within their respective territories. Staffing changes are to take effect immediately.

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11 Comments on “Nissan’s Sales Exec Shuffle: Can Meunier Do for Infiniti What He Did for Nissan?...”

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    As Paul DeLorenzo screams with range, it’s about the product, stupid. Looking at their lineup there’s room for improvement. Q50/60 are good. Next QX50 looks good. I have yet to see a QX30 in the flesh… I think they need something bigger than the QX30 but cheaper than the Q50 that isn’t a Maxima. QX70 is also long overdue for an overhaul. No marketing strategy can overcome those issues.

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      And nobody can understand the names they are using these days either. Because now everything is a Q, but CUVs and SUVs add an X to that. They come in 30, 50, 60, 70 and 80 sizes with each one being a bigger thing except the Q60 which is actually smaller then a Q50. I can only assume they copied this system from Audi but have no history attached to it.

      My wife’s ’14 Q60 (actually a G37 if you ignore the name change) is a fantastic car. Especially on the used market once depreciation drops the price by 1/2. Not sure what Infiniti has to do to get people to cross shop them vs BMW, Audi and Benz because they compare really well. Everyone is scared of the maintenance costs associated with the Germans yet they go ahead and buy (or more likely lease) them anyway. I guess Lexus is eating their lunch as the go-to Japanese luxury product despite having that hideous grill. Infiniti like Acura finds themselves in the odd middle ground of “entry level” luxury. The difference being Infiniti offers RWD vehicles with more power. You just don’t hear Infinti’s name being throw around that much when people are car shopping.

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        “And nobody can understand the names they are using these days either”

        Winner winner chicken dinner

        Maybe he can change the names of Nissan models to something nobody understands and have no connection to displacement or drive wheels.

        Make the Rogue into “R1” and the Rogue Sport can become “R0.5”

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        I owned three Q45’s from 1995 to 2013….a 91, 95, and 03. The 91 was amazing to drive but had some weak parts in the engine and trans. The 95 was considerably softer than the 91 but was totally reliable for 200,000 miles. The 03 suspension was horrible but was good for another 200,000 until my wife ran over some rocks and damaged the steering rack and exhaust system which would have cost more to fix than it was worth. By then I was tired of the Buick like suspensions and went back to BMW. So far so good with the 335d at 97,000 miles

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    Isn’t all that Meunier did was lower prices and offer deals? On the other hand, the Titan which should be a money maker hasn’t sold for squat.

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      Yes, and each successive model becomes more generic and cheaper. They’ve experienced growth, but not “good” growth. They’re dumping Altimas into rental fleets and have significantly lowered its quality since the 2002 redesign. Each new model gets cheaper materials and the same 2.5L tractor engine mated to a rubber-band CVT. The 3.5L is technically still available, but the healthy majority of Altimas you see are pure fleet spec models with wheel covers and an owner that says “but it was so cheap!”.

      They’re doing what Ford did with the Taurus in the later 90s/00s, decontent the hell out of it and dump it into fleets to artificially pump up sales volume. People can say what they want to about fragile the AX– transaxle in Taurus of the era, and many would be correct in doing so, but the Altima’s CVT is no better. At least the AX– doesn’t droan annoyingly at speed when its behaving normally, and it could be rebuilt a lot cheaper than replacing a Nissan CVT (not to mention being forced to buy fluid from Nissan and nowhere else).

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        I had a lot of friends with 02-04s. There was nowhere to go but up in refinement with those. The materials were 3rd world cheap and the doors were alarmingly light. IIRC the V6 version weighed less than 3200lbs, despite being somewhere near a full size car with a big V6.

        I agree that their strategy is questionable though.

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    >>Nissan’s Sales Exec Shuffle: Can Meunier Do for Infiniti What He Did for Nissan?<<

    Easy financing for the credit-impaired? Cars the Koreans sneer at?

    I'd take Genesis any day. The G70 looks good.

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      Yes, I was quite proud of Infiniti when they first came out with the G35, and then went from there making every car and utility they offer have decent performance that was more reliable than the Germans. Sure, a G35 might have been a 3-series knock-off, but it was 9/10ths as good while being a lot more reliable and less maintenance-intensive.

      Now, everything is a Q, paying homage to an unsuccessful former flagship. It would be like Ford naming every car it has the Five Hundred 1, Five Hundred 2, Five Hundred 3, etc. Aside from being confusing and stupid, it destroyed the equity they had built for the brand.

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    Wish List!

    1. 6MT Q50/Q60, please?
    2. Extended wheelbase QX80L to compete with the Escalade ESV
    3. Midsize BOF SUV below the QX80 to compete with the RRS
    4. Shrink the Q70
    5. Build a Q80 to replace the Q70L

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