QOTD: What's the Best Racing Livery?

qotd whats the best racing livery

Ever since racers figured out they could trade a bit of real estate on their ride for some sorely needed cash, sponsors have been plastering their names on just about every flat surface of a race car.

Sometimes the results look like a person put a bunch of logos in their mouth and sneezed on the car, but other times — either through careful planning or happy coincidence — a team will create something for the ages.

I started watching NASCAR in 1991 when I was eleven. Why? Well, loud and fast cars tend to have a certain appeal to young kids and — this is the truth — cable television finally became available in our town. Yes, dear reader, I most definitely grew up in the sticks.

Davey Allison’s car grabbed my attention. It was something about the relative simplicity of its style, I guess, with the big logo dominating the Thunderbird’s hood and a company name down its flanks. I’m sure the general badassery of a black, red, and yellow race car with an uncorked V8 didn’t hurt. They all had that, though. Add in the fact that the Thunderbird was the best-looking car on track (GM fielded a quartet of boxes from Chevy, Olds, Pontiac, and Buick) and my eleven-year-old brain had a new Favourite Thing.

I even saved my pennies and bought a scale model to build — only to be crestfallen after opening the thing and discovering it was molded in white. Some black spray paint made quick work of that issue, though no one in our home took kindly to me using the kitchen table for that task and I was quickly banished to the yard.

After Davey was killed in ’93, I started to follow Mark Martin. By chance, he also had a good looking car… at least until the Taurus (an automotive tribute to the noble lungfish) showed up in NASCAR in 1998.

There are plenty of other great liveries in the page of racing history: Gulf, Martini, Silk Cut Jags, the Marlboro McLarens. Which one do you elevate to legendary status?

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  • Art Vandelay And what a giant pile of sh!t ths new format is. Great job guys, way to run off the last of the die hards.
  • Theflyersfan If you ever want a review on a 2022 Mazda MX-5 GT RF, I'll be more than happy to type up a few thousand words and add in some great pictures in front of Churchill Downs for y'all!In a nutshell, I agree with this review. I didn't have a chance to try the Recaro seats because the only test drive available was with another GT that someone backed out in buying so it was being used as a demo. But from what I was told, if you're larger than a 38 waist or taller than 5'10", it gets tight. But with the standard seats, and I'm 5'10" and maybe 20 pounds from the 38 waist, I fit fine. Now getting in and out with the roof up after shoulder surgery (especially leaving the surgery center with most of the right arm under a nerve block) is the total opposite of graceful!!! The look on the nurse's face when the MX-5 pulled up and I'm partially wrapped up like a mummy was priceless.I've had mine since the middle of April and have already put 6,700 miles on it, including round trips from Louisville to Chicago and the Philadelphia suburbs. Averaged 38-39 mpg at a steady 75 mph, and it wasn't a torture chamber. The metal top helped a lot. The standard seats are a bit thin on padding, and there was a bit of squirming by around hour 8 on the Philly drive, but it's possible. But even though this design was released in 2015, I still get compliments from total strangers at stoplights, carwashes, gas stations, restaurants, etc. The Soul Red Metallic paint just makes the car pop. I wish it was available with the Terra Cotta leather (the gray above is available with it), and that it didn't have the standard all in black, because it gets thermonuclear in there with the top down and the sun beating on you, but a minor quibble. But it's just fun. Pure driving fun. The best stick shift in any car today. Solid brakes, excellent handling, a sane amount of power to where you aren't going to get into anything reckless and stupid. After a 12+ hour day at work, there's nothing better than dropping the top and driving the 20 minutes home with the better than I thought it would be Bose stereo playing Moby into my ears through the headrest speakers. Mazda has already announced there will be an NE model so I can't wait for that. It'll be interesting how they will keep the weight down with the expected changes to eke more MPG out of what is already an efficient car.