Need a Loan for a Mitsubishi? Nissan Now Has You Covered in Three Countries

Steph Willems
by Steph Willems
need a loan for a mitsubishi nissan now has you covered in three countries

Mitsubishi’s new ownership spells big changes for the automaker’s product future, but the controlling stake recently purchased by Renault-Nissan also means the newly joined automakers will partner on financial services.

As such, buyers in three markets will soon be able to turn to Nissan for a loan on a new Outlander or Mirage. Sorry, Americans — there’s good reason why Mitsubishi’s U.S. financing arm is staying put for now.

Announced today, Mitsubishi and Nissan will combine forces to launch a branded sales finance operation in three British Commonwealth countries: Canada, Australia and New Zealand. While Mitsubishi customers are the target, Nissan is the shooter. The latter automaker’s financing divisions will craft the products for its new corporate sibling and offer wholesale and retail financing options.

The automaker hopes the newly created financial arms “will attract more buyers, encourage loyalty among customers and provide additional support to dealers,” it said in an official statement.

“We will win customers’ loyalty with competitive rates and a broader range of financing options, and create a branded service experience,” stated Koji Ikeya, Mitsubishi Motors’ chief financial officer.

The alliance of automakers hopes to have the new financing arms up and running in Australia and New Zealand this month, while Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada should begin offering leases and loans through Nissan Canada Finance (rebranded in this role as Mitsubishi Motors Financial Services) on July 1st. Work is afoot to bring joint financial services to other markets, Nissan claims.

Why isn’t this also occurring in the United States? While some services could change, Mitsubishi already has a dance partner for U.S. consumer financing. In early January, Mitsubishi Motors North America’s chief operating officer, Don Swearingen, announced it would honor its contract with Ally Financial Inc. That contract has another five years of life left, ending in April 2022.

[Image: Mitsubishi Motors]

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  • CincyDavid CincyDavid on Jun 05, 2017

    Oh man, that was an outstanding time...I was doing face-to-face debt collection as a 2nd job, and Mitsubishi Motor Credit had a devil of a time even locating their debtors, much less getting them to pay. Made a lot of money chasing deadbeats. BTW we weren't supposed to call them deadbeats, they were nonresponsive delinquent debtors.

  • Sector 5 Sector 5 on Jun 05, 2017

    Wonder if the 10 year warranty will get rolled back?

  • Chuck Norton And guys are having wide spread issues with the 10 speed transmission with the HP numbers out of the factory......
  • Zerofoo "Hyundais just got better and better during the 1990s, though, and memories of those shoddy Excels faded."Never. A friend had an early 90s Hyundai Excel as his college beater. One day he decided that the last tank of gas he bought was worth more than the car. He drove it to empty and then he and his fraternity brothers pushed it into the woods and left it there.
  • Kwik_Shift There are no new Renegades for sale within my geographic circle of up to 85 kms. Looks like the artificial shortage game. They bring one in, 10 buyers line up for it, $10,000 over MSRP. Yeah. Like with a lot of new cars.
  • Ribbedroof In Oklahoma, no less!
  • Ribbedroof Have one in the shop for minor front collision repairs right now,I've seen more of these in the comments than in the 30 years I've been in collision repair.