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911 50th Anniversary Edition _6_

Porsche was set to roll out a plug-in hybrid version of the next-generation 911, however the German automaker has now decided not to move forward with the project.

Development lead for the 911 and 718, August Achleitner, told Car And Driver in a recent interview the plug-in hybrid 911 would have introduced too many compromises. While the electrified sportscar would have been extremely efficient, the hybrid powertrain would have made it several hundred pounds heavier than a standard 911, robbing it of some athleticism.

Also inspiring Porsche’s decision to shelve the vehicle was cost.

The hybrid 911 would have had much smaller profit margins than a typical 911, and Porsche — which boasts some of the best profit margins in the entire automotive industry — just wouldn’t allow it. In Achleitner’s words, “the disadvantages outweighed the advantages.”

This isn’t a huge loss, in our opinion, as a hybrid 911 makes little sense amid the backdrop of Porsche’s current product portfolio.

The Cayenne and Panamera are both offered with gasoline-electric powertrains and make much more sense as hybrids than the two-door 911. Porsche also has plans to put the electric Mission-E concept into production by 2020, so it’s wise for the automaker to keep the beloved 911 true to itself as it looks to introduce other electrified models going forward.

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13 Comments on “Porsche Kills 911 Plug-In Hybrid Before It’s Even Born...”

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    Compromise is detrimental to the model brand…the 911 makes its hay 0-60 and on the skidpad while maintaining the aesthetics of a modern art masterpiece. There is ample room for compromise but not on the 911.

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    Funny that Porshe would see this as an unacceptable compromise, but making suv’s and sedans are not.

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      SCE to AUX

      The Cayenne and Panamera are *money* machines.

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        Indeed they are. They are also precursors to bankruptcy. The Porsche brand probably has a few more years left of milking its brand name by selling to a diminishing supply of suckers before it folds, but the SUVs have left the brand mortally wounded, and there’s no way it can recover while continuing to make SUVs.

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          The theory is, that as long as the 911 is kept “pure,” the brand image holds. The Cayenne guys are really hard core Porsche guys you know… It’s just that their “current situation” “requires” something other than the purer Porsche…

          I don’s see the Panamera as any less pure than the 911. Rather the opposite. At least the 1st gen. It is heads and shoulders above all competitors as a GT, once the going gets fast. Much better suited for 140mph sustained blasts across Nevada backroads, than for picking people up at the airport or gliding down the Autobahn. It’s nominally a sedan, but the execution is all 928 with a backseat. Kind of like a giant, Teutonic version of the late RX-8. If highway (or byway…) robbery by donut grazer, to top off unsustainable pensions, hadn’t become such a national pastime, it would sell like hotcakes to anyone who needed to make longer journeys though the West, yet lacked strong affections for being fondled by TSA agents.

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          They’ve been an SUV company for decades. Yet they still manage the highest margins in the business. Somehow I doubt they worry about such things.

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      Good point.

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    SCE to AUX

    Good move.

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    Good idea to shelve it – EV’s and hybrids don’t need any more h8erade.

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    I’m glad they’re not going to compromise the 911. Fortunately, they’ve stayed away from anything that would compromise the 911 like putting the engine in the tail and putting a backseat in it. You’ll never see anything other than a manual transmission in it either. No heavy luxury options like power seats. Yep, no compromises.

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    Who is the customer that was going to buy a 911, but reconsidered because it wasn’t fuel efficient enough?

    Two things that should never go together, 911 and hybrid.

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