Want to Find Your Long-Lost Car? We're Here to Help, But You Need to Tell Us a Story First

Mark Stevenson
by Mark Stevenson
want to find your long lost car we re here to help but you need to tell us a story

Over the past few weeks, Jack and I have driven down the road of nostalgia as we contemplated the fate of our past fleets. Thanks to TTAC’s resident wrench and automotive P.I. Bozi Tatarevic, we were able to find closure; Jack’s Oldsmobubble went to the great crusher in the sky, while my Bronco continues to ply the roads of Oklahoma City before it meets a similar fate in a not-so-distant future.

Now it’s your turn to play “Dude, Where’s My Car?”

That’s right. We’re loaning out Mr. Tatarevic to the highest bidder, and the currency of choice here is the written word.

Have you ever wondered what happened to the Cavalier Z/24 you drove in high school that became home to many a sexual conquest? What about that Rambler that took you, your siblings, and parents across the country on your first ever, road-going family vacation?

We’re here to help, but we can’t help all of you.

If you’d like Bozi to use his unique skills to track down that lost-but–not-forgotten ride, here’s what we ask of you:

In 200 words or less, tell us why we should find your ride. Be creative, but be truthful.

The five most intriguing stories will get the nod, and Bozi will reach out to you all to get the required details to support his mission.

Let’s hear your best/worst.

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  • Msher4 Msher4 on Apr 27, 2017

    White 1985 Honda CRX, first car I ever owned, paid $3,500 the summer of 1991 as a 19 yr old college sophomore with all the money I had ever saved. It was a manual - and I had never driven a manual before buying it but I managed to drive her home from the outer reaches of Sterling Heights to Farmington. Quite a few antics pulled in that car and many more memories,including a trip from Chicago back to Detroit @ 90 mph somehow averaging about 40 mpg and that time she stranded me on NY State Thru-Way in a 2" per hour blizzard while driving back to school after winter break, or the time the radiator froze. She didn't deserve the fate she befell when I moved to Brooklyn for my first job after college - broken into at Coney Island and again multiple times near my apartment before finally being stolen outright. I was poor, and since RI (where I had been in school) didn't require insurance at the time - I didn't have any. Also, the MI registration had expired which had gotten her towed to impound and her plates confiscated. I still have both keys and the title.

  • Pontiaclover Pontiaclover on Jun 01, 2017

    I hope I am not too late. I have been on this mission to surprise my husband with his grandfather's car back in February 2017 for his birthday. However as you see I have had no such luck of finding it. I am getting ahead of myself, let's go back to the reason why. My husband and his grandfather went out and bought a 1998 Pontiac firebird brand new off the lot. It was my husband's grandfathers last adventure when he found out he had cancer. My husband and him were thrilled about this car they raced around and had a blast in it. It truly started my husband passion for cars. He now owns a 2005 Pontiac gto that he would love to pour money into if we had it. Unfortunately the cancer took his life and that beautiful firebird stayed in the garage as my husband was only 10 and grandma wanted nothing to do with it. The firebird was supposed to be my husband car when he turned 16 but hard times happened and his grandmother had to sell it. My husband was heartbroken and still is. My husband has all the original paperwork when they bought the car off the lot along with pictures of them driving it framed hanging over their man cave desk in my master bed. If you could help me find this car for him, if it still exists in the world out there. It would mean so much to me and 1000 times more to my amazing husband. I am sorry if there are millions of typos I am typing this on my phone at 10:25pm at night with my husband fast asleep next to me. :) Thanks, A loving wife

  • Brian_in_pa Brian_in_pa on Jun 23, 2017

    Back in 1973, my grandfather was an avid hunter, and bought a brand new 1973 Ford Bronco, orange exterior with orange interior and houndstooth seats. He installed heavy duty steel bumpers and a Warn PTO winch to get out of those deep woods hunting spots. I always admired the Bronco, and after my Grandfather passed, my Grandmother drove it occasionally, mainly in the woods to find huckleberries to make my favorite pie! My Grandmother knew how much I admired the Bronco, and when I was able to drive - she gave it to me! What a great vehicle - 302 V8, auto trans, with factory a/c this was an amazing unique vehicle. We ended up moving, and passed the Bronco on to my uncle, with the understanding that it would stay in the family. Unfortunately, a few years later he sold it, and I so often think about that Bronco, and how I wish I had it now to restore back as an homage to my Grandfather. Last time I searched the VIN, it showed up as registered in Texas, and I often check Craigslist in Texas hoping to find that Bronco. There was a description a few years back that resembled many of the options, but when I checked they had already sold it. So - here is hoping that my story will move Bozi into using his unique skills to help me find that Bronco! There can’t be that many orange/orange Broncos out there, right?

  • Nrthomas11.nt Nrthomas11.nt on Dec 07, 2020

    So as a kid in Honolulu Hawaii my father built a duesenberg replica that we drove to church occasionally until it had a electrical problem and he parked it , he had took out a loan against it to start a Buisness and the Buisness failed and the bank came to repo it however they never came prepared to get it and the bank finally sent someone out to it and they couldn’t get the hood open so they went back to the bank and declared it not worth recovery so my cousin went into the bank with a few hundred bucks and bought it . He put all the chrome back on the car ( my father had removed to prevent rust ) after a couple years he and his family had to move back to California so they donated it to the Salvation Army , they had said they were gonna ship it to Salvation Army headquarters in Los Angeles and it disappeared out of my family’s lives . We used to have pictures and papers of the car but a water leak ruined all the paperwork and now we have nothing on it except the first three letters of the Vin were my fathers initials PWT1......... etc it was black and chrome everywhere and had a hand carved dash and it had a convertible top it had a 351 Ford and was built on a thunderbird chassis . My father hand built this car (he was a sheet metal fabricator and used a matchbox car as a model ) I would love to get this back in the family but would settle on knowledge of where it ended up . My father built it as a wedding gift for my mother and I wish to see it again and possibly my parents as well thanks