Housekeeping: On Moderation and Civilized Society

TTAC Staff
by TTAC Staff
housekeeping on moderation and civilized society

Your moderation team here at TTAC thought it might be time for a reminder on our commenting policy. The rules apply to everyone — commenters and writers alike. Recently, we’ve been a bit lax on enforcing the rules, but that time has now come to an end. Included below is the

  • When commenting, picture yourself being invited to a dinner party with a roomful of strangers. You probably will not attack or insult the host, or the other guests. You will get annoyed by rude and uncivilized guests. You will understand that the host will not invite people back who violate simple rules of civility. Attacking the host could mean an end of the dinner before desserts are served.
  • You have a right to your opinion, you are immediately wrong if you are rude. Rude, uncivilized remarks mean an immediate loss of the argument. They also can mean a loss of commenting privileges.
  • However, should you feel the need for a more structured guideline, the following are TTAC’s Six Rules of Civility. Failing to adhere to these guidelines is grounds to be removed from current and future conversations:

    1. No personal/ad hominem attacks. One can communicate disagreement without attacking those with which they disagree.
    2. No racism, sexism, or bigotry.
    3. No spam/unwarranted self-promotion/advertising.
    4. No flaming/trolling.
    5. No political campaigning/hackery.
    6. And most important of all TTAC reserves the right to take away commenting privileges for any reason, even those not listed in the guidelines. We provide the comment section as a service. It is not a right. Treat it as a privilege that can be removed at any time.

    Remember the civility aspect of both parts of the TTAC commenting guidelines when posting. It seems too often lately the comments leave civility in the rear view mirror, hurtling down a path toward trolling and personal attacks. This will not be tolerated.

    When everyone keeps the Few Simple Tricks above in mind, the discourse remains pleasant and entertaining, and we all enjoy our time here more.

    Your TTAC Moderation Team

    Adam Tonge

    Kyree Williams

    Corey Lewis

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    • DeadWeight DeadWeight on Mar 11, 2017

      F*CK CENSORSHIP!!! I'M GOING BOWLING & GETTING HAMMERED (not driving, in case anyone was wondering). SMELL Y'ALL LATER, SUCKAS!!!

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      • Art Vandelay Art Vandelay on Mar 11, 2017

        I'm watching TV on my 100 inch screen and getting hammered. But I'm branching out...I'll be doing Manhattans instead of Old Fashioned tonight!

    • El scotto El scotto on Mar 12, 2017

      TTAC Staff, nice work on airing your dirty laundry and listening to and replying to complaints. Why not do a "We love Ourselves" article and ask the B&B what they think you do right?

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      • Big Al from Oz Big Al from Oz on Mar 13, 2017

        Redmondjp, I do believe TTAC can improve via more involvement of the writers in the comments section. Many TTAC article are just "cut and paste" articles. The writers need to produce opinion pieces regarding the industry ...... in their word with their views. Let the B&B pick their brains. But the owners need to invest to improve the site. These sites are like any industry, if investment in the site is deficient the site will die. Mark only has so much to work with to keep this site afloat the best he can. Maybe those with experience running these sites can help Mark, he's young and doing his best with what resources that are available to him. Coach and mentor him. A larger vibrant "industry" is more important in the end, like the auto industry.

    • Add Lightness Range Rovers have come a long, long ways from their original concept of a gentleman's Land Cruiser. Pretty useless off road now but the wannabees will love them until the warrantee expires.
    • ToolGuy 'Non-Land Rover' gets 2 bonus points for the correct use of carbon fiber in an automotive application. 🙂
    • ToolGuy "a newly developed vehicle platform it says will double driving range"• Anyone know what this is about?
    • ToolGuy "Toyota recommends that no one ride in the front passenger seat until an inspection or fix can be performed."• This is a good opportunity for the back seat driver in your life. 😉
    • Art Vandelay It will allow Tasos and EBFlex to puff each other’s peters in comfort