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Dodge Demon Driveline

Like a professional dancer performing north of the Arctic Circle, the Dodge Demon’s strip tease is arduous and painful, beginning with a parka, moving on to the moccasins, then the toque, and … you get the idea.

But the latest installment of the Demon’s online strip tease may have just nuked an earlier rumor regarding the new SRT’s driveline.

Subaru fanboys — this angel of rubber-shredding death (probably) isn’t for you.

At the very end of Fiat Chrysler’s latest video extolling the grandiose, supercharged muscle car is the above frame. I don’t know about you, but I don’t see anything where front axles should be. Good. Bozi’s theory remains intact for now.

And that’s not the only speculation swirling around. The Demon could produce 757 horsepower and should be good for [email protected]” … whatever that is.

However, we do know driving the Demon will be a solo affair, and doing so will suck (a lot of air).

Tune in again next week to see the Demon remove its mittens.

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43 Comments on “Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Don’t Need No All-Wheel Drive...”

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    13.5 pounds of boost

    575 kilowatts of power

    at 500 feet above sea level

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    My problem with this is that at one point it was said to be made for maximum straight line performance. If that’s the case they’ve failed, because AWD is traction and traction gives straight line wins. Seems like a silly ommission.

    This is shaping up to be a hellcat with some more HP, new shocks, and a tool kit.

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      “If that’s the case they’ve failed”

      I would consider AWD a complete fail considering the market the Demon is shooting for. Drag racing and AWD do not mix. It’s for Subaru fan bois.

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      Which is why drag racing cars are all AWD.

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      So its my understanding that the Challenger in V8 trim simply doesn’t provide enough space to fit a V8 with an AWD system or one with enough balls to handle a Hellcat V8 pumping out more power.

      I guess what your saying is FCA failed on delivering a reasonably priced Challenger Demon with a stretched wheelbase to accommodate a heavy duty AWD system in a package that is lighter than the current Hellcat Challenger.

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      George B

      AdamVIP, how does AWD traction help in drag racing when the front end is trying to lift off the ground?

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        White Shadow

        Not sure if serious…..So I’ll just say this: all-wheel traction is advantageous for maximum off-the-line acceleration even as weight transfers to the rear. Unless of course the front wheels come completely off the ground. And you’ll only see that on a very high power car running fuel glue slicks, in which case traction really isn’t an issue in the first place.

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      I think the very wide Nitto nearly slicks have plenty good traction.

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    bumpy ii

    They could address the traction issue by putting duallys on it.

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    I had a car for sale. I live in an area where FCA has headquarters. The guy looking at my car brought along his friend, an FCA Executive. They showed up in a brand new white SRT 392 Charger. Since he said he had a choice to drive anything he wanted, I said “What, no Hellcat?”. He simply said “The Hellcat sucks as a street car. Can’t put the power down. The SRT 392 is the better car for the street.”

    I suspect the Demon will suffer the same issues as the Hellcat in this regard.

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      My concern as well. I sometimes struggle with a measly 460 HP to keep the rears from spinning or traction control from cutting power. I can’t imagine what 750 HP would be like…

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        Part throttle with an unexpected downshift leading to massive unintended drifts, telling people who *must* drive it to lift off the brake gradually on start and not touch the throttle until it’s rolling, huge tickets for *exhibition* when starting over damp crosswalk paint leads to spinning and lifting just upshifts and keeps them spinning … in front of a marked cruiser, “safely” shooting across the intersection *ahead* of the red light running cross traffic car while flipping him off, wheelies on street tires when it all comes together just so, transmission tech’s coming in from test drives with wet crotched coveralls screaming “NO WARRANTY” again and again before collapsing into a chair, routinely broken damn near anything… At least, that’s how I imagine it would be.

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      The Hellcat has no appeal to me, so the Demon would have even less.

      I would enjoy owning an SRT Challenger, fully aware that on the street, and on street tires, any car with AWD and 300-ish hp is probably going to smoke me from rest right up to the limit of legal speeds. No amount of power is going to change that. Since I’d already have enough power to break the tires loose at the speeds I’d want to do so, and more than enough power to lose my license with a brief stab of the throttle, it’s hard to imagine how a heavier and more front weight biased version would improve the experience.

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    It’s all for show! Bragging rights! The horsepower wars are back! They’ll sell eleven of ’em!

    Seriously, any money they put into the hellcat could have been better spent elsewhere. Let the aftermarket specialists play with the big V8s. They’ll do all the work for you.

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    Hmmm.. yet another RWD tire fryer best suited for a summer drag strip where drivers and fans can best appreciate it. In winter it’ll be a tail spinning panic. Any guess how long before someone wraps one around a light pole or other roadside hazard?

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    White Shadow

    13.5 is the quarter mile time you can expect with 757 HP and no AWD. This car is nothing but a huge burnout waiting to happen.

    Looks like Tesla will continue to kick Hellcat and Demon ass at the drag strip.

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      Just because a guy in a Challenger that doesn’t know how to race botched a holeshot and lost doesn’t mean anything. That same guy also came back and beat the same Tesla by 3/4 of a second.

      Also, Hellcats have been documented well into the 12’s on factory rubber and mid 11’s with street legal drag radials.

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        White Shadow

        I’m not talking about one race. Look up a few YouTube videos. The Tesla P100D runs well into the 10s right off the showroom floor, stock tires and all, thanks to AWD and the unbelievable instant torque that you get with electric motors.

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          I’m just repeating what I’ve seen at my local track with my own eyes. C&D (if you can believe them) did a piece on a supposedly bone stock Charger with light weight wheels and street legal drag radials. He was consistently turning in 10.5’s. At any rate, once you approach this Performance level and especially beyond there really is no performance advantage to AWD. In a world where a couple of pounds matter the weight penalty all that crap brings far outweighs the benefits.
          Wheelie bars and drag radials.
          Of course I’m referring to a typical drag car here, cuz I’ve never seen an electric car at a track. Or turned a wrench on one. AWD very well may benefit them because they would never be able to put enough motor at just 2 wheels to be able to put down a 10-11 second run.

          Serious question. How many WOT 1/4 mile runs can an electric car run before the performance begins to fall off?

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      A Tesla is a monster- to 60mph. After 60 they’re nothing special and well driven hellcats have almost reeled them in (125+ mph vs 112 at the end of the 1/4 with the hellcats gaining fast).

      I don’t know if hellcats are ever going to beat teslas to 60 but I don’t think it will take much to give hellcats the edge in the 1/4.

      The biggest advantage of the Tesla is that it basically takes no driver skill at all to achieve. It has a nearly perfect traction control system, awd, and no shifting. Even with changes to the demon, a driver can still f up a run while that’s basically impossible in a Tesla.

      As far as other AWD cars go (especially the 300hp ones mentioned earlier), yes you can hit some really quick 0-60 times in those too, but you are still running 14 second quarters. In the case of manual ones, you have to commit to be willing to be abusive to get those quick 0-60 times out of them. You’ve got to drop the clutch at ~5k to get those kinds of times. I don’t think it’s as abusive in the autos but you are still standing on the brake while revving over 5k. Most ‘adults’ aren’t willing to do that often so in practice they aren’t quick.

      Normal (not teslas or exotics) AWD cars are overrated IMHO for performance because you really have to be ON IT all the time to get their potential out of them.

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        White Shadow

        “A Tesla is a monster- to 60mph. After 60 they’re nothing special and well driven hellcats have almost reeled them in (125+ mph vs 112 at the end of the 1/4 with the hellcats gaining fast).”

        You haven’t been keeping up with the Tesla. They’ve hit 122 mph at the end of the 1/4 mile. They aren’t just quick to 60, they pull quite hard through the 1/4 mile as well.

        Off the showroom floor, there isn’t a Hellcat that can come close to competing with a P100D. Now if the Demon came with all that HP and AWD, it would have been a hell of a race. But without AWD, it will need some serious tires to even have a chance.

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          Jack Baruth

          122 through the quarter is not pulling hard. Not for a car that runs elevens.

          145-150 is more like it.

          On the bike side, a ZX-14R can pull 154 through the traps.

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            White Shadow

            Actually, it is pulling hard comparatively speaking for pretty much ANY stock car. Don’t forget that it’s an AWD car. And AWD cars run good times for their trap speed. That much should be obvious. The fact that a bone stock (tires included) Tesla can turn 10.70s at 122mph is just a testament to it’s incredible traction and torque.

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            White Shadow

            BTW, if you’ve ever spent any time at a drag strip, then you know that a car running in the 145 to 150 mph trap speed range is typically a 9-second car.

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          Are we just going to gloss over that a P100D costs $140K while the Hellcats are $70K?

          I’m not too worried about running into a P100D at the strip because I don’t race in Aspen or Beverly Hills.

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            And if you do run into a P100D at the strip, it will be fun regardless of the outcome.

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            White Shadow

            Price has nothing to do with this discussion. If it’s bang for the buck you’re looking for, a $70k Hellcat isn’t exactly your best option either.

            My point was that AWD would’ve been exactly what the Demon needed to compete with the P100D in a stock drag race. Without AWD, the Demon is going to need some serious race tires to even stand a chance.

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        “As far as other AWD cars go (especially the 300hp ones mentioned earlier), yes you can hit some really quick 0-60 times in those too, but you are still running 14 second quarters. In the case of manual ones, you have to commit to be willing to be abusive to get those quick 0-60 times out of them. You’ve got to drop the clutch at ~5k to get those kinds of times.”

        To get maximum performance with a manual, you do typically need a clutch drop. But I’ve had some very nice launches using minimal clutch slip with my buddy’s B8 S4. Far quicker off the line than anything I’ve ever done in a RWD vehicle on a city street.

        Of course, that’s a torquey supercharged V6. Another buddy’s modded Legacy GT, which probably makes more power than the S4, is so laggy with that big turbo that the AWD might actually be a disadvantage on dry pavement without an abusive clutch drop. I’ve never done a clutch drop on an AWD vehicle and I don’t think I’d even want to. I have too much mechanical sympathy for that.

        I’ve also never street raced for a full quarter mile. Not even close.

        IMO, an AWD with a torque converter automatic rules the city streets, unless a Tesla shows up. No matter; the RWDs are more fun outside of winter, which is why both my B8 S4-owning buddies, and my buddy with the Legacy GT, pretty much park those vehicles in summer in favor of their RWD cars.

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    The Demon comes with even larger contact patch street legal slicks. On a side note, my Cobra replica runs almost 10’s with RWD and narrower tires. 11.2 being the best on streets. Probably would do better if I adjust it for more weight transfer, but it is set up for turns.

    I would like a 392 with the rims from the Demon shod with Pilot Sport cups in the Demon OEM widths.

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    I may be the only one who thinks this but this campaign has dragged out for so long that I could care less about what this thing is or could be. Its old news already even before its made a debut.
    A couple of weeks before the debut would have been fine, but this has been far. too. long.

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    The extended FCA troll of every automotive website continues. Is no one bored with this pointless car yet?

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    Ol Shel

    I don’t see anything about that pic that rules out AWD. Maybe the front shafts and diff will be in text week’s tease.

    Nothing they do is likely to excite me. Too expensive, FCA quality, and it’s so horrendously tall in comparison to the original. Don’t like.

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