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In case you’re a particularly macabre automotive collector, Tupac Shakur’s murder car is currently available for purchase. California’s chotchkie dealer, Moments in Time, is listing Death Row co-founder Suge Knight’s black 1996 BMW 750iL on its website for a cool $1.5 million. That’s roughly $1.49 million over the estimated private party value of an E38 Bimmer — and I even gave Moments in Time enough credit to assume it was in extremely good condition.

Apparently, one of the best things you can do for the resale value of your car is to make sure that a celebrity was killed inside of it. However, Shakur technically died several days later as a result of injuries sustained in the September 7, 1996 Last Vegas drive-by shooting. Perhaps you can use that information to haggle down the price. 

Listed next to the script for Donald Trump’s famous stuffed crust pizza ad, the website offers only Craigslist-level photography, a guarantee of authenticity, and proof of vehicle’s identification number.

The 750iL is restored and still still has bullet marks visible inside the door panels. With only 92,000 miles on the odometer and a clean looking exterior, this would make a great daily driver for someone interested in a pristine E38. I have also no doubt that this model will be a future classic someday.

Knight’s BMW has changed hands several times since being impounded by the Vegas police department and initially auctioned off, with Moments in Time being the most recent owner. While the price does seem steep, CNN reported that Shakur’s personally customized Hummer went for $337,114 last May. There is definitely a market for things like this, all thanks to the deep-pockets-and-no-taste crowd.

[Image: Moments in Time]

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15 Comments on “Last Ride: Tupac Shakur’s Death Car is For Sale Right Now...”

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    Somebody will buy it. There’s always a morbid fascination for vehicles like this…

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    Maybe somehow this could get featured on a Simpsons or Family Guy. Er, not featured, lampooned.

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      Kyree S. Williams

      Both Family Guy and the Simpsons have lengthy animation cycles, and neither one can really lampoon current events, because the cartoons you’re seeing now will have had their scripts written over six months ago. They tend to rely more on age-old tropes or humor that’s less momentary. When those shows do make fun of current events, it’s usually via live-action cutaways or by outright borrowing footage…such as with Family Guy’s recent highlight of Trump’s “Grab ’em by the p*ssy” conversation.

      One show that *can* animate its episodes rapidly enough to be current, though, is South Park.

      • 0 avatar

        There is a good documentary about the production of South Park and how it produces so rapidly. In short, it’s through a combination of hustle and computer technology. Fun factoid. The computer animation technology that they use to create South Park was first used to produce Blue’s Clues.

        But even South Park’s production can fall flat on its face. In the last season, they had to pull an all nighter to totally redo the episode “Oh, Jeez”. Like many, they had assumed that Mrs Clinton would win and had made an episode to that effect. When it became clear that assumption was wrong they had to call everyone in and redo the whole thing.

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    Does the CDC run a museum?

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    “I have also no doubt that this model will be a future classic someday.” I think it is already a future classic today, and will be a classic someday in the future.

    But not with those rimz.

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    I bought this and will flip it for 3 million.

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    Has the VANOS been serviced?

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    I’m thinking it’s time for yet another revival of “Topper.”

    Topper, a wealthy bank president, is trapped in a boring job. Worse still, his social-climbing wife, Clara, seems to care only about nagging him and presenting a respectable façade. On a whim, after Tupac dies, Topper buys Tupac’s flashy BMW. Soon he meets the ghost of Tupac Shakur, and immediately Tupac begins to liven up his dull life with drinking and dancing, flirting and fun.

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    That car certainly captures a moment in time.

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