Aston Martin Is Prepared to Deliver the Bespoke Model of Your Dreams/Nightmares

Matt Posky
by Matt Posky
aston martin is prepared to deliver the bespoke model of your dreams nightmares

Aston Martin is allowing customers to [s]ruin[/s] tailor any of its current models through its updated Q commission service. These bespoke Astons allow shoppers to choose specialty themes or create a completely unique car from scratch. Some of the early results are reminiscent of Bentley’s more interesting factory customizations of the Continental, but Aston Martin seems to be taking it even further.

While much of the new paint and fabrics on offer are absolutely gorgeous, especially those in the aptly named heritage collection, it would be very easy to assemble some of the other collections into a legendary eyesore.

If you had a mind to, you could have “Kermit” lime green paint with “Jaffa” orange leather seats and electric yellow stitching — or any other combination you could imagine. Choice is a wonderful thing but I am not particularly looking forward to seeing some of these color combinations, at least not on an Aston Martin. Save the tomato interiors and metallic purple paint for Lamborghini.

Aston’s design head Marek Reichman said that the Q Commission is “fulfilling a creative need,” and that “we’re experts providing a consultation, like a Savile Row tailor or a yacht builder.”

That’s a wonderful analogy, though I have to assume there is a point where a Savile Row tailor would ask you to consider against a yellow and green three-piece with navy embroidery.

There is also something odd about calling this bespoke platform the “Q division.” While it is extremely cool that James Bond drives an Aston Martin, the notion is suddenly less appealing when the company acknowledges it. It’s like when someone you know says out loud that they are rich. You already knew they were loaded but hearing them say it makes you furrow your brow a little.

Dr. Matthew Bennett, General Manager for the Q by Aston Martin service said “the customer is working much more closely with us here at Gaydon. The only limit is your imagination – every new commission starts with a blank sheet of paper.”

That blank sheet can be loaded up with more than just color, as Q encompasses user-derived material choices, patterns, embroidery, paint gloss, and custom trim pieces. It will also make limited-run and region-specific design options available while combining them to produce the occasional finished car.

To make a case for this new program, the company has put together a custom bluer-than-blue DB11 Q by Aston Martin. It has a “Zaffre blue” gloss, paired with satin twill and forged carbon fibre detailing on its splitter, sills, diffuser, and mirrors. Inside, the cabin is lined with semi-Aniline leather stamped with the Aston’s Q logo. The car even has a color-matched luggage set, something Aston will gladly do with any of the Q-brand cars.

This new one-off DB will appear at the Geneva International Motor Show next month, while the updated Q commission service is available now.

[Images: Aston Martin]

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