NAIAS 2017: Redesigned 2018 GMC Terrain Shows Up in Detroit With Diesel Power

Jim Travers
by Jim Travers
naias 2017 redesigned 2018 gmc terrain shows up in detroit with diesel power

GMC rolled out a redesigned 2018 Terrain SUV at the North American Auto Show in Detroit, with the usual promises of added refinement, new electronic convenience and safety features, and greater versatility. But GMC also added one feature not commonly found in an SUV, particularly one of the non-behemoth variety: An available diesel engine.

The diesel Terrain gets a 137-horsepower 1.6-liter turbodiesel with 240 lb-ft of torque matched with a six-speed automatic transmission. Gasoline powertrains include a 170-hp 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder and a 252-hp 2.0-liter turbocharged four cylinder, both with direct injection and paired with a nine-speed automatic.

All get a new electronic gear selector that threatens to raise the bar for unintuitive and awkward shifting experiences, with a combination of push buttons and pull toggles for different gears, in place of a conventional shifter. Claimed to save room and open up more console storage space, what it’ll be like to live with on a daily basis remains an open question until we get a stint behind the wheel.

The Terrain will sport both front- and all-wheel drive, and AWD models will offer drivers a choice of different driving modes for varied conditions. Front-wheel-drive models will feature an Eco driving mode for increased fuel economy.

Exterior styling is smoother and less chunky than the outgoing Terrain, if a bit on the generic side. GMC says the shape was refined in a wind tunnel to optimize efficiency and reduce noise.

A boatload of new available electronic safety features include a surround vision camera, forward collision warning, low-speed automatic braking, lane departure warning with lane keep assist, and a safety monitoring system that monitors rear seat use and reminds the driver to check for forgotten children or snoozing passengers when the engine is turned off.

Inside, the Terrain gets more soft-touch surfaces and upgraded materials, and active noise cancellation for a quieter environment. Both the second row and front passenger seats fold flat to accommodate longer items. There’s also a concealed storage compartment under the rear cargo floor.

Depending on equipment level, all Terrains get either an eight or nine-inch center touch screen and both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility. A rolling hotspot, all models come standard with 4G WiFi capability that can support up to seven devices, and a trial subscription to help get the whole gang hooked.

GMC did not reveal details regarding pricing or when the new Terrain will land in showrooms.

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  • Corey Lewis Corey Lewis on Jan 10, 2017

    The shift button arrangement is ridiculous. You could even free up THAT space too, just put a column shift on it. The most space is taken up by cup holders in the console, which could be relocated easily enough. Poor.

    • Frylock350 Frylock350 on Jan 10, 2017

      Cup holders? you mean cell phone holders. That's a more common use.

  • Ponchoman49 Ponchoman49 on Jan 11, 2017

    Wow nice new Nissan there GMC. It hasn't been introduced yet and already has 6 strikes against it. Strike 1) Nissan generic styling cues Strike 2) Too small base engine with only 170 HP Strike 3) No more sliding rear seat Strike 4) Smaller than outgoing model so it loses that advantage to it's competitors strike 5) Going to made in Mexico Strike 6) That idiotic precision shift setup has fail written all over it

  • Kcflyer Leave it alone except interior and exterior color options. Add custom colors for a price and watch the orders come in. Pulled our hair out last year trying to figure out how a dealer in California had a GT in dark blue that Mazda says isn't possible. I've decided it must have been a Canadian order that got redirected. Could someone please explain why Canadian dealers can order a GT in dark blue, U.S. dealers can order a Club in that color, but not a GT. Soooo, stupid. British racing green, purple, stop making 5 shades of silver/grey. It's a fun car, should have fun colors. Don't tie interior colors to exterior choice. Charge extra but let people order what they like.
  • SCE to AUX I like the concept, but $6k just gets you started. I'd have to outsource the bodywork, which is a real problem on a project like this.Still, the result would be a fun vehicle that reflects what many people want today - a small unbloated utility truck.
  • TheDoctorIsOut Try and keep it as light and focused as it always has been and as analog as possible. For those who can appreciate it (and fit into it) there’s still something special about a car that can be driven at 90% of its potential for most of the daily drive.
  • SCE to AUX Let it die with dignity - no electrification. That would kill the spirit of the original.Mazda needs to think about survival and market share, not tinker with a niche car with waning sales, or dying on Wankel Hill.Maybe their body and paint engineers could help Tesla once Mazda folds.
  • Lou_BC H-E-L-L-C-A-T