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Long-Exposure of Sparklers around Old Car, Image: thevlue/Flickr

As we roll into the holidays, TTAC is signing off for a four-day weekend and its writers are enjoying some much needed rest with family and friends. As much as we love to pour our hearts into this little corner of the web, we also need to share those hearts with other loves in our lives. So, because of that, TTAC can wait for a few days.

But before we go, I’d like to thank you — the writers, the readers, and everyone else that makes this possible — for an excellent year. Enjoy your holidays safely. We’d really like to see you come back here in 2017 in one piece.

In the meantime, and in the spirit of the season, let’s try something.

Christmas is about giving. It’s about giving to those we love. It’s equally about giving to those we don’t know, or extending an olive branch to those with which we clash. So, here’s our Christmas game: say something nice about one commenter you come to virtual blows with on a regular basis throughout the year. TTAC, I think, is a place where nearly all views can be represented. We may disagree, but we should at least respect each other. Plus, if we were all the same, it would be a bit boring, no?

We’ll be back on December 27th.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

[Image: thevlue/Flickr]

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215 Comments on “Merry Christmas, Everyone...”

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    S2k Chris

    I criticize a lot of things about what the Baruth brothers write, but I read almost every darn thing they post because it is interesting and makes me think, and is well written and entertaining.

    Merry Christmas

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      Big Al from Oz

      What everyone else? Are you only wishing the Baruths a Merry Xmas?


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      Avid Fan

      how true, how true. Sometimes the subject matter is not as interesting as it could be. But an assignment is an assignment. No matter, the articles are almost always well written and interesting.
      I’m still, however, holding out for a picture of Danger Girl.

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        I think you mean an “interesting” picture of Danger Girl. Sounds good, but probably not gonna happen.

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          Oh,and FWIW, Danger Girl always puts me in mind of the line “she’s a dangerous girl with her dreams intact” from the song Wild Eyes, from the Jefferson Starship album Modern Times (1981). Yes I’m a fan of Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship and Starship. RIP Paul Kantner, who passed earlier this year.

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    Turbo Is Black Magic

    Bah humbug.

    Happy Chanukah.

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    Kyree S. Williams

    I’m nice to everyone (or try to be), so I have nothing to say. You’re all wonderful; I hope everyone has a merry Christmas.

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    Jack Baruth

    I’d like to apologize to Bark M. for teasing him in 1999 about repeatedly hooking it up with a girl who had scoliosis. Looking back I really admire his decision to brighten that young lady’s life.

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    Big Al from Oz

    Merry Xmas from The Land Down Under!

    I hope all have an enjoyable Xmas break including all off TTAC’s writers and staff.

    I wish all of my virtual foes and supporter(s?) a Merry Xmas.

    Enjoy and drink heaps of p!ss.

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    “extending an olive branch to those with which we clash.”

    Merry Christmas to everyone that loves the idea of autonomous cars, believes in the superiority of German cars, likes FCA, brags about their tuned turbo vehicle, and thinks 4-cylinder luxury cars are a-okay.

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    Hamilton Guy

    I sometimes have some issues with the Baruth brothers politics, which seems to be sometimes to the right of Attila the Hun!! Me being a hippie, pinko, socialist, Canadian radical from way back.

    But when it comes to cars they know of which they speak.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the whole TTAC Community. Collectively you are the Best and the Brightest

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      “I sometimes have some issues with the Baruth brothers politics, which seems to be sometimes to the right of Attila the Hun!! Me being a hippie, pinko, socialist, Canadian radical from way back.”

      You’re being too hard on yourself.

      Your not that Canadian…


      Fascinating that you identify the Baruths as too right-wing. Me, I’d say they’re a bit too libertarian to my taste…a libertarian being someone who’s asking questions; and a conservative being someone who’s found some answers.

      It’s a long journey from Sesame Street to Bill Buckley’s shrine and beyond…

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    And thanks for the reminder that the Dodge Spirit was under-appreciated.

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    To those whom I’ve clashed, it is wonderful to be part of a society and blog that allows differences of opinion.

    A difference of opinion makes me reflect and subsequently learn and grow.

    Vive la difference!

    Merry Christmas to all.

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    punkybrewstershubby aka Troy D.

    Merry Christmas you guys! (and girls)!

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    Moar pick ups for everyone!

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    Thought the picture was Repo Man. Nicely done. PS Some of my best friends are of Canadian descent.

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    I very much admire April’s passion and compassion.
    The world is better for it.

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    I’ve been an avid reader since Farago was writing GM death watch # 3. Yeah I still won’t buy a vehicle without a CAW / UAW / UNiFOR label. That being said I still respect what the non union transplants have brought to the table .

    The foreign manufactures have dragged the domestics kicking ,and screaming , into a world , where it was an ultimatum to ” up their game” or fall by the wayside…

    While I have disagreed, with the many “domestic haters here. I have nothing but respect for their input , and or thier expertise in so many aspects of the modern vehicle world.

    I wish all a happy and Merry Christmas .

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      I used to clash with you about all topics vehicular (but not personal matters) often, mikey, but that was before you let your backstory be known.

      As is so often the case, I/many of us would conduct a much better, wiser & more respectful dialogue if we had the luxury of context and perspective regarding those we are communicating with, and their struggles, losses, life’s work, and other important matters.

      This holds even more true for those of us, like I, who tend to be direct and admittedly abrasive frequently.

      Now that I know you better, I consider you someone I respect, and whom I wish nothing but a genuinely great 2017.

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        @ DW ….Thank you. Yes and in an earlier time, I figured ” Oh he’s just another GM hater , maybe he had an experience with an 81 Ciitation ? ” . Then on one of my “bad days” I shopped an ATS Coupe. My thought process was one of “I have all this $hite going on in my ,life I’m at least going to drive a nice car.”

        So I found myself sitting behind the wheel of this $55 K (Canadian) Coupe . DW’s comments are running through my head. I opened the trunk, crawled around the back seat. I’ m looking at fit, finish , materials etc.

        I guess you could call it a moment of “epiphany ” ..I thought “the Dude is right ” . Just knock $25K off it ,and slam a Pontiac badge on. Then we might have a viable ,somewhat “higher end ” vehicle, worthy of closer scrutiny .

        As it turned out ,I walked away, with a lot more respect for DeadWeght.

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    On my way to Winnipeg where they expect up to a foot of snow. Will report on how an AWD 2.0T Regal on studded Firestone Winterforce hoons.

    Merry Christmas all

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    I wish there was a way we could all meet in a big hotel ballroom somewhere, the writers up on stage, maybe a few “car guests” from Detroit and the posters seated at the round tables and just talk and listen-it would be a blast.

    I would love to meet Dead Weight (dead serious)and all of you (regardless of political beliefs!!) that respond to articles as well as all of you that write-I know that is not easy, so thank-you.

    I learn a lot here.

    Merry Christmas All.

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      I often thought along those lines, not picturing it exactly as you did, but similar. I think it would be a blast.

      I think it should also include a bit of a car show, everyone brings their ride, we check out each other’s cars…

      and the Bark starts drawing names out of a hat for who gets to drive the RS in what order. ;)

      Come to think of it, it needs to happen at a track so we can all have fun in our own cars and each others. No “racing”, more for the experiences and conversations.

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      April S

      I would buy everyone there a beer. :)

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    Dave M.

    Like I made sure in my weekly school callout: Happy Winter Solstice. Merry Christmas. Happy Chanukah. An insightful Kwanzaa. Hopefully covered all my bases.

    Enjoy your time off!

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    I love all you right-wing nuts, crazy Ford fanboys, German car snobs, and even dissolute Phaeton alumni. Wouldn’t trade the authors and B&B for any other group, even when you drive me crazy.

    Happy Holiday of choice, and if that is Christmas, a very merry Christmas indeed.

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    Merry Christmas to all and be safe. Internet would be a worse place without you. Cheers!

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    Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year to all.

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    Merry Christmas everyone!

    I’ll be spending mine working on Macs…

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    1st, it really is not my style to engage in ad hominem attacks, and even with a couple of notable incidents between me and a few others here recently, these conflicts were more angry disagreement than ad hominem cross-blows (although they may have not been perfectly free of personal insults).

    I won’t get into conflicts and disagreements had recently beyond those I was involved in or partly to blame for.

    Second, I don’t PERSONALLY dislike anyone who posts on TTAC even if I literally disagree(d) with everything they state(d) or opine(d) (which is not the case at any rate). Yes, certain people have mannerisms (expressed through their written thoughts) or opinions that grate on me or that I disagree with, but big deal, as I’m sure I have a similar effect on others. Such is the nature of public discourse.

    The motor vehicle industry is important in my life, and I live in an epicenter of one of the great motor vehicle design and manufacturing centers of the world, which imprinted the very DNA of the industry onto my soul. Going to Cobo Hall with my father was an annual tradition since I was at least 5 years old, during the coldest weather of the year in Michigan. This industry gave rise to my family’s own fortunes, in direct, and indirect ways, on both my father and mother’s side.

    From a technical and “geek” standpoint, a finely tuned, powerful, stylish, well-maintained (and loved) automobile, is something that strikes a particular harmonious note, I imagine much the same way my in-law brother geeks out over Boeing’s latest & greatest aircraft (and the incredibly powerful, reliable and precise Pratt & Whitney, GE & Rolls-Royce engines that power them). *There is something DEEPLY SATISFYING to me to this day to know that my vehicle is properly tuned and maintained, has fresh fluids and oil, is making all the right noises at all RPM and over any road surface, and communicates a sense of, if not infallibility, tremendous reliability and a form of eagerness, to me. People that have cruised on the open highway on very long treks, whether in great weather or adverse conditions, night or day, with a good V6 or V8 underhood (or even one of the better I4s, likely a Japanese one – gotta be honest), that has that stable, smooth rhythm, mile after mile, seemingly immune from mechanical troubles, knows this secure feeling, and immensely appreciates the engineering required to make it possible, in much the same way that Boeing 737 passenger seated near the wing-mounted turbine engines humming that sweet, smooth, powerful frequency over open ocean can relate to.

    From a general “standpoint,” particularly of the kind that forms the backdrop of life’s important events, such as driving 2 1/2 hours to Cedar Point in a Volkswagen Fox (that kept overheating) after I and 3 of my buddies had JUST gotten our drivers’ licenses, a 20 hours straight trek to Spring Break in Daytona Beach from metro Detroit, going to prom, towing a boat or camper to northern Michigan for a 4 day camping excursion, powering through a legendary blizzard from near Traverse City in immense lake-effect snow, in white-out conditions, etc., particular motor vehicles are intrinsically tied up with these vivid moments in my memory banks, and always will be.

    I remember pi$$ing off all my GM-employee neighbors when I bought the 1st Japanese car on the block, during my first year in college, after giving up on early early and mid 90s Big 3 crap; it was a revelation to drive a vehicle that required little more than oil/filter changes and coolant maintenance to reliable, consistently, efficiently and even comfortably get to class and work. I remember being frustrated that American Car Companies couldn’t seem to match the quality and reliability, at any price point.

    BUT, after a few truly great ales, a surprisingly good stout from China, and a Fuller’s London Porter, some may wonder how this relates to Christmas.

    The answer is that Christmas is a time of deep reflection about our lives, and the car is a recurring, constant symbol of what formed much of me; the car, as physically built by men like Mikey and Tres (and others here), whether assembling the components, or synching the line or ensuring that the tooling is within spec.

    And in the world we know, where hard, honest labor is seemingly punished (by comparative tax rate, social esteem, etc.) compared to financial games and gaming (and financialization of the economy in general, where capital reaps the cream and labor earns whey), I dedicate this Holiday and Christmas Season the the truly hard workers of this world, who seemingly perpetually get the shaft, in a world where it sometimes seems the entire collective hive has lost its mind and gone clinically insane, in a Dr. Strangelove or Kafka-esque way –

    – I raise my mug & toast the truly hard workers amongst us, who grind it out every workday, for a mere pittance on a relative basis to what the slick-haired, paper-pushers, lobbyists, crony kapitalists (k is intentional because this ain’t capitalism as god intended), that helped forge my world that in huge proportion depends on the automobile, and my lifetime of experiences so intimately (literally, as in losing virginity at 16 in the front seat on one that thankfully had fully reclining seats) tied to the car, one of history’s ultimate symbols of mobility and freedom, and enabler of great times and even greater memories.

    Cheers & Merry Christmas to the real workers and doers.

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      Forgive the grammatical errors and run-on sentences. It was a long day, this is 5% to 9% alcohol by volume real ale, and I believe most of you should be able to decipher the gist of my flow, said errors notwithstanding (speaking of flow, I gots to take a monster pi$$).

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        with Yuengling, Guinness and Rye
        Mom’s Apple pie
        Some Mud in your eye
        As we try to get by
        Watch Trump’s rump
        See you at the gas pump
        Don’t follow leaders
        feed your parking meters
        The pumps won’t work
        Cause the vandals took the handles
        It’s scary when it all starts to make sense
        Nobel or noble rot
        Yugo first…I’ll wait for the train.
        (sigh) Sound of dropped deep socket extension on cement floor…

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        *pours a pint of Bell’s Two Hearted and clinks glasses with DeadWeight*

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      As for you and I, I agree to end it if you will: a truce, agree to disagree, whatever you call it, I’m offering.

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        You and I are feuding?

        I troll you in good fun because you’re so Blue Oval loyal. There’s not a mean intent in that hemisphere.

        I’ll stop since you infer malicious intent.

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          I wouldn’t call it a fight or feud, just unnecessary is all (on both our parts).

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            No, the truth is that I had a hard on for Ford because of some fit and finish issues they were having at a particular time (TTAC had a series of articles highlighting poor assembly quality on some Lincoln & Ford vehicles), and because I’ve had several really bad experiences with three separate Ford Dealerships in the past, and knowing that you’re particularly fond of Ford, I trolled you to get a reaction.

            I never recall personally insulting you, but specifically seeking out your comments to troll you re Ford was immature and bad enough.

            That’s the truth and I’ll own it.

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            I get that. Sure, the assembly quality of the Edge could be better, and up until recently, Lincoln was treated as a redheaded step child.

            There are Ford’s I absolutely dislike, even today. But, over the years I have found the products I owned to be pretty good considering their age/mileage/price. Like my 1995 for example. At 229k, I trust it explicitly (part of that comes from being very familiar with this particular car).

            A Wind/Freestar, Freestyle, Escort/Focus 2.0L SPI, 4.0 SOHC IRS Explorer/Mountaineer or a 4.2L V-6 F-150 with 100K less miles each? I’d be calling around to see what scrap prices are today.

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      Big Al from Oz

      May Santa give you a Caddy for Xmas.

      Merry Christmas mate and keep up the good work.

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      Compaq Deskpro

      Your 5th paragraph explains my exact rationale for getting a tattoo of the Yamaha tuning forks symbol on my arm 2 weeks ago. I’ve never heard anyone put the love of things mechanical into words better than you just have. I’m glad there is somebody else in this world who gets it. Now I can understand where the rage against GM comes from. You don’t hate Cadillac or their BMW knockoffs. You hate the incompetence of those sullying the legacy of the mechanical perfection of the 1996 Fleetwood, or the 2002 Escalade. That was a hell of a post, thank you for that, and Merry Christmas.

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      Early in my carrer a peer said I was just a worker bee and would never rise to the top. I was offended at the time, but I am okay with it now. I am a worker bee but I am also talented at what I do, enjoy the work and take a lot of pride in doing a job well done.

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    Merry Christmas to all (and I mean all). Hope you each enjoy the time with your families and loved ones.

    By the way, I drove a Kia Amanti today.

    Lou, 28, etc: discuss.

    90% the ride of a Town Car with somewhat better driving dynamics, and easier to get into parking spots and such. Does not corner well lol.

    But, what its supposed to do, it did well. It was quiet. It had one of the most absorbent suspensions I’ve experienced in a long time. The rear seat is spacious and comfortable. As was the drivers seat, despite the inoperative lumbar support.

    The 3.5L V-6 and 5AT performed well. No hiccups or issues. I put the car through its paces (a few WOT runs), nary a hint of hesitation or anything.

    some trim inside has wear (arm rests, front leather) but isn’t too bad.

    Clear coat peeling ever so slightly only on the driver side doors below the windows. Everywhere else looks good.

    Air bag warning lamp is on. Airbags look original, and the car lines up extremely well for a 10 year old Korean car. No sign of collision, clean title history, I suspect the light could be triggered by a sensor or backup power supply failure.
    The tachometer didn’t work. Everything else did (gauges, front/rear HVAC, power windows/locks/roof etc).

    This isn’t a personal car, the idea is to use it for Uber. Yes, I could drive an Aveo/Versa/Reno or other cheap car and save gas. But, it would kill my back and I doubt I’d be able to do it very long. If it kills my back after 3 hours, I’m wasting time even trying to make money.

    The Amanti is supremely comfortable in both front and back. The ride is smooth. Its very quiet, and it has rear doors like a Town Car (tall, no “four-door-coupé” styling like on the Grand Prix, Cadenza, etc), made for easy ingress/egress. This car was designed to drive Korean executives around in, and I think that makes it a perfect Uber car.

    It has 118k miles. He is asking $2500 but if I can’t get it for less than $2k, I’ll get something else. Should find out soon.

    I plan to replace the timing belt, water pump, and probably crank position sensor since it’s somewhat common to fail, and its buried under all that. Meaning just as sure as I ignore it, it will throw a code a week later, Murphy’s laws being what they are and all.

    You guys should be aware, my budget is thin. I don’t have $10k to buy a nice Avalon or LaCrosse, or even a Taurus (full size) or decent 300.

    The Amanti seems to provide the most bang for the buck. This is a car to be whored out for Uber, not to be pampered and loved as some treasured classic that will be tarnished by heavy use. Its really like a FWD Crown Vic, lol.

    Other cars I’m considering include Chevy Impala and Malibu. Any Fusion, Accord, 300/Charger or other popular decent car will be highly raggedy with high miles by the time it falls into my price range. I want to find something under $2,500 for now, I’ll upgrade later when I feel like I am able to do it enough to justify it.

    Uber appeals to me because with my physical issues, I can’t work a normal 9-5 job. I end up calling in a couple days out of the week, and I don’t expect them to hire me knowing I’ll be unreliable through no fault of my own. With Uber, I may work when I’m able, and no “calling in” when I can’t. It seems like a good solution to me.

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      No panther?

      • 0 avatar

        Sorry for the double post

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        No Panther love here.
        As soft and wallowy as the Amanti is, its still a better drive than my parent’s (no longer owned) 2008 Grand Marquis.

        The only Panther I would really consider would be a Town Car, and its very unlikely I will find one new enough under $3k with under 300k on the clock.

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      The Kia is probably fine. Something like this was my first thought though:

      Volvos are generally known for their comfort which should help your back and this is a naturally-aspirated I5 from an engine family that debuted in 1990 so I’d expect it’s fairly reliable and doesn’t stress the transmission much.

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        P2 S60 for “fleet” use? That’s a negatory good buddy!

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        I have driven a Volvo like you speak of, but I’m forced to agree with 28. Maintenance/repairs will KILL me. Any Volvo under $2500 is a ticking time bomb unless its an old 240 or something. Gotta be 2005 or newer in my area, but I limited my search to 2006 and up. Lyft requires 2008+, and that is strictly Suzuki Daewoo or other $hitty car territory. I won’t be taking home a Forenza or a 286k mile rental-spec Chevy Classic any time soon unless its damn-near free.

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      I heard decent things about the Amanti from consumers but never heard anything from professionals and I personally do not have an opinion on it having never sampled it. I do remember reading its styling was trying to ape the then new Jag S-Type which seems to be true based on looking at it. When I worked in the business (mid 00s) we avoided KIA and Suzuki like the plague, and the folks I knew seldom bought Hyundai for their lots (although Santa Fe was popular then as third tier SUV for the credit challenged). The Amanti pulls surprisingly high for a discontinued model, and one broke 200K in SoCal so maybe you’re on to something… although a 500K mile Panther this is not IMO. I’d also recommend you do a cost benefit analysis on being an Uber drive and then divide your results by both per hour and per mile. Uber AFAIK takes 25% which is far to high IMO and ages out its “fleet” which is why it will be impotent to sit down and crunch the numbers in advance. Panther works in fleet because wearable parts are ridiculously cheap and the model has an expected lifespan of many hundreds of thousands of miles. The ceiling on this is 200K and you’re at 118 with only X years of eligible Uber service and what do tires/brakes/seals/belts/pumps cost on this?

      MY08 KIA Amanti

      12/01/16 Manheim Albany Regular $4,000 49,320 Avg Burgundy 6G A Yes
      11/23/16 Manheim Central Florida Lease $4,800 78,565 Avg Gray 6G A Yes
      12/01/16 Manheim Cincinnati Regular $3,300 84,542 Avg Beige 6G A Yes
      12/14/16 Manheim New Mexico Regular $3,900 87,971 Avg Gray 6G A Yes
      12/13/16 Manheim Orlando Regular $5,000 87,978 Avg White 6G A Yes
      12/07/16 Manheim Lakeland Regular $5,300 89,930 Above Gray 6G A Yes
      12/14/16 Manheim Lakeland Lease $3,600 100,280 Avg Beige 6G A Yes
      12/13/16 Manheim Dallas Regular $3,600 105,060 Avg Beige 6G A Yes
      12/22/16 Manheim Tampa Lease $1,600 158,792 Below White 6G A Yes
      12/15/16 Manheim Chicago Regular $400 181,310 Below Gray 6G Yes

      MY04 KIA Amanti

      11/23/16 Manheim San Diego Regular $400 89,322 Below White 6G A Yes
      12/07/16 Manheim San Francisco Bay Regular $400 91,292 Below Silver 6G A Yes
      11/23/16 Manheim New York Regular $1,500 92,900 Above Silver 6G A Yes
      12/06/16 Manheim Baltimore-Washington Regular $900 98,128 Avg Silver 6G A Yes
      12/15/16 Manheim Phoenix Lease $500 111,271 Avg Black 6G A Yes
      12/15/16 Manheim Phoenix Regular $900 131,473 Avg Black 6G A Yes
      11/29/16 Manheim Baltimore-Washington Regular $1,000 144,346 Avg White 6G A Yes
      12/06/16 Manheim Denver Regular $300 156,849 Below Blue 6G A Yes
      12/08/16 Manheim Omaha Regular $1,000 157,972 Avg White 6G A Yes
      12/15/16 Manheim Texas Hobby Regular $600 169,608 Avg Silver 6G A Yes
      12/07/16 Manheim Kansas City Regular $500 178,887 Avg Silver 6G A Yes
      12/20/16 Manheim Atlanta Regular $1,200 182,167 Above Silver 6G A Yes
      12/13/16 Manheim Central Florida Regular $800 190,410 Avg White 6G A Yes
      12/22/16 Manheim Southern California Regular $600 217,373 Avg Black 6G A Yes

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        Thanks 28!

        I have weighed it against the Panther, and after my drive yesterday, I have no more indecision: I would rather spend all day behind the wheel of the Amanti.

        Call me spoiled on unibody and/or FWD, but I can’t stand the seating position and the way a Crown Vic/G.Marquis drives. Its so ponderous that I subconsciously tense up in order to (try to) control my body from being tossed around, and this is a recipe for disaster. I will illustrate: I am not easily prone to tears, but I don’t mind sharing with you all that I once totally broke down in such agony after driving the 08 G.Marquis all day. I had to pull over and let someone else drive. I’ve never had it that bad. My Isuzu Trooper was rough and such, but it didn’t do that to me, ever.

        Back to the Amanti:

        The styling, oh yes. I’d already decided I like how its a mockery of itself and other would-be luxury cars. Since personalized plates are only $35-40 more, I plan to get “KIABENZ” for it. No, sir, it is not a Mercedes-Benz, its a Kia-Benz. Lol (It resembles some 90s M-B cars too.)
        I figure humor isn’t the worst way to break the ice, and I’m sure my riders will agree that it beats the hell out of a Cobalt or Sebring for room, NVH and comfort most of all.

        That said, the Korean market Opirus had a different grille, and it is downright classy. You know I gots to haz it. But, that will be after I’ve started making regular money.

        Fuel mileage won’t be stellar, I’m sure. 20-25 mpg probably. That’s okay, I paid $1.99 yesterday and that was the highest I’ve paid in months (no choice but to use a Chevron in the middle of nowhere on the highway). It was higher in some places, but the Amanti takes 87 and I think it will be worth it for the increased room/comfort, especially for yours truly.

        I do plan to study and analyze, but the goal here isn’t only to make money. But, I’m sure I will profit *some* after paying what I spent acquiring the car and servicing it.

        Using it this way will wear out the car, I realize that. But, its a disposable Kia, not an S-Class or 745iL. Use it like tissue paper: get all you can out of it, then chunk it and get something else when its done for.
        I will maintain it, but I am not worried about getting $1800 for it in two years instead of $1200, because if it hasn’t made me money (by being used steadily) in that time, then what’s the point? It served its purpose and *whatever* I get for it will just be gravy at that point.

        I think that’s another reason why only spending this much at this time is wise. If it doesn’t pay off, I haven’t risked too much, and at least I tried.

        Say I’m great at it, but it appears the Kia won’t hold up, I will find something else that costs more at that time because I will know it will pay for itself.

        I would absolutely love a C-Max for this job (in theory). I need to spend some time in one, but it seems ideal: plenty of room, cheap for what it is, and of course impeccable fuel economy coupled with low maintenance.

        Remember, my goal is more than making money. I have no delusions about becoming a rich and famous Uber driver, LMAO, but it should give me *some* income and, almost more importantly, something constructive I can do that won’t exacerbate my medical problems (its more than just a bad back, but it is all of a physical nature, and a lot of it contributes to my back pain).

        The Amanti has one new tire and three iffy tires. I was already thinking of “downgrading” to more durable steel wheels, although I will paint them silver, clear coat them, and dress them with chrome garnish: KIA center cap, acorn style lug nuts, and of course beauty rings. I think it will give it a “ye olde worlde” luxury look. I found a complete set of 16″ steelies from a 2007 Optima with like new matching tires for $150. Its worth it for the tires alone IMO. I will take the one new tire off the Amanti wheel and put it on my RR Taurus wheel (other three on the Taurus are new as of last month, or like-new). Same sizes all around, very convenient!

        • 0 avatar

          Np. Still, crunch those numbers. I’m not sure what MY you’re looking at but those 08s are pricey for what they are IMO, then factor in you will only get X years between your MY and MY05 to even operate on the network. The price I was quoted on tires was $70/apiece for like 18565R15s which I imagine this thing takes (or something similar). In heavy use how many tires will you go through? Brakes? Fluids? I found an estimate of 29 cents a mile operating costs at 2.80 gas and 10K oil changes:

          “So far I estimate my vehicle running costs to be .7 + .01 + .01 + .20 = $0.29 mile”

          You might drive four miles on a 5.00 fare, and Uber takes their 25% off the top (1.25). Then factor in repairs. Think on it and good luck.

          • 0 avatar

            The Kia is likely fine and I think you’ve got a good plan on what parts to replace, even preemptively.

            I know it had a “mocking Benz” styling but it also had a strong hint of Jaguar in the “face” of the vehicle.

            Put a leaping cat above the grille.

          • 0 avatar

            I read it was a 20% cut, perhaps like vehicle m/y requirements, it varies by area?

            I am sorry I neglected to mention the Amanti I’m looking at (indeed, the oldest m/y I’m considering) is a 2006. That should give me two years of compliance before I’ll either upgrade or end my illustrious career as a rideshare driver.

            The Amanti/Opirus got a redesign in 2007, and the newer design commands more money right now as you have discovered. It then used the somewhat better 3.8L Lambda V-6 but the same (to my knowledge) 5AT. I like the improved rear styling, but the interior I’m less than pleased with. More grey plastic, less wood. The radio looks more difficult to replace than the double DIN in the 2006.

            I planned to buy a nice touch screen to interface with my phone so I may use the app on a larger, fixed screen. This can of course be removed when I go to sell the car, so its not like buying the timing belt, etc.

            I have priced wear items, including the timing belt kit (w/w.pump), crank position sensor, plugs, wires, filters, etc. including probable labor for the stuff I can’t do. I watched YouTube videos of light repairs/maintenance, it seems like something I can mostly deal with on my own. I may let a shop tackle the timing belt/w.pump/crank sensor.

            Prices and accessibility was pretty much inline with contemporary cars. Maybe higher than an Impala (esp. with no timing belt) but probably cheaper than a V-6 Accord for example. Certainly bargain basement compared to zee Germanz.

            The most out of the norm (significantly higher priced) thing I found was new replacement headlamp units. Like any modern car, they get hazy and faded after 10 years. Except while you can get a set of headlamps for $100-200 for an Impala or Taurus or Camry, the Amanti/Opirus are going for that *each*. Hopefully headlight restorer will put the gleam back in its eyes, if not, oh well. For a car I will keep? No problem. For a “work car” in the strictest sense of the title, probably not, lol.

            In other news, I did find two parts cars. One is immaculate with 60k and not-terrible front end damage, other is whole but broken timing belt (interference design, which is why I’m going to change it right off the bat on whichever I buy unless it was recent and provable). They’re not exactly close (would take a whole day each to go get and tow here), but they’re uber (pun intended!) cheap.

            I wish the other was white like the 60k one, its incredibly clean and well cared for. Many useful pictures compared to most ads. I believe the timing belt one to be somewhat of a beater (one far-away picture and it doesn’t look good even from a fuzzy distance). The neglected timing belt serves that conclusion as well.

            I don’t have the money to buy them now, but it just goes to show I may not go broke keeping it going for a couple years with a fresh service and mileage under 120k starting out. Used and reasonably priced new parts don’t seem to be too scarce, sexy new headlamps notwithstanding.

            As mentioned, the tires are to be replaced with nearly new ones right away as well. They are 16″, not 15″, its an incredibly common size used by Optima, 00+ Taurus/Sable, Camry, Sonata, Altima, the more modern W bodies, etc. Excellent condition used tires tend to pop up for cheap. Its an Uber whore, nothing but the best will do! Ha, Ballin’ on a Budget indeed.

            I know my cost per mile would be far better (until the CVT $hits the bed) in an 06 Altima 2.5S or a B/C sized car. My contention is I won’t be able to do the job due to the discomfort and pain.

            I drove my friend’s newer (not brand new) Altima a number of times, as well as a Versa. I wouldn’t last two days,in them. I can’t imagine a Dodge Avenger under $2500 will be more reliable than a lower mileage Kia, and more comfy, if any, than a Nissan.

            As I said before, maybe an Impala (Lucurne, LaCrosse) would probably do, just certainly have higher mileage, more cosmetic issues and less opulence (lol of course I really mean downgraded ride quality, NVH, features, etc).

            The freakin’ Amanti has a rear-adjustment climate control and a power point built into the rear of the front console. The rear arm rest has an enclosed console big enough for 4 (+/-) bottles of water, with two built-in cup holders ahead of that. Its tailored to this type of job. Not to mention the many-adjustable-way heated front seats and quietness a W body could only dream of…before being jarred awake by a bridge expansion joint. I can’t imagine a car that, for the money, delivers all that yet offers something I’m missing.

          • 0 avatar

            @Dan, “KIA-JAG” license plate works. ;)

            thanks and merry Christmas to both you guys!

          • 0 avatar

            If the passengers ask: “What car is this?”

            Reply: “Why this car is simply the most reliable Jaguar in existence.”

          • 0 avatar

            Dan, I literally LOL’d.

            How ’bout “KIAGUAR”?

            Nahh, lol I think KIA-JAG will do.

          • 0 avatar


            I kinda want one now too just so I can import the correct Korean grille and mount a leaper on the hood.


            “I know my cost per mile would be far better (until the CVT $hits the bed) in an 06 Altima 2.5S or a B/C sized car.”

            Bad juju those, esp in that period. Steer clear.

          • 0 avatar
            Big Al From 'Murica

            Dammit John my Ford brother, see my above to Deadweight. I ain’t got time to read Moby Dick in the comments. piffy dammit…piffy. Dammit John buy a Fusion. I ain’t got time for all this tomfoolery.

        • 0 avatar

          @28 re: Altima, I see them like I do Sonata/Optima, Caliber, Jetta/Beetle and SO many PT Cruisers: Super cheap, not bad miles/condition, but major drivetrain issues.

          • 0 avatar

            Speak of one of the devils, while looking up near where my “2nd family” lives:

            (In case its gone: late 00s Kia Optima, 130k miles, engine knocks)

          • 0 avatar

            John, I’m not trolling you with this advice: Consider a 2004 to 2006 model year Ford Taurus.

            It will likely be more reliable than that Kia, cheaper to repair in the event something goes wrong, there’s an absolute abundance of inexpensive parts for them, and according to a friend of mine who is an auto wholesaler, the 2004-2006 MY Tauruses are the most cheaply priced vehicles at auction, even in good condition with relatively low miles.

          • 0 avatar

            DW, I dropped those from my list for two reasons:

            1) their ownership histories (rentals, then no-credit buyer who drove the crap out of it without ever poping the hood) leads what I find in my price range relegated to beater status much more often than not. Body damaged, ripped off interior trim, mechanical nightmare due to little if any maintenance/care.

            2) torque converter failure. Not if, when. I do not have the ability to repair this myself.

            I do trust its engine, and aside from the stripping torque converter from that era, the AX4N was pretty reliable by that point. They are safe, decent driving cars.

            I suppose IF I found a super clean 06-07 SEL loaded with low miles, I would consider it. Its just risky to me, so the car would have to really “wow” me to get my name on its title.

          • 0 avatar

            Back in that era a lot of those rental Taurii went to the dealer as program cars when they had less than 12k miles. From there a lot of them went to older frugal people who are likely to have it dealer maintained by the book and not rack up a lot of miles. So the chances aren’t that bad to find the car that has the torque converter replaced already and a stack receipts for every oil change and anything else ever done to the car.

            The other place to look for well maintained end of generation Taurii are at WA has a steady stream of them that rarely break $2000 for a well maintained unit with around 100k on it. Sure there are some stinkers, usually pool vehicles that have lots of stains, dings and scrapes.

            The nice thing about the WA state owned vehicles is that they always replace tires and brakes at or before they reach 4/32″ So you know you’ve got some time before those items absolutely need attention, and they will do things like replace all the tires and/or brakes 3-5,000 miles before sending them to surplus.

            Of course there are lots of other outlets for gov’t cars. Definitely worth looking into what is available in your area. See if you can find which agencies have the highest standards and will give access to the records.

          • 0 avatar


            I wish I was in the PNW buying a car. Its a Mecca for clean, no rust/damaged vehicles that are reasonably priced.

            Down here in the Dirty South, every 06/07 Taurus I see looks to have been used to within an inch of its life. I can’t go to auctions due to no dealer license, and I don’t buy from dealers unless I can’t help it. That leaves private party, and by the time most cars trickle down to my price range, they look twice their age and/or need major repair.

            The Amanti I drove was not like this. It had wear and tear on some interior surfaces (driver’s door pull, armrest leather, just minor little stuff) but on the whole, it looked and drove very well.

            I’m going to offer $1800 I believe.

      • 0 avatar

        Oh, in my Amanti searches, I found one in Georgia with like 235k, “runs/drives great”. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t rebuilt and repaired fiftyleven times, but I take it that its a decent car if cared for.

        I don’t get that feeling with Optima/Sonata of the late 2000s era. I find many with “needs engine” and “runs but knocks” for little of nothing. These are I-4 models. Its a shame because I think the 2007ish Optima and contemporary Sonata are unusually handsome for a Korean car. The Sonata looks as clean as a 98-02 Accord IMO. Too bad it doesn’t hold up or drive like one.

    • 0 avatar
      Big Al From 'Murica

      Dammit John my Ford brother, see my above to Deadweight. I ain’t got time to read Moby Dick in the comments. piffy dammit…piffy.

      • 0 avatar

        Al, there are Fusions on y list.

        Unfortunately, they’re usually high mileage and/or in “well-used” condition (dents, scrapes, stains, just lots of crap like that).

        If I could afford a 2008+ Taurus, I would go for that. I don’t trust the Five Hundred’s transaxle offerings.

    • 0 avatar

      Note: I mentioned one of the parts cars had a broken timing belt. I was mistaken. It does have engine issues but I guess I was thinking of a different car. I just didn’t want you guys thinking I did that on purpose, because that certainly isn’t it. I have no reason to lie. Lol.

      Hope you all had a great Christmas.

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    Thomas Kreutzer

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone. Let’s hope that 2017 brings everything we desire, not comeuppance we need.

    • 0 avatar

      Merry Christmas- will we see you try your hand at a Sunday Story in 2017, now that they’re back on again?

    • 0 avatar

      Thank you, Thomas. Well expressed. To you as well!

    • 0 avatar

      Come back and post sometime! If nothing else I want a Japan Van update.

    • 0 avatar


      Miss your posts! One request before you return. Please do an investigative report on the used JDM component export business. How many miles are truly on these vehicles before they part them out? Is this a mom and pop enterprise or are big players in this business? For those of us who want to keep their beloved vehicles running forever can we put our trust in this parts channel?

      I put in an JDM engine into my Previa 30k miles ago and so far so good. Just wondering.


  • avatar

    Merry Christmas!

  • avatar
    Adam Tonge

    Happy Festivus to everyone.


    Welcome, new comers. The tradition of Festivus begins with the airing of grievances. I got a lot of problems with you people! And now you’re gonna hear about it!

  • avatar

    Merry Christmas to all of the TTAC writer’s and B&B. I’ve been reading this site since close to the beginning and seen a lot of changes, but I keep coming back due to the current editorial staff and all of the insight from the B&B, so thank you for that.

    Hopefully Santa sees fit to leave a C-Max in your driveway.

    As we know, C-Max is always the correct answer to every car need.

    • 0 avatar
      Adam Tonge

      “As we know, C-Max is always the correct answer to every car need.”

      This is a good opinion

      • 0 avatar

        No, it’s a proven fact. :)

        • 0 avatar
          Adam Tonge


          I can’t argue that. Especially since I drive one everyday.

          • 0 avatar

            Merry Holidays and Happy Year That Is New to all!

            Now…Brett and Adam…youse guys got to tell me all about those C-Maxes. Have on my radar after driving a manual/diesel in Europe, but no experience with the hybrid.

            How’s reliability? Any feel for its winter capabilities (you might not live in the snowbelt)? Can an adult human sit comfortably on what appear to be very low rear seat cushions?

          • 0 avatar
            Adam Tonge

            I own a 2013 C-Max Hybrid with 60K miles. As far as reliability goes, mine has been perfect. If you drive it in the snow, I recommend winter tires. Luckily, a set of 15″ steelies with winter tires only costs $500 or so for the C-Max. I’ve had adults sit in the back seat with no complaints. It is easy to get in and out of the rear seat too.

          • 0 avatar

            The Ford C-Max has been on the Church’s recommended “buy” list for some time.

          • 0 avatar

            2013s and some 2014s had “electrical issues,” primarily software bugs causing 12 volt battery drain. there were a number of TSBs released for those so as long as one has had the updates performed it should be fine.

          • 0 avatar

            Can’t speak to reliability. Mine (an Energi) has been fine. But it’s only got 8 months and 5,000 miles on it, so it should be. In general, the Ford 2.0 hybrid powertrain has achieved excellent results, almost Prius-like. But the rest of the car, well, it’s a Ford.

            I don’t live in the snow belt, but it’s a FWD car with narrow tires and not too much power, so wearing snows I’d think it would be great.

            The back seat is fine for height and legroom for adults (remember that the floor is very low), but not tremendously comfortable because it’s hard and stiff. The front seats are pretty good.

            Best things about the car:
            – Hybrid or partial electric motoring that feels much more refined and less econoboxy than a Prius.
            – Plenty of room at all four seating positions with a small footprint. Packaging of the passenger area is excellent.
            – Some willingness to turn (although at 3850 lbs for the Energi the weight doesn’t help).
            – Consistent 90-95 mpg in our usage, with cheap and clean Northwest hydropower making up the difference.
            – Sync 3 + Sony are pretty good infotainment for this price point and class of car.

            Worst things about it:
            – Battery takes up half the cargo area. Two rollaboards won’t fit under the cargo cover. The battery for the Hybrid is much less intrusive.
            – No *#[email protected]% memory seats even though it has all available options. Both of us drive it all the time so this is a significant annoyance.
            – Atrocious battery performance in the cold. 19 miles advertised range, accurate when it’s warm, turns into 10 or so.
            – Factory low-rolling-resistance tires have the grip and ride of shopping cart wheels.

          • 0 avatar

            Awesome guys, thanks for the C-Max reviews! Brett, ironically enough I just came across a CL listing for an 09 2.5 Sportwagen at a very reasonable price. I had a TDI Sportwagen until I sold it 4 years ago — got into the TDI due to Cash-for-Clunkering my E34 540i. Diesel powerplant was great, but I would be fine with the dumbed-down and reliable 2.5. But I digress. The C-Max really seems to have the right form factor, and seems like a great place to go from the Sportwagen.

          • 0 avatar
            Adam Tonge

            I looked at a Sportwagen before I purchased my C-Max. I was burned by VW reliability in the past, and I couldn’t justify spending $5000+ more on the TDI Sportwagen.

        • 0 avatar

          Miata sits alone in the corner, trying desperately to hold back the tears, so no one will know how much this hurts.

          • 0 avatar

            You sure it’s not the Fiata?

          • 0 avatar

            dingram01 – Hopefully Adam or dal20402 will reply to your questions. I don’t own one yet, but am strongly considering one to replace my Sportwagen. Adam and dal are two of the people I know of that actually own one.

          • 0 avatar
            Big Al From 'Murica

            I’ve owned 2 Miatae to include a Mazdaspeed. I’d own a third if the mofo could outrun a minivan. That’s right, the Miata is one ecoboost away from greatness. I love Mazda and my Miata is second in the pantheon of cars I’ve owned only to an e30 BMW but God man, why can’t they give it a motor. Some of us want to go fast in the corners and the straights and not be dragged by Town and Country’s.

      • 0 avatar
        Big Al from Oz

        No Adam, a diesel Colorado dual cab 4×4 is the solution ;)

        • 0 avatar
          Adam Tonge


          Merry Christmas Al. Actually, I would like a Colorado dual cab diesel 4×4, but the $38,000 MSRP is too rich for my blood.

          • 0 avatar

            What is the diesel in those?

          • 0 avatar
            Adam Tonge

            2.8L I4 turbo diesel.

          • 0 avatar
            Big Al from Oz

            I would wait for the Ranger 3.2 diesel or Frontier, especilly if it comes with the little Cummins.

            Merry Xmas Adam.

          • 0 avatar
            Adam Tonge

            A diesel Bronco or TrailBlazer would probably get my money.

            I’m already looking for a GMT330 for my driveway. I prefer the Jimmy or Bravada.

          • 0 avatar

            How about a V-6 diesel F-150? Just to wave the flag at our pals down unda.


          • 0 avatar

            It is on it’s way and the new US Ranger and the return of the Bronco, are being developed by Ford Australia

          • 0 avatar
            Adam Tonge

            Diesel F150 should happen during the mid cycle refresh or before. The Bronco has a team working on it in Dearborn, but the design may be similar to the current Ranger/Everest. I’m getting a lot of mixed info. Some say retro look. Some say international design, others say international design now, retro after a few years.

          • 0 avatar

            @Adam Tonge
            According To Mark Fields, he was recently in Australia, to open new development facilities for the Bronco and Ranger,.
            Dearborn is not working on these projects at all. When it comes to producing the once pts in the US Different story

            “Of the $500 million announced, $50 million will be spent expanding Ford’s Broadmeadows campus, reports News Corps, including the addition of a new design studio. The other $450 million will go toward research and development projects, securing the jobs of Ford’s 1,500 Australian employees.
            That workforce is large enough to make Ford the biggest automotive employer in the country after Toyota and General Motors’ Holden brand shutter their respective manufacturing plants late in 2017. Asked why Australia was selected as an integral part of the automaker’s product development plans, Fields said “it’s crucial to us globally… and our investment shows we want Australia to shoulder a bigger part of our product development efforts around the world.”
            News Corp Australia says that the investment lends credibility to reports that Australia will continue to be responsible for the mid-size Ford Ranger pickup as it enters its next generation and reportedly returns to the US market. Alongside the new Ranger, a brand-new Ford Bronco SUV built on the same platform is also expected to bow.

            Read more:“

          • 0 avatar

            @ Robert Ryan, again with the Australian take that CAD Monkey = Designer. Dearborn does have people working on the Bronco and Ranger, the actual designers who set the actual specifications and overall design language. That then gets sent down under for the Monkeys to put it in CAD.

          • 0 avatar

            Nearly a 3.0L I4? Interesting.

          • 0 avatar
            Big Al From 'Murica

            If there is a mid cycle diesel F150 I promise to say on the internet how great it is and not trade in my 2.7EB for one. But it will be an internet hero and Ford is sure to sell tens of them.

          • 0 avatar

            The “Monkeys” are in Dearborn, otherwise the whole deal would be done in the US. Why redesign a vehicle destined for the US in Australia?
            No the Australian workforce is not cheaper,but has vastly more experience with non NA requirements as well as NA reqirements
            Dearborn is very very limited in their understanding of what non NA Requirements

          • 0 avatar

            OMG like totally look at these white boys:


            “Oi loves bro stink!”

          • 0 avatar
            Adam Tonge

            Ugh, this again Robert…

            I know people working on the Bronco in Dearborn. Just stop. And your statement about Dearborn not having experience with non-NA products is also completely false.

          • 0 avatar

            @ Robert Ryan, listen to Adam. The Bronco is for the US market primarily, if they can sell it elsewhere too then all the better, but it’s performance in the US will be the definition of it’s success or failure. Since the most important market is the US Dearboarn is the lead.

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    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all the TTAC crew!

  • avatar

    Merry Christmas to all, even if your not christian I send good feelings your way, feel free to send back some beer to this irishman, I really feud w no one here but I will throw out a heartfelt message for BTSR and DW the two I have engaged the most, since it is the holiday season I will not wish a caddy on you DW and BTSR I miss your rants, they were interesting if nothing else, I am sure he is racing under a assumed name like NORTHSTAR. Oh and the FCA fan boys I may be a little hard on you, I get it you like the FCA DNA you can not help it, I really understand I drive a VW and a SAAB so I get it. To all you do not believe in a higher being- Have a nice day.

    • 0 avatar

      May the road rise to meet you.
      May the wind be always at your back.
      May the sun shine warm upon your face.
      And rains fall soft upon your fields.
      And until we meet again,
      May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.

      May the Irish hills caress you.
      May her lakes and rivers bless you.
      May the luck of the Irish enfold you.
      May the blessings of Saint Patrick behold you.

      May God be with you and bless you,
      May you see your children’s children,
      May you be poor in misfortune, rich in blessings.
      May you know nothing but happiness
      From this day forward.

      May God grant you many years to live,
      For sure He must be knowing
      The earth has angels all too few
      And heaven is overflowing.

      May peace and plenty be the first
      To lift the latch to your door,
      And happiness be guided to your home
      By the candle of Christmas.

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    bumpy ii

    Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, Three Kings’ Day, etc.

    I’ll leave you with a 4-cylinder engine suitable for luxurious motoring:

  • avatar
    Corey Lewis

    I extend a pointy olive branch to all the people who apparently have an Encore as a parent, who were so deeply insulted when I ragged on their Mama Encore.

    There there, it’s okay.

  • avatar

    Merry Christmas to all. Even sportyaccord who seems to misunderstand my defence of Mazda when it is warranted. I will aim to be clearer in my intent next year.

  • avatar
    SCE to AUX

    Here’s an olive branch to all the Tesla haters out there: ~~~~~{.

    Your thoughtful comments have tempered my feelings about that company.

    My ICE feels your pain. If my future Model 3 is a lemon, I’ll join you.

  • avatar

    Merry Christmas to all!

    A Festivus for the Rest of us!

  • avatar

    Have an enjoyable Saturnalia. A Happy Christmas. And, a fun New Year’s celebration. Enjoy life to the fullest! And, cherish family and friends during this wonderful time of the year!

    • 0 avatar
      Big Al From 'Murica

      Saturnalia was a sale similar to Toyotathon at GM’s greatest departed division.

      • 0 avatar

        That’s interesting. It makes sense, though, I guess, that they’d use this term to help advertise an annual sales event.

        I always liked the first generation Saturns. I can still remember the first time I saw one on the road. Actually, over the course of several months, I saw it every Saturday and Sunday morning while I was driving home after working the weekend night shift (at the time, I assumed the owner of the Saturn must have a weekend daytime job).

  • avatar

    Merry Whatever-the-Hell-You-are-Celebrating;

    Mark posted about extending olive branches.

    My apologize to every member of the Grammar Police who pick apart my occasional mistakes. Yes I am a member of the education community but in my defense I was never an English/Language Arts teacher and I’m writing this crap for the B&B, not the school board.

    For anyone who is offended by my occasional coarse language (Jesus-tap-dancing-Christ)… well “Sorry not sorry.”

    For those I have disagreed with or who have disagreed with me and saying one good thing: You are here aren’t you? We don’t need an echo chamber we need robust discussion so continue to disagree as civilly as possible.

    General “Buck” Turgidson: Uh, we’re, still trying to figure out the meaning of that last phrase, sir.

    President Merkin Muffley: There’s nothing to figure out, General Turgidson. This man is obviously a psychotic.

    General “Buck” Turgidson: We-he-ell, uh, I’d like to hold off judgement on a thing like that, sir, until all the facts are in.

    • 0 avatar
      SCE to AUX

      My daughter is a schoolteacher and can’t spell, either. I’m the rare engineer who *can* spell, and I’m surrounded by colleagues who can’t. I was raised on phonics, which I think helped.

      Oh well. I’m learning to be more interested in the message rather than the form, unless the form obscures the message.

      I always enjoy your contributions.

      • 0 avatar


        Even back as far as Windows 3.1 I immediately realized I owed a debt of gratitude to the Microsoft Word team. Even with rudimentary spell checking it was a great help to me. The “rules” of the English language were always frustrating to me simply because for nearly every rule there was some exception to be tripped up on.

        • 0 avatar

          Dan, I thought you taught English as a 2nd language and were in special education, so wouldn’t you almost be an English teacher?

          • 0 avatar

            @Bob, no Sir. I was an Social Studies/History Teacher. ELL (English Language Learner) has been and remains a big part of what I do but that has less to do with those students who “don’t speak English” and the gap between colloquial English and academic English.

            I have had to make many modifications/accommodations over the years for students with special needs but was not a Special Education Teacher. I have nothing but great love and admiration for those who teach Special Education students and do it well. I am fortunate that I have been able to hire two gentlemen who are very good at it. One of whom has very deep roots in the community – that is helpful in the support we try to give families.

  • avatar

    From the Rocket City, I wish each of you the very best this Christmas. Whether you believe in the birth of Christ (as I do) or Santa Claus (which, I do as well!) or none of the above and simply enjoy time spent with family and friends, take this time to reflect on what was and look forward to what is yet to come. I know TTAC will continue to lead the effort to educate, enlighten and yes, entertain.

  • avatar

    I’ve no significant beefs…I find your oft time eclectic perspective on cars refreshing.


  • avatar

    Merry Christmas, Mark (and everyone).

  • avatar



    This time of year it is important to remember that many are decidedly not having joy and happiness and worse they often feel they’re the problem because the TV Et Al is always saying ” ! BE OF GOOD CHEER ! ” when in fact many have serious issues that feel overwhelming .

    Take a moment to talk to someone you know who’s alone or having a rough go at this time .

    It costs you nothing and might help a lot .

    Suicides Peak at this time due to cabin fever and the pressure of the holidays, loss of loved one etc.

    Compassion is a good thing , spread some please .


  • avatar

    Okay, guys, something different. Suitable if you’re bored today lol.

    As most of you know, I tend to spend my spare time looking at cars I find interesting on craigslist. Its not feasible to get most of them, but they caught my eye for one reason or another. Some for parts (the floor cars esp) others for repair and/or restoration/modification. Some are just super clean examples that I know someone else would love, even if I don’t.

    Some you see super cheap probably have issues but are worth the price in parts or to repair. The $2500 2010 Camry, for example, has a failed automatic transaxle (@130k miles!). Others may be with a specific person or job in mind (the Transit Connect). Most are under $2,000 though I did expand upon that when looking for potential uber whores and special collector cars I’m into (Honda Z600 Coupe).

    Here we go, my favorites list as of today:

    have 195 favorites
    (select all)

    favorite this postDec 24 Honda prelude 2001
    $1750 (Port orchard) pic map

    favorite this postDec 24 1961 ford falcon futura
    $1750 (phx > tucson) pic map

    favorite this postDec 24 64 F-350 with flatbed.
    $1500 (tsc > Vance) pic map

    favorite this postDec 24 2010 Toyota Camry LE
    $2500 (bhm > BIRMINGHAM) pic map

    favorite this postDec 23 1963 ford falcon
    $500 pic map

    favorite this postDec 23 1959 Ford Pick-up
    $1800 (Elma) pic map

    favorite this postDec 23 Lincoln Town car
    $500 (ELMA) pic map

    favorite this postDec 23 Ford Transit Connect Cargo XL
    $2500 (Tukwilla) pic map

    favorite this postDec 23 1982 toyota tercel SR5 MAKE OFFER
    $1500 (oca > all Central fla) pic map

    favorite this postDec 23 1980 k5 blazer 4×4 update shifter fixed
    $1800 (spk > Spokane) pic map

    favorite this postDec 23 1997 cadillac Eldorado
    $1000 (Spanaway) pic map

    favorite this postDec 23 1960 International B-160 1 1/2 Ton
    $975 (spk > Elk,WA) pic map

    favorite this postDec 23 Mercury Milan premier 2008
    $750 (aug > Appling, GA) pic map

    favorite this postDec 23 1966 F100 4×4
    $1300 (spk > Colbert) pic map

    favorite this postDec 23 1997 Ford Explorer 5-speed 4×4
    $1000 (Tacoma) pic map

    favorite this postDec 22 1962 FORD FALCON FUTURA 2 DOOR SEDAN
    $1550 (phx > CAREFREE HIGHWAY) pic map

    favorite this postDec 22 1991 Mitsubishi Montero
    $750 (dal > 75227) pic map

    favorite this postDec 22 1979 Honda Civic CVCC
    $800 (PUYALLUP) pic map

    favorite this postDec 22 2006 kia amanti
    $950 (nor > Mandeville) pic map

    favorite this postDec 22 Ford Falcon $1,000 cash
    $1000 (seattle) pic map

    favorite this postDec 22 1968 Kaiser Jeep DJ5 RHD
    $595 (pdx > East Vancouver) pic map

    favorite this postDec 22 2010 Kia Soul does not run clean title
    $2000 (Marysville) pic map

    favorite this postDec 22 69 Ford Cortina 1600 Prpject..
    $1650 (sfo > berkeley) pic map

    favorite this postDec 22 FS: 1984 International Harvester Truck 4×4
    $1500 (Kent) pic map

    favorite this postDec 22 1999 Ford Expedition
    $500 (roy) pic map

    favorite this postDec 21 **1967 Toyota Stout Pickup**
    $1500 (eug > Eugene) pic map

    favorite this postDec 21 Packard For Sale
    $1300 (rno > sun valley) pic map

    favorite this postDec 21 Great running 1999 Honda prelude sport Coupe must-see
    $1400 (hou > Galleria) pic map

    favorite this postDec 21 2006 Scion xB – 170k miles
    $2000 (crp) pic map

    favorite this postDec 21 Vintage delivery truck
    $1500 (pdx > 97220) pic map

    favorite this postDec 21 1944 chevy truck project clear title in hand
    $500 (pdx > Ne Portland) pic map

    favorite this postDec 21 2005 Toyota Corolla Flooded for sale
    $300 (btr > Praireville) pic map

    favorite this postDec 21 1966 AMC Rambler $1,000
    $1000 (phx > Avondale) pic map

    favorite this postDec 21 1966 ford galaxie 500
    $1800 pic map

    favorite this postDec 21 Subaru Brat
    $400 (Jefferson county) pic map

    favorite this postDec 21 ((((((( 1971 honda z600 ))))
    $6500 (elp) pic map

    favorite this postDec 21 1979 olds delta
    $1200 (fre > bakersfield) pic map

    favorite this postDec 21 ++++++++++++++++205/60/16 FUZION TIRES SET OF 4 LIKE N++++++++++++++++
    $150 (pns > Pensacola) pic map

    favorite this postDec 21 Ford tempo gl 5 speed manual
    $500 (fre > Fresno) pic map

    favorite this postDec 21 1965 Ford Fairlane 500 2 door
    $2000 (aex) pic map

    favorite this postDec 21 71 GMC
    $1800 (pdx > Salem) pic map

    favorite this postDec 21 2004 G35 Coupe Bad Motor
    $1600 (nor > Chalmette) pic map

    favorite this postDec 20 1972 international
    $1800 (phx > Yuma) pic map

    favorite this postDec 20 1962 Ford Short Wide Box
    $1800 (pdx > Bend) pic map

    favorite this postDec 20 1955 International Dump Truck
    $2000 (lws > Clarkston) pic map

    favorite this postDec 20 1982 Toyota Tercel
    $500 (boi > Boise) pic map

    favorite this postDec 20 06 kia Sorrento
    $750 (gpt > Gulfport) pic map

    favorite this postDec 20 Car/parts car
    $300 (Everett) pic map

    favorite this postDec 20 2005 Ford Taurus
    $450 (nor > Kenner) pic map

    favorite this postDec 20 2004 taurus se v6 24v
    $500 pic map

    favorite this postDec 20 MECHANICS SPCL. 84 TEMPO
    $300 (boi > ontario) pic map

    favorite this postDec 19 1964 Datsun pick up
    $1200 (Port Hadlock) pic map

    favorite this postDec 19 GMC coe fuel truck/storage/pump
    $1500 (Port Hadlock) pic map

    favorite this postDec 19 77 Cadillac Coupe Deville
    $1000 (pdx) pic map

    favorite this postDec 19 1977 Chrysler New Yorker
    $1600 (phx > Arizona City) pic map

    favorite this postDec 19 1976 Ford PINTO
    $2000 (pdx > West hills) pic map

    favorite this postDec 19 1982 Toyota Tercel, 119K
    $450 (North Bend) pic map

    favorite this postDec 19 2003 z71
    $1000 (pns > Navarre) pic map

    favorite this postDec 19 06 ford escape hybrid with clean title
    $2500 (hou > Sugar land) pic map

    favorite this postDec 19 2007 Toyota Camry CE Manual Clean Title Need Engine
    $1500 (hou > S Dairy Ashford) pic map

    favorite this postDec 19 Rare 76 Toyota Corona FIRST OFFER TAKES IT
    $500 (rno > Reno) pic map

    favorite this postDec 19 1961 Ford Falcon
    $2000 (phx) pic map

    favorite this postDec 19 2006 Ford Taurus SE
    $400 (nor > Folsom) pic map

    favorite this postDec 18 1983 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Eighty-Eight 2dr
    $750 (KENT Covington) pic map

    favorite this postDec 18 1969 dodge dart
    $1300 (vps > Crestview) pic map

    favorite this postDec 18 97FORD f150 good body not running
    $500 (btr > Livingston La) pic map

    favorite this postDec 18 59 international b160
    $500 (kpr > Dayton) pic map

    favorite this postDec 18 2006 Kia Amante
    $2500 (gpt > Pascagoula) pic map

    favorite this postDec 18 International Harvester 4×4 1700 Loadstar
    $1650 (Ellensburg) pic map

    favorite this postDec 18 International Harvester 1600 4×4 truck
    $1900 (Ellensburg) pic map

    favorite this postDec 18 Must Sell! 2006 Chevy Impala Flood Vehicle
    $600 (jan > Clinton) pic map

    favorite this postDec 18 1967 ford custom classic
    $2000 (ssk) pic map

    favorite this postDec 18 1962 nova
    $1800 (aus) pic map

    favorite this postDec 18 1948 ford dually
    $1500 (kpr) pic map

    favorite this postDec 17 2 1964 Forward control Jeeps
    $1600 (boi > nampa) pic map

    favorite this postDec 17 1968 Toyota Corona
    $1200 pic map

    favorite this postDec 17 1991 Ford Escort
    $100 (gig Harbor) pic map

    favorite this postDec 17 1990 Ford Tempo GL
    $850 (Cle Elum) pic map

    favorite this postDec 17 1978 Datsun b210gx
    $1450 (vps) pic map

    favorite this postDec 17 88ford tempo
    $350 (boi > Caldwell) pic map

    favorite this postDec 16 1971 Datsun 1200
    $1600 (sfo) pic map

    favorite this postDec 16 1953 Plymouth Cranbrook
    $1000 (pdx > Banks) pic map

    favorite this postDec 16 2 1940 buicks
    $750 (pdx > lacenter wa) pic map

    favorite this postDec 16 Liftback shell
    $200 (pdx > Newberg) pic map

    favorite this postDec 16 Cool 1965 London Taxi project Austin FX4
    $1975 (gpt > Daytona Beach) pic map

    favorite this postDec 16 1984 Honda accord
    $1200 (pdx > Portland) pic map

    favorite this postDec 16 2002 kia sportage convertible 4×4 $1400 obo/trade
    $1400 (pns > Flomaton al) pic map

    favorite this postDec 15 1991 Infiniti M30 Convertible
    $795 (nor) pic map

    favorite this postDec 15 74 international travelall
    $800 (Spanaway) pic map

    favorite this postDec 15 1966 ford flatbed
    $999 (forks) pic map

    favorite this postDec 14 1969 Ford C600 ind engine
    $375 (yak) pic map

    favorite this postDec 14 1963 Ford F-100 Step Side (63 Stepside)
    $1000 (spk > Davenport) pic map

    favorite this postDec 14 1958 Ford F100 Fleetside 292 V8 man trans. Non-running winter project
    $500 (Centralia) pic map

    favorite this postDec 13 1984 Delta 88 Coupe
    $1100 (etx > Tyler) pic map

    favorite this postDec 13 1966 ford truck
    $2000 (Federalway) pic map

    favorite this postDec 13 1996 Bmw 318 ti
    $1200 (Centralia) pic map

    favorite this postDec 13 2004 Grand Prix
    $700 (nor > Avondale) pic map

    favorite this postDec 13 09 kia sportage lx
    $1500 (nor) pic map

    favorite this postDec 13 1950 DeSoto Custom Deluxe
    $1000 (pdx > Beaverton) pic map

    favorite this postDec 13 1969 Datsun 2000 Roadster
    $1200 (sfo > menlo park) pic map

    favorite this postDec 13 93 C3500 5speed
    $1700 (btr > Watson) pic map

    favorite this postDec 12 06 Chevrolet Impala LTZ
    $1500 (jan) pic map

    favorite this postDec 12 1966 Lincoln continental
    $1200 (Buckley) pic map

    favorite this postDec 12 2011 Ford crown Victoria damaged 100k miles
    $1000 (Snohomish) pic map

    favorite this postDec 12 Wrecked 99 Honda Accord LX
    $650 (lft > Crawfordsville Indiana) pic map

    favorite this postDec 12 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix
    $850 (nor > Westbank) pic map

    favorite this postDec 12 Ford sedan, studded tires, good heater, 25 – 30 mpg, only 50,000 miles
    $1295 (kpr > Walla Walla) pic map

    favorite this postDec 12 68 Toyota corona coupe
    (lax > La) pic map

    favorite this postDec 12 2006 Kia Sedona
    $1550 (btr) pic map

    favorite this postDec 12 06 kia amanti
    $700 (mob > Bay Minette) pic map

    favorite this postDec 11 2005 suzuki verona
    $800 (tacoma wa) pic map

    favorite this postDec 11 1985 Ford Tempo (For repair or parts)
    $195 (inl > Victorville, CA.) pic map

    favorite this postDec 11 2004 lincoln aviator
    $999 (nor) pic map

    favorite this postDec 10 1958 Chevy Dump Truck
    $1000 (Tacoma) pic map

    favorite this postDec 10 1962 FORD FALCON RANCHERO
    $800 (rap > BELLE FOURCHE) pic map

    favorite this postDec 10 1951 chev 1 1/2 ton
    $500 (pdx > Estacada) pic map

    favorite this postDec 9 97′ Mitsubishi Montero
    $1300 (pns > Pensacola) pic map

    favorite this postDec 9 2005 LINCOLN TOWN CAR OBO
    $599 (sat > 24514 Long Arrow, San Antonio, Texas) pic map

    favorite this postDec 9 2007 Nissan Altima coupe
    $1200 (jan) pic map

    favorite this postDec 9 2006 kia soronta
    $1800 (dhn) pic map

    favorite this postDec 8 85 Delta 88
    $500 (gpt > Angie) pic map

    favorite this postDec 8 OLD CHEV 2 TON FLATBED TRUCK
    $1200 (spk > NE SPOKANE) pic map

    favorite this postDec 8 dihautsu rocky
    $1500 (tahuya) pic map

    favorite this postDec 8 2007 FORD FUSION (NO TITLE)
    $700 (aex) pic map

    favorite this postDec 8 Clean
    $1000 (jan) pic map

    favorite this postDec 8 1966 Nissan Patrol [ utility vehicle ]
    $1000 (pns > milton) pic map

    favorite this postDec 8 Junk car for sale
    $600 (gpt) pic map

    favorite this postDec 8 1996 dodge ram 1500 cash only price firm
    $1300 (pns > Pensacola) pic map

    favorite this postDec 7 1965 mercury parklane marauder 4 door hard top
    $650 (lynnwood) pic map

    favorite this postDec 7 1966 International pickup V8 1100 Series
    $1600 (spk > lower S. Hill) pic map

    favorite this postDec 7 1998 Toyota 4-Runner SR5(Parts Vehicle)
    $950 (jan > Byram) pic map

    favorite this postDec 7 2006 Chrylser 300 hemi c
    $2000 (btr > Port Allen) pic map

    favorite this postDec 7 1981 Toyota Tercel Hatchback with Weber carb kit
    $950 (cou > Columbia) pic map

    favorite this postDec 6 1982 Honda Prelude (Barn Find)
    $1600 (phx > Litchfield park) pic map

    favorite this postDec 6 1993 FORD F150 TRUCK
    $800 (hum > PATTERSON) pic map

    favorite this postDec 6 1979 classic Saab GLE – $1850
    $1850 (pdx > Estacada) pic map

    favorite this postDec 6 97 mercury mountaineer 5.0L v8 115k. Miles
    $900 (usm) pic map

    favorite this postDec 6 1948 kaiser 4 door sedan
    $1000 (rdd > redding,ca) pic map

    favorite this postDec 6 1966 GMC TRUCK C-20 DUALLY V-6 305E 4 SPEED
    $2000 (phx > Prescott Valley) pic map

    favorite this postDec 6 1985 Honda CRX – Blown timing belt
    $500 (boi > Nampa) pic map

    favorite this postDec 5 two 1987 honda crx si
    $1595 pic map

    favorite this postDec 5 1971-72 Honda 600
    $500 (gig harbor) pic map

    favorite this postDec 5 1957 gmc truck
    (Enumclaw) pic map

    favorite this postDec 5 1983 honda accord
    $400 (pdx > Wheeler, Or.) pic map

    favorite this postDec 5 1962 Ford Flatbed Truck
    $1500 (sfo > hayward / castro valley) pic map

    favorite this postDec 5 1963 ford F250 4×4
    $2000 (rap > Eureka) pic map

    favorite this postDec 5 jeep Cherokee sport
    $500 (nor > new orleans) pic map

    favorite this postDec 5 1964 Ford
    $1500 (spk > Hayden) pic map

    favorite this postDec 4 Flooded Lexus
    $1800 (btr > Flooded) pic map

    favorite this postDec 4 Unique 2002 FORD EXPLORER 4X4
    $1875 (FOX ISLAND) pic map

    favorite this postDec 4 1978 Chevette Four Speed
    $1750 (rap) pic map

    favorite this postDec 4 ’81 Honda prelude 1 owner
    $1500 (pdx > N. Portland) pic map

    favorite this postDec 4 1966 dodge d200 sweptline
    $1000 (boi > Meridian) pic map

    favorite this postDec 3 1969 Datsun 521 $2000
    $2000 (eug > junction City) pic map

    favorite this postDec 3 1983 HONDA ACCORD
    $1200 (MAGNOLIA) pic map

    favorite this postDec 3 2007 Mercury Milan In Good Condition
    $1000 (phx > Pecos & S. Lindsay Rd) pic map

    favorite this postDec 3 TOPAZ- Good car -Great price
    $950 (ksc > Waldo) pic map

    favorite this postDec 3 Dodge Ram, 5 speed, Runs great!
    $1500 (dhn > Dothan) pic map

    favorite this postDec 3 1964 Chevy El Camino
    $1500 (auburn) pic map

    favorite this postDec 3 International 1200 1 Ton Pickup truck
    $1200 (lws > Lewiston) pic map

    favorite this postDec 2 International 1200 D
    $1200 (spk > southhill) pic map

    favorite this postDec 2 1959 Ford F-500
    $1500 (Centralia) pic map

    favorite this postDec 1 1955 ford COE , old state truck
    $1950 (pdx > Oregoncity or) pic map

    favorite this postDec 1 65 Galaxie 500
    $800 (Port Angeles) pic map

    favorite this postDec 1 1962 FORD 1/2 TON VINTAGE PICKUP
    $1000 (eor > milton freewater) pic map

    favorite this postDec 1 1989 AWD Ford Tempo
    $800 (eid > Idaho Falls) pic map

    favorite this postNov 30 1963 Galaxie
    $1500 (pdx) pic map

    favorite this postNov 30 2006 Ford Taurus SE 5 Speed Manual Swap
    $1300 (okc > Norman) pic map

    favorite this postNov 29 1992 Ford Tempo
    $1000 (sfo > fairfield / vacaville) pic map

    favorite this postNov 29 1966 Mercury Monterey —price reduced
    $2000 (boi > helena) pic map

    favorite this postNov 29 2003 Ford taurus
    $250 (usm > Waynesboro MS) pic map

    favorite this postNov 28 CHEAP CAR 97 Ford tempo
    $450 (ksc > Lexington) pic map

    favorite this postNov 28 Ford Taurus
    $800 (nor > slidell) pic map

    favorite this postNov 28 GMC 2500 4X4
    $900 (hum) pic map

    favorite this postNov 28 1986 Nissan Micra–RARE!
    $1100 (Seattle) pic map

    favorite this postNov 28 1995 Ford F150
    $1000 (mei > 542 South Archusa St) pic map

    favorite this postNov 27 1955 Dodge Custom Royal
    $1500 (sfo > pittsburg / antioch) pic map

    favorite this postNov 27 1962 ford ranchero
    $1600 (mod > Modesto) pic map

    favorite this postNov 27 92 ford f150
    $500 (btr) pic map

    favorite this postNov 27 Nice car bad transmission honda civic
    $300 (hum > Napoleonville) pic map

    favorite this postNov 27 1959 MERCURY COE FLATBED TRUCK *$1200*
    $1200 (eug > Roseburg area) pic map

    favorite this postNov 26 56 Oldsmobile 4 door hardtop
    $2000 (rap) pic map

    favorite this postNov 26 1995 INFINITI J30 **Mechanic Special / Parts
    $350 (Seattle) pic map

    favorite this postNov 26 1998 dodge ram 1500
    $1000 (nor) pic map

    favorite this postNov 26 1978 Honda cvcc
    $1900 (sfo > san francisco) pic map

    favorite this postNov 26 1948 f6
    $1600 (spk > Brady mt) pic map

    favorite this postNov 26 1984 HONDA CIVIC
    $400 (graham) pic map

    favorite this postNov 25 1973 international travel all
    $1500 (kpr > kennewick) pic map

    favorite this postNov 25 95 ford ranger
    $350 (btr > Denham springs) pic map

    favorite this postNov 25 1940 Plymouth Coup RoadKing
    $1500 (Everett) pic map

    favorite this postNov 25 2003 Ford F150
    $750 (pfn > Seagrove) pic map

    favorite this postNov 24 1967 Datsun pickup 1300 ( Project )
    $750 (pdx > Yamhill) pic map

    favorite this postNov 24 1964 Ford Falcon Futura
    $500 (Shoreline) pic map

    favorite this postNov 24 1926 Ford Model T touring, model t antique
    $1600 (btr > Baton Rouge)

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      Big Al from Oz


    • 0 avatar
      Big Al From 'Murica

      So for 3250 I can get a Prelude AND a flatbed to drive it home on?! Sign me up!

      • 0 avatar

        I know, right?

        For the same price, I could have a 2010 Camry with a manual. Then I could sell it and buy a nice newer Taurus foe uber lol.

        I’m surprised the 1960s Datsuns didn’t raise anyone’s eyebrow. I love early Datsun cars and trucks. There is a 1964 Datsun truck that I would like to convert to a BEV. That would be cool as hell, but I wouldn’t sacrifice a runner/driver to build it, maybe something that has been sitting since George Bush senior’s term and so bringing back to life would be more trouble than its worth.

        Then again, I could always stick a more modern Nissan I-4 in it.

        Al, did you catch this one?
        2006 Ford Taurus SE 5 Speed Manual Swap
        $1300 (okc > Norman)

        If it didn’t have a modified suspension, I would use it for Uber, although it would be a decent trip to go get it. If it wasn’t Rental Car White, I would love to have it for my personal collection. I need a gen 1 Taurus to park next to my 1995 and this 06 5 speed.

    • 0 avatar

      you made my scroll wheel fall off.

  • avatar
    Big Al From 'Murica

    I want to say Merry Christmas to Robert Ryan. I secretly like Big Al from Oz but Mr. Ryan gets under my skin so that is a real sacrifice and I have had waaaay too much eggnog so you know im serious. Shove it, but shove it merrily Robert.

  • avatar

    I don’t really remember fighting or bad mouthing anyone. As sporatically as I post a comment, such a thing would stick out.

    Merry Christmas anyway!

  • avatar

    To that small minority of posters who sully TTAC with run-on sentences, no paragraphs, or any attempt to make their comments coherent or readable in any way….

    Merry Christmas.

    • 0 avatar

      You got to use “sully”!

      I said “vouchsafed” the other day. Just keening for an opportunity to use “prithee”.

      A Very Merry Christmas to all us language doilies!

      • 0 avatar

        Prithee, these holiday manners should continue. That the excellent moderators should vouchsafe such genteel custom.

        Alas, it is not to be. We shall soon sully our screens with blasphemy and coarseness forbidden in the finer circles…as is our wont.

        To one and all, I bid very pleasant Festivus…for the rest of us…

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    Merry Christmas, fellas.

    Santa brought me a FItech fuel injection setup this year.

  • avatar

    Scott ;
    Some here simply don’t have a really good grasp of proper English use, sorry if that grinds your _last_ F-ing nerve, I feel the same way about bullshit ‘ patina ‘ junk but it is what it is .
    I slept late (7AM) and now have a houseful of happy Teenage boys enjoying their Christmas, sweeping up, mopping the floors, washing clothes and generally making things tidy as they know that this nice house doesn’t come without effort .
    Oddly (or maybe not) the U.S.P.S. is working to – day so Anton had to leave to work all day whilst we’re gobbling up Turkey, Ham, greens, all the usual things found in Southern/Black American households .
    We’ll save him a plate.
    The kitchen is busy already, a few Women have come by, more to follow as the day goes on .
    Here in Sunny Southern California we usually have smoggy Christmas’ but it has rained four days including some real live ” Gully Washers ” imported from the Mid-West so we’ll have a _CLEAN_ and dust free Holiday if not a white one =8-) .


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    Merry Chirstmas!
    Keep on trucking

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