Is This Autocrosser The Worst Human Ever? Or Does He Just Not Care About People?

Mark "Bark M." Baruth
by Mark "Bark M." Baruth
is this autocrosser the worst human ever or does he just not care about people

In case you haven’t heard, the Southeast is pretty much being destroyed by a Category 4 hurricane as we speak. My own father, who art in Hilton Head, was forced to evacuate from his home near the coast and retreat inland — all the way to Atlanta, which was the closest city with any hotel rooms available. But the whole city is now sold out, and the closest hotels available are now in Tennessee.

These displaced people have no idea what’s awaiting them at home. They might have nothing left to go home to. But one autocrosser gives zero fucks. He’s ready to chase cones, and those displaced people better not be affecting his “race.”

In the above posting, Jamie Howell demonstrates all of the qualities that the general public thinks Porsche owners possess in spades. While he’s glad that these people are out of harm’s way, he’s really more concerned about his autocross day. I understand his concern — I watched his videos, and he needs all the practice he can get.

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  • Nick_515 Nick_515 on Oct 08, 2016

    I don't think this belongs here for a variety of reasons. I don't think you Bark are particularly qualified to write an article like this either. I mean it's not like you helped Syrian refugees with your 43 grand. Sure, you have the decency and thoughtfulness to not do this, but beyond that, what credentials do you have to judge others?

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    • Mark "Bark M." Baruth Mark "Bark M." Baruth on Oct 08, 2016

      Fuck no. Those Syrians can keep invading Germany.

  • Chocolatedeath Chocolatedeath on Oct 08, 2016

    I am one of the displaced. Had to leave Jacksonville FL and am in Lagrange right outside ATL.

  • Quentin Quentin on Oct 10, 2016

    I'm planning on being at Disney World with my family next week. While also being concerned about the welfare of the people affected by the storm, it definitely crossed my mind of how my vacation would/could be impacted. Bad phrasing, but no malice intended, IMO.

    • Bunter1 Bunter1 on Oct 10, 2016

      I'm with you Quentin. When I read the guys statement my reaction was "That's it? That's all people are freaking over?". Our society seems to have become bizarrely nit-picky (unless you are in a protected PC-favored group or position). I have relatives in FL also. Very thankful they are OK. All this guy did was juxtapose two very normal thoughts. He was glad people were getting to safety-this is compassion dim-wits-and hoped he could still get out and enjoy himself at the track. These are not mutual exclusives. Not even close. Lighten up people-get a life, or at least rent one. This guy is not even close to, oh I don't know, maybe a POTUS that can't leave the golf course for any crisis, foreign or domestic. Have a nice day. Bunter

  • Chan Chan on Oct 10, 2016

    Wording was a little insensitive, yes. Gross human rights violations, no. Worst person in the world, no. Hyperbolic accusation and click bait vibe, yes. I think we can move on now.

    • Bunter1 Bunter1 on Oct 10, 2016

      "Hyperbolic accusation and click bait vibe, yes." Concise. +1