By on September 15, 2016

Porsche Automoji Sticker Pack App

We all use our phones, and we all receive errant, unwanted eggplant emojis.

It’s time to fight back against this petrolless future with this Porsche-themed iMessage sticker pack for iOS 10 users.

Porsche Automoji Sticker Pack App

Created by friend-of-TTAC Kevin McCauley, the Automoji for Porsche sticker pack features German icons throughout history, from 911s of all sorts and LeMans racers to front-engined Porsche sports cars and ultra-rare exotics like the 959 and Carrera GT. Don’t worry: there’s not a single Cayenne or Macan in the bunch.

The sticker pack is on sale on the iTunes App Store and costs a measly $0.99, meaning this collection of Porsches is likely the cheapest you can buy — and brand new, too!

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24 Comments on “Fight Back Against Bad Emojis With This Porsche Automoji Sticker Pack for iOS 10...”

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    What are those sports cars doing wearing the badge of a German manufacturer of SUVs?

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    Not interested in Porsche.

    However I will spend up to $2.00 for a package including GM cars from 1986 – 1994.

    Or $1 for a Firebird – Trans Am group.

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    For the hype, iOS 10 was very.. so-so imo.

    The good for me: way better widget implementation, Maps finally almost as good as Google maps, continuous conversations from lock screen for messages, new control center music controls work with Spotify perfectly.

    The sorta bad: I’m going to be swiping on my camera when I try to unlock my phone but I can think of situations it’ll be nice to have the camera so close, some notifications like the ones for twitter used to be a little more intuitive to interact with(I’m not even sure how people without 3D touch interact with notifications).

    The bad-which leads me to this post: Messages. Idk if Apple didn’t like how many people were using SnapChat and other apps just to message, but they added everything they could add and it’s just.. a mess. Stickers, doodles, and my personal least favorite as a constant emoji user.. the big emojis.

    TL;DR Stickers suck, and iOS 7 will forever be the most lit iOS upgrade they did. They’ll never top those upgrades.

    • 0 avatar

      I agree iOS 7 was a very interesting update that I learned to love. After iOS 6(which I adore) , I fell in love with my 7.1.2 iPad 2 and later upgraded iPad Air. I loved that upgrade so much, I kept it till this past summer till I had to give my iPad back (school loaned)

      It was hilarious because, my iPad was faster and more stable over airplay than all of those who updated to iOS 8.x and 9.x!

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      The swipe for camera is the opposite direction that swipe to unlock was. Swiping in the direction that used to unlock will bring up your widgets.

    • 0 avatar

      I realized that’s how I wrote after it was too late to edit, still as more of a passcode person then Touch ID especially since at least at work my hands are fairly dirty which seems to mess with the sensor, it’s a bit of a pain.

      We had MacBook Air’s at my school, though iPads might be nicer for that kind of work. I never experienced iOS 8 or 9 through anything except my phone, they both just seemed highly incremental that were just riding on how great 7 was(btw how the heck did 7 already come out 3 years ago?). On 10 they seemed like really tried make real upgrades but only time will tell if they were really for the better or not.

    • 0 avatar

      That’s why I’ve not upgraded my iPhone 5S from iOS 7.

      Still read online and hear from lots of people that the updated iOS is meant for the newer iPhones, drains battery faster and decreases performance on the iPhone 5 models.

      iOS 7 is the Last Stable iOS!

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    Thank you for this emoji pack.A majority of our TTAC Millennial community will now spam our millennial peers with them like there is no tommorow! It’s only a matter of time till someone comes up with a Top Gear/World Tour emoji pack!

    In other words, I can’t wait to text my father can I drive the (insert Porsche Emoji)?

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    There’s 944’s in there. I can already hear the moaning and wailing.

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    Where’s my FWD GM emoji set??

  • avatar

    I have a personal policy about my Apple products: no optional OS updates, ever.

    It’s a lesson I learned the hard way multiple times.

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    Patiently waiting for a BMW 2002 emoji…

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    OMG I thought I was the only one to use eggplant emoji! I use it when “I have no words”.

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    Am I the only cranky old bastard who not only doesn’t know or care what the hell an emoji is supposed to be, but wonders why anyone would?

    and get off my lawn!

    But I do have to admit, I’m kinda curious about the eggplant – is it supposed to be a big purple weiner?

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    Just say ‘no’ to emojis.

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    I’m sure the Ferrari emoji pack will cost at least $100.

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    ” we all receive errant, unwanted eggplant emojis.”

    eggplants, if we’re *lucky.*

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    Somewhere, Apple and Porsche marketing folks are smiling. Personally, not being an iPhone user or Porsche enthusiast, I could probably care less, but not by much.

    This thing is just asking for a parody. Gremlin and Pinto emojis? Rusted wrecked emojis?

    If you make a set of Vespa scooter emojis, I’m sure someone will buy them.

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