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Data, Image: rh2ox/Flickr

Ever since a data breach left user accounts vulnerable to attack a couple of months ago, VerticalScope has been going through each one of its properties and resetting user passwords.

Normally, this reset would result in an email being sent to the user notifying them of that fact. However, some of our more prolific members have decided to provide email addresses that simply don’t exist.

I’m here to help.

If you’d like to access your commenter account once again, here’s what to do:

Send an email to me at [email protected] telling me which account is yours and that you’d like to access it again. Try to provide me with a verifiable piece of information from your account so I can ensure it’s actually yours.

Once the account is verified, I’ll change the email address to one that’s valid so that you can change your own password manually.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out by email or in the comments (if your user account is in working order).

[Image: rh2ox/Flickr]

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10 Comments on “Attention: Password Reset Sufferers...”

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    If we changed our passwords ourselves after the notification of the data breach will my password be reset

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    why would someone use a fake e-mail address? especially for this website?

    ya know people… they’re free!

    but then why didn’t ttac not confirm people’s address at sign up?

    seems very 1995.

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      There are a number of reasons for people to use fake email addresses. On many (most? All?) websites, you can get the address from the profile and contact the person directly. So can advertisers and others who can fill your mailbox. Most people don’t mind being known to the group where they’re commenting, but don’t care to hear from others outside the group – everyone wants some level of anonymity, and some want total anonymity, so no one knows they’re dogs.

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        The problem we’re all plagued with in the internet world is website data being sold. And resold. And resold again. Enough times in you find yourself on someone’s Canadian Viagra mailing list. Which then lands you on someone’s Indian Viagra mailing list.

        I don’t blame people for faking these things.

        As a network engineer and a security specialist, I recommend my customers do that wherever they can.

        You might not like it. You might not understand it. But I get paid to give that kind of security advice.

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      S197GT, you seem rather unfazed by the fact that the story is about a data breach. Hint: People don’t want their information stolen!

      The best solution I see, other than using a fake email address, is using a “burner” email address, at which you expect to receive nothing other than junk mail. And don’t put any real personal information on the account when you sign up.

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    I have no idea why I can’t edit my comment for spelling errors. Someone doesn’t like my comment already. lol

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      Just a glitch in the system that happens once in a while. Oh, for the good old days, when we could retype, reprint, or white-out text, and retouch negatives. we CAN photoshop pictures, but very few can match Stalin’s minions, working with more primitive methods.

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    I just logged in with my old user name and 4 digit password from years ago.

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