We're Taking Panther-themed Holiday

Mark Stevenson
by Mark Stevenson
we re taking panther themed holiday

Since Steph and I are citizens of a country that didn’t institute a constitution until its 115th birthday, we get to celebrate holidays that even the British ignore.

Today is Victoria Day, a federal holiday that marks the unofficial beginning of summer for those of us who live north(-ish) of the 49th parallel. It also has something to do with a queen that’s long since been dead.

So, instead of discussing the finer points of living in the Commonwealth, I’m phoning it in. Here’s an RCMP Crown Victoria on Parliament Hill in Steph’s home city of Ottawa (our nation’s capital, which is not Toronto).

Signing off …

[Image: Bobby Hidy/Flickr]

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  • -Nate -Nate on May 24, 2016

    Wait ; . Where is all the panther love ? . . I read the headline and clicked to read more panther love stories..... . We're scrapping them out as fast as we can get them turned in , a sad thing indeed and I'm a Bowtie Guy . . -Nate

  • Hamilton Guy Hamilton Guy on May 24, 2016

    IIRC the Toronto Police purchased the last 300 Crown Vics off the assembly line to stock up. Also regarding the comment about Ottawa having a municipal force and yet the picture is of an RCMP car, at one time (around the '80s and before) all these police forces had some sort of jurisdiction/policing authority in Toronto: 1- The Metropolitan Toronto Police 2- The RCMP 3- The Ontario Provincial Police 4- The Toronto Port Police 5- The Toronto Harbour Police 6- The Canadian National Railway Police and 7- The Canadian Pacific Railway Police Go back to the '50s, ore-amalgamation and Toronto was a bunch of boroughs and cities each with their own police force.

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    • IHateCars IHateCars on May 26, 2016

      @Ah_non_e_mouse "OPP also policed Kanata before amalgamation into Ottawa." The OPP also policed Rockcliffe Park and had a station house there on Hemlock. They only patrolled the village and RCMP had the surrounding parkway/Sussex so it wasn't uncommon to see an OPP cruiser parked next to a RCMP car at the boundary of Rockcliffe.

  • Olddavid Olddavid on May 24, 2016

    You can celebrate any damn day you want - just keep my Canada Pension and BMO checks coming. The day they arrive, I stand up and sing "Oh Canada", then retire to watch the Cup game du jour. I love all Canadians and the country. Only by accident of birth was I able to eliminate 90% of the competition in my field and achieve my true Peter Principle ascension.

  • IHateCars IHateCars on May 24, 2016

    Welcome to Ottawa, Mark! It was a great weekend to be here....beautiful weather the past few days!