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00 - 1993 Jeep Cherokee in Colorado junkyard - ©2016 Murilee Martin - The Truth About Cars

Examples of the XJ Jeep Cherokee are everywhere in Denver junkyards (nearly as numerous as late-1990s Subaru Outbacks, these days), and it takes a special one to make me deploy my camera. I thought the factory-installed orange tape stripes on this ’91 Cherokee Sport were interesting, and now today’s ’93 with innovative tree-branches-and-rattlecans camo job has made the cut.

02 - 1993 Jeep Cherokee in Colorado junkyard - ©2016 Murilee Martin - The Truth About Cars

It appears that someone laid fir branches all over the truck and then hosed it down with pink and white spray paint. Why? Some junkyard questions have no answers.

04 - 1993 Jeep Cherokee in Colorado junkyard - ©2016 Murilee Martin - The Truth About Cars

It makes sense that Cadillac would use the British “Litre” spelling on their 500-cubic-inch engine badges, for general faux-classy reasons, but why couldn’t Chrysler spell it the American way on a good ol’ Jeep?

12 - 1993 Jeep Cherokee in Colorado junkyard - ©2016 Murilee Martin - The Truth About Cars

It will always be the 242 to me.

07 - 1993 Jeep Cherokee in Colorado junkyard - ©2016 Murilee Martin - The Truth About Cars

Is this the logo of an elite paramilitary organization?

“Brings you air that lets you breathe a little easier” turns out to refer to the driver’s side airbag in the ’93 Cherokee.

The debut of the 242 engine was bigger news than Chrysler buying American Motors!

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18 Comments on “Junkyard Find: 1993 Jeep Cherokee, Pink Camouflage Edition...”

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    Roberto Esponja

    That engine bay is oddly clean for a vehicle previously owned by an obviously kooky person.

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    Cylinder head on that 4.0 has some value, it’s one of the “performance” versions made between ’91 & ’95 and sought after by Jeep hot-rodders and off-roaders.

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    Some one really wanted to be ‘ different ‘ .

    That’s a lot of work , more so as it appears they took the time to properly mask it too .


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    I had one of the late model production 4.0L’s in my poverty-spec’d ’99 XJ.

    Goddayum, do I miss that car. Only had roughly 100k on it… I totaled it out much too soon.

    We had two in the family… a steel blue ’97 2-door XJ and my ’99 4-door. The ’97 rolled over a couple of times and ended up upside down in a field (don’t worry, it had about 170k on it, many more miles than the ’99), and my ’99 ended up getting submerged.

    Yup, that’s how we roll in my family. Lol (sigh…)

    I swear I’m going to break down and buy a clean (hopefully documented) XJ for a winter/4WD vehicle. When the time is right, of course. Then again, if my fiancé has anything to with it that purchase, it will be a Wrangler. Unfortunately. Because “looks cooler”, donchaknow. Priorities.

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    Why use “litre”? For the same reason every third developement has “Pointe” in it’s name, and every third strip mall store is a “Shoppe”.

    • 0 avatar

      Off topic.

      But “shoppe” is one ugly word. Lol

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      Suburbia: where they name the development after the trees the developer cut down to build the development.

    • 0 avatar

      Actually, that’s the official SI word, along “metre”. We’re pretty much the only country that spells it meter/liter. I personally pronounce the “correct” spelling metree and litree, and to me the whole enterprise is called the Metternich System, or SM if you’re French. Also, where we use a decimal dot, use a comma, and where we use a comma, use a period. The French saw how the British did things and perniciously did the opposite.

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    Pink camo? Where do you expect to hide? The lingerie department of your local big box store?

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    How do you know it’s fir and not spruce?

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    Nothing “kooky” about this at all, unless you drive your average silver/black/white car(boring). Maybe I like this paint so much because it looks very similar to the paint job we did on my jeep, which is also very clean, despite my “kookiness” for painting my jeep pink-purple camo, as well. (instagram @ Bigbae_XJ) There’s nothing wrong with being different and standing out. I would love to find out who the original owner of this jeep is, it reminds me so much of my own XJ.

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