Burglary Suspects Take Time to Do Leisurely Donuts During L.A. Chase

Steph Willems
by Steph Willems
burglary suspects take time to do leisurely donuts during l a chase

Two suspects in a non-violent Los Angeles burglary decided yesterday that if you’re being watched on TVs everywhere, you should at least entertain your audience.

The two men, who were pursued by police and watched from the air, drove their rental Ford Mustang convertible through rainy afternoon traffic and past excited crowds in what the L.A. Times has called “The most L.A. chase ever.”

During the chase, which ended in the suspects’ arrest after they stopped to take selfies with passers-by for several minutes, the suspects performed donuts on a rain-slicked Hollywood Boulevard. Enjoy some commentary-free highlights here:

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  • Geekcarlover Geekcarlover on Apr 08, 2016

    New rule. If you lead police on a high speed chase for more than 2 miles, endangering others along the way, the police ( and any K-9s with them) are allowed to go full Rodney King on your dumb ass.

    • Stuki Stuki on Apr 09, 2016

      And then, everyone else is allowed to go full riot..... Lots of underutilized, high horsepower donut potential, wasting away in the LA area!

  • Von Von on Apr 08, 2016

    "...And this is your brain, on meth."

  • Krhodes1 Krhodes1 on Apr 08, 2016

    IMHO, this sort of thing is why LAPD police helicopters should be heavily armed. One short burst or a Hellfire missile, problem solved.

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    • Stuki Stuki on Apr 09, 2016

      Please don't give those idiots any ideas. They contribute more than enough braindead noise pollution as it is. Proliferation of anti air guns, properly silenced, would be much more appreciated.

  • -Nate -Nate on Apr 10, 2016

    Couple of stupid assed mooks . FWIW , in L.A. , the locals _SPEED_UP_ when it begins raining..... I have never understood why , it's stupid plain and simple . -Nate