Was This Vehicular Assault Malicious, Negligent, Or Both? (Video)

Jack Baruth
by Jack Baruth
was this vehicular assault malicious negligent or both video

It’s every biker’s nightmare: an anonymous Honda runs you off the road then departs the scene at high speed. But was it malice aforethought, or simply a very painful lesson about what happens when you linger in a car’s blind spot?

The action in this video starts at about 2:50. You can see the Civic very methodically move over and KO the biker right onto the ground, where he proceeds to writhe in what looks like considerable pain. The Civic never hesitates for a moment before skipping out of the scene. The fellow whose dashcam took the video states:

This incident occurred on 2/24/2016 at approximately 5:41 p.m. on Eastbound CA 238 just after the merge from Northbound 880. Appears to be a gray mid-to-late 2000’s model Honda Civic. Any information on the felony hit and run driver would be appreciated.

So if any TTACers want to play Junior Detective, have at it. For the rest of you? Whose fault was this? The Civic driver, for not looking, or the biker, for letting himself be in the way of the proverbial Harkonnen fist?

I have to admit that this, or something similar, happens to me at least once a week. I always address it by splitting the lane or riding the shoulder line while braking in a controlled manner.

What say you, B&B?

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  • -Nate -Nate on Mar 28, 2016

    Ouch . I'm sitting here in pain as always because of a fatal Moto collision I just barely survived . The Civic driver is obviously 1,000 % at fault but as mentioned , the wise and prudent Motocyclist always knows the blind spot is _DEATH_ waiting for you . I hope the Rider survives (in the video he gets beat up but sits up so isn't paralyzed etc.) and I hope the boob in the Civic gets caught too . FWIW , I was waiting for a red light when I was run over from behind , crippling me for life . I still ride , not as much as I'd like though . My Mantra for 45 + year of riding " ride SCARED ~ it's a good way to stay alive " . Yes , I ride faster than I probably should but usually only when I know the road ahead is empty . A good topic here ~ I took two of my Teenage Foster boys to Pink's in Hollyweird to to - day , as we were standing in line I kept looking at the various Motos zizzing by and one of the boys said " I really love Motos and want to learn to ride " . So I told him " find out about MSF ' Iron Horse ' training and if you're allowed to go , I will pay for it " . I paid for my Son to go decades ago and he's a far better and faster rider than I ever was or could be ~ he races competitively . That I know of , he's never had a get off in traffic . -Nate

  • Old_WRX Old_WRX on Mar 28, 2016

    In a situation like this I check my mirrors and then brake hard. Braking gently will take care of the inattentive or unobservant driver, but braking hard also takes care of malevolent drivers.

  • Flipper35 Flipper35 on Mar 29, 2016

    I have had this exact thing happen to me twice. The only difference is I was in a first gen Durango so it isn't a size issue. The second time it happened I was on the horn for 12-15 seconds as they were forcing me onto the shoulder and neither person in the car looked over to see who was honking at them. People are just oblivious that there are others on the road.

    • Vulpine Vulpine on Mar 29, 2016

      Agreed. We witnessed a video of this from an 18-wheeler's point of view not all that long ago as a sedan tried to force itself in front of that big truck and even after contact continued to try.

  • CecilSaxon CecilSaxon on Mar 29, 2016

    As a 47 year old guy that has ridden motorcycles for 25 years and commutes 120 miles a day for the past 14 years- my 2cents- Honda Civic- Oh crap man I want to be home NOW, Fckin Tractor Trailer is freaking blocking my merge lane- damn Wednesday, hate Wednesday I wish it was Friday. Gonna pass this bastard and swing around this giant turd semi- holy CRAP a day glow ball just smashed into my car!!! It was attached to a man on a motorcycle- oh shit, he looks dead - I'm Outta HERE!!! Motorcyclist- Herp Derp I am following the law, in my lane, got my bright helmet. Hey that guy sees me, whoa maybe not, I am staring right at him, surely he won't BAM, ooooooh look the sky... what day is it? Driver didn't look, rider didn't observe the threat and should have swerved and accelerated out of the situation. Instead he stared at it, braked and totally forgot the first rule of riding on the street. THEY ARE ALL OUT TO KILL YOU. The shit happens- use your size, speed, braking, acceleration advantage to get out of the way. Even if you are dead right, you will still be dead.