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2017 Nissan GT-R Front, Image: Nissan

The R35 Nissan GT-R is getting another facelift to keep the eight year old chassis going for 2017. The changes include a corporate “V-Motion” grille along with updated bodywork and a small boost in power.

The grille change is accompanied by an updated reinforced hood and a new front bumper treatment that is slated to give better downforce and stability. The sides and rear have also received updates to give a wider stance while the signature taillights have been kept.

2017 Nissan GT-R interior, Image: Nissan USA

The interior has been updated with a new simple dashboard that drops 16 switches to simplify some of the functions while the seats have been redesigned to drop some weight and give some added support. The infotainment system screen grows an inch in size and adds geriatric approved large icons.

Those that are looking to take the GT-R to the track or for a spirited mountain run will be pleased to learn that the shift paddles have moved to the steering wheel and can now be operated easily with turning.

The 3.8-liter V6 continues duty under the new hood while receiving a few upgrades of its own. Engine output is increased to 565 horsepower and 467 pounds-feet of torque with the help of an updated timing map and an increase in boost from the turbos. The six-speed dual-clutch transmission is carried over as well with a few tweaks to make it quieter and smoother.

The changes are rounded out with a few color additions including a new shade of orange for the exterior called “Blaze Metallic” along with a Rakuda Tan option for the interior.

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24 Comments on “NYIAS: 2017 Nissan GT-R – Slightly Spicier...”

  • avatar

    A technological marvel.

    Unfortunately the reliability on these things is HORRIBLE.

    I could never recommend one when the repairs are so costly.

    $3000 to repair the radio.

    Thousands wasted repairing flywheels…

    Nope, Nope, Nope

  • avatar
    SCE to AUX

    I wish my neighbor had one of these sweet rides.

  • avatar

    Not crazy about the Orange for 2004 color they put on there, but I like the glove leather look interior.

    And oh, the ruching! Not since 1999 have I seen such nice ruching.

  • avatar

    I really want to love this car. I even started shopping for a used GT-R at one point. I talked myself out of it based on concerns over longevity. How much more boost can you dial into the turbos before you introduce longevity issues? Anecdotally, I usually see these being driven hard. I do like them and I will be very curious to see the next gen GT-R, but this is a crowded field with some VERY good alternatives.

    And Nissan…not a fan of the v-motion grills at all, although it does work better here than on your other models.

    • 0 avatar

      You’re braver than I am.

      Pre owned ultra-high-tech performance car + former owner who I guarantee you hooned the hell out of it = much financial sadness.

      • 0 avatar

        Oh trust me. I was interested, but decided that the risk was too great. I agree that the odds are the car was driven hard. No guarantees, but I assumed that sadness would ensue.

  • avatar
    Kyree S. Williams

    Not bad, Nissan, not bad at all.

  • avatar

    They have finally made the interior worth the price. I wonder if they have worked on refinement too. Looks a lot better.

  • avatar
    Land Ark

    I wonder how much more I would like this car if they put headlights on it more like the R34 than the swept back style it has.

  • avatar

    Nissan has been selling the same GT-R and the same 370Z for eight years now, and considering that every competitive model for both cars has moved on to its next generation or in some cases two generations further, I think it’s time for a complete redesign.

    • 0 avatar

      I think Nissan is just fine. The GT-R never sold on looks, and nobody has been able to surpass its performance value in the past 8-10 years. Cosmetic upgrades will maintain the slow trickle of buyers.

  • avatar

    Eh no thanks, sounds like they cheapened it out a little bit while Maxima sizing the grille.

  • avatar

    I still say Godzilla should be green. The new interior color would go well with a nice dark green. Maybe some gold metal flake to highlight the curves. Then take every exterior surface that’s either black or chrome, and make it a stealthy flat black. MMMmmm tasty.

  • avatar

    I’d love it if they made a stripped model: an engine and 2 seats. Throw in crank windows for retro kicks and I’m in (except I don’t have the scratch).

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