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Easter Bunny

We are going to keep the content relatively light starting today and continuing through the weekend.

But I will ask one question: What’s your favorite Easter Weekend road trip? We’ve all hit the road at some point or another for Easter Weekend. And knowing you folks, some noteworthy shenanigans likely unfolded along the way.

Enjoy time with family. Eat some ham. Donate some eggs like our furry friend above.

Happy Easter Weekend, Best & Brightest!

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26 Comments on “Happy Easter Weekend...”

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    No favorite Easter weekend trips and we don’t usually road trip. Currently in the north side of Chicago and still looking for good roads away from the city to tear up. Part of the problem when you live in a place that is so stinkin flat. Only road trip we may take is up to Milwaukee.

    Happy Easter weekend all!

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    We’ve got a nice invite to Daughter In Law’s place in Fontucky , going to load up and take SWMBO , our four teenaged Foster boys and my Brother .

    Looking forward the the black spaghetti ! .


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    Frank Galvin

    Easter 2010. My wife, son (1 year old) were crammed in our Astra, and stuck in of the worst traffic jams to ever have occurred on the Mass. Turnpike. Of course, young master Galvin went into a full on, epic, sustained hour and a half meltdown as we idled. Finally, nerves frazzled, we pulled off at a rest stop. My wife and I were absolutely fried from listening to his prolonged screaming fit. Just as we pulled into a parking space, a brand new Honda Odyssey pulled in next to us. What happened next was akin to a cheesy 80’s car commercial (or at least how it appeared in my sleep deprived mind.) It was a jet black touring model, and the power doors slowly opened. Two couples came out, both in their late 20’s; both women were really attractive brunettes, and they looked fit, happy, and refreshed. But it was not them that I stared at, no it was the leather captains chairs, and the dual fold down DVD screens. My wife had retrieved the screamer and was holding him outside the car. As soon as the straps came off, he was smiling and happy. She too had seen this vision of Odyssey bliss. And this is the part that I’ll never forget. “Babe – if we get a minivan, you can get any car you want and I won’t mind.” Shocked, I asked her to repeat herself. “Like a Mustang, Challenger, something like that?” She replied “what part of any do you not understand?” When I picked up our gently used Sedona a while later, and another kid in, I asked her if she recalled our “deal.” To which she said, again, “what part of any did you not understand.”

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    an innocent man

    I thought that up there you called Easter, “Boxing Day?”

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    You know, for a moment I thought Bertel was back and there would be a joke about furries.

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    Probably not much in the way of road trips over the holiday weekend here, as we just got back from a stressful run up to Detroit and back last weekend. No, this weekend we’ll likely putter around the yard Saturday (I sooooo need to find a yard/garden/garbage hauling small truck for cheap!). The soon-to-be-adopted daughter (formerly known as the “niece”) has softball practice. Sunday will likely find us at Sunrise Services on the Arsenal, then dinner at mom’s and back to the Arsenal later for maybe a few rounds of bowling (yes, the bowling alley on post is open Easter Sunday. Go figure!).

    I’d love to take a winding drive up through the hills/mountains here, but likely not in the cards this weekend.

    Happy Easter!

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    bumpy ii

    Don’t recall any road-tripping on that Sunday, but I did get a ride to the doctor one Easter after I fell on some broken glass and cut my hand in three places.

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    Cole Grundy

    The plugin with where all images link to I don’t like (one can no longer click the images for big versions)

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    To church, of course!

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    I think this is a Canuckistani thing, as most of us Yanks don’t get Easter Monday off from work. I can’t ever remember going anywhere for Easter. When we took road trips, it was always for Memorial Day.

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    A few years ago, I took the passenger seat out of my Z, and took my greyhound from Chicago to South Haven, MI for a Lemons race.
    (caution: language)

    It was all great until I headed back Saturday night to be with the family. The adjustable control arm on the Z came loose, and quickly destroyed my brand new front tires. Luckily, one blew a cord, and I had to pull over before the LCA fell off. Had to sit at a truck stop at night with nothing open, with a dog, and an un-towably low car. Our exhausted Lemons team had to unload the race car from the trailer, and come get me.

    Into the early morning hours, we crunched logistics. I scoured up some nasty/wrong size tires, mounted them myself, and fixed the car. Left first thing in the morning before I was in danger of being served divorce papers.

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    Easter weekend started on Thursday with a death drive from Boston to Philadelphia, along with every other family in the northeastern United States. It was long slogs of stop and go traffic through New York City, the George Washington Bridge, gagging from the sulfur smells of Elizabeth, New Jersey, a rest stop at the Molly Pitcher Rest Area on the Jersey Turnpike, and falling asleep in the backseat around Trenton.

    It was in a ’75 Chrysler Newport (yes, the electronic ignition system that didn’t work when it snowed, rained, after a car wash, fog, moisture above 30%) or a ’77 Caprice Classic B-Body wagon brown with faux wood panels and a big V8. Both had vinyl seats, the big Chrysler was in a god awful puke green, the Caprice was tan.

    It was waking up in the morning to my two right out of Normal Rockwell Hungarian grandparents (father side), a plate full of homemade Hungarian pastries that exceed all expectations in your mind, playing with a Lionel train set they kept for my visits, and wandering a neighborhood in Philadelphia. It was trips to my Aunt Irene’s house in Bucks County for Easter dinner and dying eggs on Saturday, with the couch covered in plastic.

    It was seeing my older cousins, and then on Sunday it was sandwiches made by grandma from left overs, on white squishy bread, wrapped perfectly in wax paper. It was then another death drive back to Boston, with the rest of the entire population of the Northeastern United States. The seemingly FOREVER drive across Connecticut (to this day, Connecticut seems to swell to the size of Montana when I drive across it) and falling asleep in the backseat somewhere around Hartford.

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    Strangely the religious obsessed Yanks don’t get an extra day off at Easter so no road trips down here.

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      Many Yanks TAKE Good Friday off to make it a three-day weekend, whether they’re Christian or not.

      Stock Market was closed today. All those people took the day off.

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      I had the wonderful realization that I didn’t even know it was Good Friday until a highly intelligent yet religious (o_O) coworker happened to mention it.

      But I *do* miss the splendid food that we took in baskets to be blessed at midnight mass. Unfortunately, that generation of Moms is long gone. Nothing will ever again taste so good.

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        RH, “that generation of Moms is long gone. Nothing will ever again taste so good.”

        It’s still done, but not on as wide a scale as last century.

        We’ll have Sunrise Services early this Sunday, then many worshippers will go to Breakfast or Brunch, or both, and treat many of the less-well off to a free meal.

        Some of us (who can) have contributed to these “free food” celebrations at the church, and many ladies have prepare various dishes, desserts, non-alcoholic beverages; usually much, much more than is necessary to feed the parishioners.

        Normally, my (non-catholic) wife also contributes with Apple Strudel, Cherry Strudel, Beefy Red Enchiladas and Cheese Green Chili Enchiladas, enough to feed 100 people each. But not this year.

        This year my wife is in San Diego taking care of our daughter-in-law who had a hysterectomy and will be bed-ridden for ~ 30 days.

        So I donated in her name 6 of those giant family-sized boxes of Stouffer’s Lasagna Italiano with Meat and Sausage to be baked on Sunday at the church.

        So, these food celebrations are still done, just in fewer places. And the food still tastes just as good. And the company is great!

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        I had no idea it was Good Friday until the pilot of my early-morning flight from San Francisco to Seattle said, jarringly, “A happy Good Friday to all of you.”

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    I don’t recall any recent Easter outings, and I know Mom and I didn’t go anywhere (because she didn’t drive — and doesn’t to this day), but I can tell you how I’ll be spending this Easter weekend: Rock Chalk Jayhawk KU at KFC Yum Center in Louisville! It’ll be my first time attending an NCAA Elite Eight game, or any NCAA March Madness game, for that matter!

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