TTAC News Roundup: Nissan's LeMans Project Garaged, UAW Wants To Talk to VW, and How Much For Pep Boys?

Aaron Cole
by Aaron Cole

From DNF to DNS, the Nissan GT-R LM project has finally been retired.

That, and it’s lights out for some Crown Vics, the UAW just wants to talk, Hyundai will spend more to lend more, and more … after the break.

Nissan finally axes Nismo LMP1 racer

Nissan on Tuesday quietly axed its GT-R LMP1 project by announcing the car wouldn’t compete in the World Endurance Championship series.

“The teams worked diligently to bring the vehicles up to the desired performance levels. However, the company concluded that the program would not be able to reach its ambitions and decided to focus on developing its longer term racing strategies,” according to the company.

The car, which failed to win any races and was plagued with issues all season long — including two DNF’s at LeMans — was going to be another losing effort for the company.

It’s a shame too. The front-wheel drive, twin-turbo V-6 GT-R car was more than just something different — the car was something completely radical.

Good try, Nissan.

United Auto Workers says Volkswagen won’t talk

The United Auto Workers union filed a complaint against Volkswagen on Tuesday and said the automaker is refusing to negotiate a collective contract for skilled trades workers, according to the Detroit Free Press.

The complaint was filed with the National Labor Relations Board.

The UAW said that the automaker isn’t recognizing the union after a controversial vote this month by more than 150 workers to join the group. Volkswagen officials said they would appeal the vote, but face long odds of winning that appeal.

“Following this month’s election, we were hopeful that the company would accept the results and recommit to the principles of social responsibility that made Volkswagen a respected global brand,” Gary Casteel, secretary-treasurer of the UAW told the Free Press. “Instead, Volkswagen has refused to come to the bargaining table in violation of federal law. By refusing to engage in collective bargaining after a successful election, Volkswagen is not only doing a disservice to its employees but now is thumbing its nose at the federal government as well.”

Because Volkswagen has never done that before.

Ford recalling 313,000 cars for bad headlights

Ford will recall 313,000 Crown Victorias and Mercury Grand Marquis made between 2003 and 2005 for a faulty headlight module that could fail, Reuters reported (via Automotive News).

The defect has been linked to 11 crashes, none of which with Sajeev Mehta behind the wheel.

According to the report, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration investigated the headlights after more than 3,600 complaints were made to the agency this year. The safety administration investigated the defect in 2008, but didn’t order a recall because it couldn’t link the defect to any crashes.

Hyundai, Kia buying more of their financing arm

Hyundai and Kia are increasing their holdings in their captive financing arm, Hyundai Capital, from GE Capital, Reuters reported (via Automotive News).

The automakers are buying nearly 25 percent of the financing group from GE, with an option to buy more.

Captive financing is becoming a more popular option for new car buyers, according to credit bureau Experian.

Icahn really, really, really wants to buy Pep Boys

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn said he would pay up to $1 billion to keep Bridgestone from buying Pep Boys, Reuters reported.

In the ongoing bidding war between Icahn and the Japanese tire giant, Icahn said he would pay up to $18.10 per share for the nationwide chain of 800 stores. Earlier this month Bridgestone offered more than $800 million to merge the auto parts supply chain with their 2,200 stores to create the largest worldwide chain.

Bridgestone has until 5 p.m. Thursday to counter the bid.

Aaron Cole
Aaron Cole

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  • VW4motion VW4motion on Dec 23, 2015

    Maybe that Nissan cvt didn't work to well in the LeMans project. Or could have been to many women said Ewww, in

  • Compaq Deskpro Compaq Deskpro on Dec 23, 2015

    The issue with the Crown Vic lighting modules has been well documented on the forums for years. I had the issue on mine, the headlights would cut out of nowhere, kicking the box under the dash sometimes cause them to come back on. If not, you drive around with your high beams on. $12 in higher quality relays from Mouser and a $3 soldering iron from Harbor Freight (and a few minutes of standing on your head) takes care of it.

  • 1995 SC How bout those steel tariffs. Wonder if everyone falls into the same camp with respect to supporting/opposing them as they did on the auto tariffs a few weeks ago. Doubt it. Wonder Why that would be?
  • Lorenzo Nice going! They eliminated the "5" numbers on the speedometer so they could get it to read up to 180 mph. The speed limit is 65? You have to guess one quarter of the needle distance between 60 and 80. Virtually every state has 55, 65, and 75 mph speed limits, not to mention urban areas where 25, 35, and 45 mph limits are common. All that guesswork to display a maximum speed the driver will never reach.
  • Norman Stansfield Automation will make this irrelevant.
  • Lorenzo Motor sports is dead. It was killed by greed.
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