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2016 Chevrolet Colorado Diesel

General Motors has delayed delivery of its Canyon/Colorado diesel trucks for an unspecified problem at their “final validation” stage, the automaker told TTAC on Wednesday.

“Those trucks are still in final validations and we hope to ship soon,” said Brian Goebel, a spokesperson for GMC.

More than 60 trucks ordered by customers are in varying stages of production, according to customers who shared order details with TTAC. Several of those trucks’ delivery dates have been pushed back multiple weeks, and many of those orders go as far back as the beginning of August.

According to the automaker, the final validations aren’t related to the emissions certification obtained by the automaker from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Goebel didn’t detail specifically why those trucks didn’t pass GM’s “final validation” standards, but only that the issue was with all diesel models of the trucks and not just specific trims or packages.

Ryan January said he placed his order for a Colorado in August and his production week has been pushed back three times since then. On Wednesday, January said his target production week was re-listed as Jan. 18, 2016, well beyond the initial Fall 2015 shipping date initially quoted by General Motors.

January said GM’s customer assistance wouldn’t specify when his truck would be produced, but that conversations with his dealer revealed the Jan. 18 date.

Meanwhile, Goebel said that GM hasn’t technically passed its initial on-sale date for Fall 2015, although that would require the automaker to deliver those trucks within five days.

Goebel didn’t specify when the trucks would be delivered to customers.

Fleece Performance, a tuner in Brownsburg, Indiana, said they had ordered a Colorado, but that they hadn’t yet received the truck.

Spokespeople for Chevrolet didn’t respond to repeated calls for comment. A spokesman for the Wentzville, Missouri plant where the trucks are built didn’t respond to repeated calls for comment.

“We’re not going to open the gates until we know the truck is ready for consumers,” GMC’s Goebel said.

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38 Comments on “Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon Diesels Held Up by ‘Final Validation’ Issue...”

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    But doesn’t GM use this engine in other cars and trucks? If there is an issue with pollution…would it not have effected others?

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      Think you’ll find it’s a brand new four cylinder 2.8 litre engine.

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        Carlson Fan

        “Think you’ll find it’s a brand new four cylinder 2.8 liter engine”

        I believe I read that it is a global engine with a quite a few tweaks for the US market.

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          It isn’t brand new. New to USA and Canada and new label of Duramax.

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            Yes, upon delving further I see they rolled out the new 2.5 and 2.8l diesels for the world Colorados in 2011. They’re made in Thailand.

            I had been derailed by the usual GM publicity blurbs hawked to the North American media earlier this year, claiming it as “all new” as in the following:


            The surprising thing is, the blurbs immediately followed Toyota’s announcement of a truly new 2.8l diesel with 42% thermal efficiency, you know just to let us know GM was well and truly on the job as per usual.

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            The engine was also based on a VM Motori design, so similar engines are in FCA vehicles.

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      Same engine, different tune. Diesels in their cars are tuned for keeping the gas-pump at bay, diesels in trucks are tuned for towing and Tooooooorque. Might be some hickups in how the change in engine behavior effects it’s interaction with the standard emissions compliance gear.

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        Really. So please, indicate to us which United States sold car has the 2.8L diesel 4-cylinder in it and has gone through United States EPA certification.

        I’m thinking it is a very short list — I’m thinking the answer is – zero.

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        This IS GM, b!tches, so…

        One or more possibilities are in definite play as to why there is a holdup in certification, but I’ll list the 3 leading candidates (IMO) given, again, that this is Government/Guangzhou Motors:

        1) Fabrication/Manufacturing defect, AND/OR,

        2) Design defect, AND/OR,

        3) Emission compliance issues (which is what most are probably assuming).

        *GM Mark of Excellence*

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          I have the niggling feeling that this holdup has more to do with the recent spate of computer program diesel emmission forgeries that has gripped the major car manufacturerers in Germany, where this little engine would be from. This is GM’s way of avoiding liability.

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    “We’re not going to open the gates until we know the truck is ready for consumers” That sounds like the old GM advertising slogan: “Nobody sweats the recalls(details)like GM”. Toyota has been begged forever but still won’t bring their foreign market, smaller pick up diesels to N.A. They are right because they won’t sell here. Higher initial costs, low demand, higher fuel prices, and specific diesel maintenance issues, like having to pee in the tank! JK. The 4&6 cyl.Tacomas get about 20-21 MPG max. Not very good but if a prospective gas-oil(euro term for diesel)buyer doesn’t plan on towing and cares only about MPG then the 370 ft/lb of torque doesn’t really matter.

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      Once my wife’s 1998 4Runner becomes classic in our state, the “stretch-goal” plan is a 1KD-FTV swap but the economics certainly don’t pencil out. Still dreaming because swap involves not only emissions, ECU, fuel system (plus tank), but also exhaust system. Oh, well.

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    What an unfortunate last name for a person in PR.

    Thread Godwined.

    Mic drop.

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    Ring…. Ring….

    “Bosch USA. How may I direct your call?”

    “I need to speak to Werner Struth. Immediately.”

    “Who may I say is calling please?”

    “Mary Barra. Hurry!”

    “Struth speaking. How are you today Mary?”

    “You know how I am Werner. That firmware for the new Colorado diesel has some sort of strange code in it. My engineers say it looks similar to that Volkswagen TDI code.”

    “Yes, well… I’ll look into that and call you back.”

    “Werner, this was supposed to be done weeks ago. What the hell am I supposed to say to people around here? What do I say to the press?”

    “Tell them it’s our fault it’s late Mary.”

    “I can’t tell them that Werner. Nobody knows you’re doing the firmware. The press and the competition would have a field day with that. I need that firmware and I need it now!”

    “Mary… I have an idea. Tell everyone you have a final validation issue. They don’t have to know who’s fault it is.”

    “Yes. Ok. But Werner… Get that firmware fixed or I’ll have to send the mob to see you.”

    “The mob?”

    “You know. The EPA.”

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    I get the feeling that if this was Toyota doing this, everyone would hail them as being prudent. This being GM – the opposite seems to be true.

    Ho-hum… GM-hate is so tired and boring.

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      Validation vs verification.

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      Hate is a strong word. After 4 months of waiting wouldn’t you be a bit curious?
      I’m a current Volkswagen owner who is looking to trade the vehicle in on the truck. Initially production was slated for October. I held on to the car. The VW scandal got worse, but I was slated for November. November comes and goes with me still holding on to the car because production was slated for December. That comes and goes. VW values continue to slip as it comes to light they’re cheating on gas vehicles as well. Had I known it would likely be February before I see a truck the VW would have been sent down the road months ago.

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      Yes, it’s tired and boring, but also deserved.

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    I thought the 10 second quarter mile of the diesel Colorado was holding everyone else up…

    Badda bing!

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    bumpy ii

    Everyone is jumping on the diesel thing (understandably) but I think this is simply GM ironing out early-build issues before shipping. The Camaro went through the same thing when it launched.

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      I would agree it is GM ironing out the issue (and I’m glad they’re doing it)
      The main issue I see is that dealers are providing delivery estimates based on the ~6-8 weeks they’re used to for gas trucks. It’s not until the first TPW is missed that the dealer knows that anything is amiss. When the dealer proactively attempts to get any details they’re just shown the new TPW and no indication of production issues. All the while they’re happily accepting new orders.
      I also understand the lack of info to the end customer. What I feel GM should be doing a better job of is communicating with the dealer, letting them know the process and what to anticipate.

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    It could be anything, nvh issue, regulation, part problem, holding off until after the first of the year so it can be an 18my vehicle.

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      They have supposedly already built some diesel versions that are destined for retail delivery that means they can’t be re-badged as 18my or even a 17my. To be sold as a 17my vehicle it would need to leave the production line no earlier than 01/02/2016.

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        Nope you can only have one January 1st sales date per model year. As long as they don’t ship them until after the first of the year they could be 18my. Provided they meet 18 regulations, etc.
        Koreans do this quite frequently, it gets you essentially 6 months to get your build right before IQS season.

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          I wonder what Motor Trend would have to say considering the 2016 Colorado Diesel has been declared truck of the year.

          I guess one has shipped (yet not delivered) so maybe that’s the “truck” they’re talking about.

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    I wish these weren’t so corny and cartoony looking. Just look at the headline pic – how could anyone take that truck seriously?

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    Carlson Fan

    Funny the online builder doesn’t show the diesel option anywhere. But I can get the “smokers” package!………..LOL

    I’ll take an LT trim CC LB 4WD with the baby duramax and all the trailering goodies! Just might be my next truck.

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