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No one will laugh at you for majoring in cartography anymore. Well, maybe not everyone. — Aaron

Daimler AG, Audi and BMW announced Friday that the trio had completed its purchase of Nokia’s mapmaking business, HERE, which the trio announced they were seeking to purchase in August.

The companies didn’t specify details about the transaction, and said they would announce more about their purchase on Monday. In August, the companies announced they were purchasing the mapmaking business, which provides cloud-based maps and data for more than 200 countries, to further develop “swarm technology” that could allow cars to communicate with each other.

”HERE will be able to offer users a continuously improving product, bringing highly automated driving and location based services a step further. As the volume of anonymized data from the vehicles increases, services will become more convenient, more connected and further tailored to the users’ individual requirements,” the automakers said in August.

The business will operate independently of the automakers, and Audi, BMW and Daimler say they’ll own equal stakes of the company.

The mapmaking company could enable the automakers to develop further autonomous technologies that could help with self-driving cars.

Or it track your car wherever you go. You choose what you want to believe.

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12 Comments on “BMW, Audi, Mercedes Finish Purchase of Nokia’s Mapmaking Division; Cartography Now Acceptable As College Major...”

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    Good, I like Nokia maps, sometimes better than Google finding locations

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    I just hope that they maintain HERE for Windows Phone. Since HERE was part of Nokia and Nokia is owned by Microsoft, HERE was the default map system for Windows Phone and I am quite happy with it.

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    “So clearly the blue on the map is land.”
    “Glad we got our money’s worth out of all those cartography classes!”


    “Buster studied business!”
    “Well, eighteenth century agrarian business, but I suppose the same principles still apply. Tell me, are you afraid of a peasant uprising?”

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    At yet another Rupert Stadler office meeting:

    “Mein Fuhrer, the Nokia maps deal is done.”

    “Great. Who is responsible for this idea? We should commend him!”

    Employee responds very quietly and with a cringe. “Ulrich Hackenberg, mein Fuhrer.”

    “Oh shiiiiiiittttttt…”

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    I bet they sure did FINISH that purchase.

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    Probably just another nail in Microsoft’s mobile coffin. Three percent market share ain’t gonna do it. Act 3: Liquidate.

    Shame too, as I was hoping for a different take on mobile.

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    HERE has nothing to do with microsoft. It is/was NOKIA’s baby and it was not part of the sale. Here’s review I wrote about it:

    It has great maps, and unlike google can work entirely offline via gps. The app is available for all platforms.

    I recommended it to a guy who’s been riding a motorcycle for 2 years around the world. At one point he found himself in the desert and the road was somewhere under the sand. He remembered HERE, and there was the road on his phone. By following gps directions blindly he got to the next town.

    It’s a good tool to have in your quiver ( as the nun said to the vicar).

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    el scotto

    Aaron,really precise maps and charts are really necessary. You might want to talk to those who drive ships or drop bombs. Yes, one meter can make a huge difference. The Army and United States Marine Corps have personnel who do nothing but make maps. So, just a little wide and outside or Sir, your ignorance of those who use charts and maps for a living is quite glaring.

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