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Daimler announced Wednesday that it would help Germany’s growing refugee crisis by offering “bridge internships” to 40 people along with German classes, transportation for aid organizations and food donations.

The company would put to work some refugees who have flooded the country to escape violence in nearby Middle Eastern countries. In all, Daimler announced it would put to work “several hundred” refugees after a 14-week course in helping them to learn the nation’s language and construction practices.

Daimler joins Audi in offering help to refugees in Germany, after that automaker announced this summer that it would donate €1 million ($1.1 million) to aid organizations.

Germany is currently struggling with how that country will manage the millions of people who have recently flooded into the country.

“Immigration is an opportunity for Germany. As a company, we take social responsibility very seriously. With our ‘bridge internships’ we help refugees with their professional and social integration and offer an unbureaucratic entry into the labor market,” Wilfried Porth, Director of Labor Relations, said in a statement.

Employing a few hundred and donating money and help to a few aid organizations won’t necessarily relieve the economic burden of an entire country moving within its borders, but the support by German automakers is in stark contrast to how at least one of our presidential contenders fires up support in our automaking locales.

It’s a good day to Daimler.

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30 Comments on “Daimler Launches Internships For Refugees in Germany...”

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    We are gonna be neck deep in terrorism in 30 years…

    God save us.

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    Before you insult me: ask Europe how their refugee “guest workers” have impacted them.

    Ask Sweden about their violent crime stats.

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      We actually have people married to children here now. Our pedophiles get tossed in jail where the inmates take care of the problem but our rules en regulations are not at all enforced for the influx of rent seekers there is now.
      Every city in the land gets mandatory busloads and busloads of stone age people with a chip on their shoulders and no affinity with western society whatsoever. In my country for instance there is a small village called Oranje where 150 people live. Government has the nerve to just put 1500 asylum seekers there. You can’t believe this crap. And the buses they keep coming day in day out.
      The employers are standing there smiling and wringing their hands over the prospect of booting even more of the current labor force to replace them with the few low low pay no benefits “refugees” that came here to actually work. Most of them have illegally crossed about nine borders before they came to the countries that have the best social system. They are not refugees in the least. And only a tiny percentage is Syrian. It’s a Trojan horse if I ever seen one.

      Government awards local government 40 euros per asylum seeker per day and that is not to pay for any costs. This money is used to bribe officials. My city nets 80000 euros a day. Not the people (we pay the bills) local officials get coke and hookers. Or whatever perverted thing they do with all that taxpayer cash that is not on the books.
      The costs for housing, educating, clothing, feeding, tv’s, phones, shoes you name it are taxmoney. So we pay double triple whatever. They are bleeding us to death and the so called refugees get everything for free on our dime.
      We have at least a 8 year waiting list to rent a house (in the non private sector e.g. regular people who don’t swim in cash of which there are an enormous amount these days). They get our houses no questions asked.

      I’m not even starting on the 50 years of asylum seekers we already have here. A very very small percentage works. For them it’s a lifelong holiday on our dime. For us not so much. Insane.

      There is going to be a civil war if this keeps up.

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        Sounds like a great gig! Where’s Oranje exactly?

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        Europeans came from Asia and Asians came from Africa. History repeats itself. It took tens of thousands years for Europeans to get civilized and socialism exists like just less than 100 years. So all that European socialism thing is just a fluke of history, fluctuation which will just die off and things will return to normal survival mode. Do not forget also that Europeans with Hungarians and others who came from Asia destroyed Rome which already was on the way to become the first socialist state with “bread and circuses” mentality – may be that was the symptom but European socialist mentality is also a symptom of decline and decay. May be Europe is on the verge of collapse or transformation to the more simple non-civilization stage. Any complex structure eventually crumbles. Europeans are not capable to protect themselves and survive in competitive world full of danger.

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          Inside, you da Man.

          Under ideal global circumstances Europeans’ most shining contribution to social evolution was the Somme and similar pink-mistings of their best and brightest males followed by 20 years of septic festering that burst forth with Auschwitz and ersatz coffee.

          This is not to deny their intellectual and technological contributions but, being humans, they mostly subjugated any application of those marvels to war and avarice.

          But at least war and avarice don’t usually lead to sustained overpopulation as has the genuine Euro-American beneficence toward the rest of the world that has tempered the high-tech bullying. No good deed, etc.

          Now that global circumstances resemble a back-flowing sewer encroaching upon Europe’s precious parlors, you’re right that “things will return to normal survival mode” for those presently pallid progressives.

          No apes have ever reached the high fruit like Europeans and their American children but that leap only describes the briefest arc under which all of us with broadband internet and property to maintain have lived a few generations in a happy bubble.

          It is a good time to be old.

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        That’s the idea.

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      BTSR: You, sir, I keep finding common ground with. I think it’s time for the first date thing. I mean, it’s a new world with new possibilities. Why can’t we fall in love and paint rainbows on our house?

      I’ll have to ask my wife it it’s ok. Sorry about that part. Oh, and somebody’s gonna have to talk to my kids.

      Now that I’ve had whatever time it took to type all of that… I think a quick romp down the freeway in the first 300C Hellcat and a couple of beers and then I’ll be back with my wife.


      Hope you’re Ok with that.

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    Glad to hear Daimler is ready to help Winfried Vahland escape a rapidly deteriorating hostile environment.

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    Felis Concolor

    While you’re at it, why not resurrect your “Small but Tough” Polo ad?

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    And here I was thinking ‘ good on them for trying to help ‘ .

    I’ll wait to see how all this plays out .


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    How generous. That will solve the refugee problem in Germany immediately. Still nor cure what to do with the others (1,500,000 minus 40).
    It is a giant mess already. Nobody knows how many will be coming within the next months. Unexpectedly, winter is coming. Who would have known?
    Idiotic politicians still maintain: “Wir schaffen das” (We can do).
    I have my doubts.

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    This is very sad for the native German people. There are already reports of rape and other physical attacks and these “people” haven’t even been there less than a month. In order to free the country large corporations like Mercedes, BMW and VW must really hit tock bottom.

    To show my love, I will be buying Japanese or Korean.

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    and Democrats and Republicans are scratching their heads at the popularity of Trump.

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    These people might as well STFU. It was a democratic election that had the current government in power. There has always been alternative candidates that would reverse the flow.

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