Daimler Moving HQ, 30 Jobs to Michigan

Aaron Cole
by Aaron Cole
daimler moving hq 30 jobs to michigan

Daimler AG said Thursday that it would move its North American headquarters, and roughly 30 jobs, to Michigan.

According to Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, the move from New Jersey to Michigan would be complete by 2017.

Mercedes announced last year that it would move its headquarters from Montvale, NJ to Atlanta. Daimler’s move would be separate from the Mercedes move.

The move would align Daimler closer to some of its facilities, such as an R&D center and Detroit Diesel, which it owns, according to Autoblog.

“Michigan is the world’s automotive leader, and Daimler’s decision to increase its presence in state is another indication that we intend to hold that position for generations to come,” Snyder said in a statement. “This company has long been a valued member of our business community. Michigan is leading the United States in creating new auto jobs and our leadership extends across all parts of the industry — manufacturing, R&D, engineering and technology development.”

According to the Detroit Free Press, Michigan didn’t offer any financial incentives for the move. Georgia offered $23 million to Mercedes to move nearly 1,000 jobs to that state.

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  • Corey Lewis Corey Lewis on Sep 17, 2015

    They heard Tim Allen talking about it, and couldn't resist. Even bottles of water say PURE MICHIGAN on them around here. I'm so sick of it, don't nobody got time for Detroit vacations!

  • DeadWeight DeadWeight on Sep 17, 2015

    Daimler, with a fantastic portfolio of vehicles (and robust sales to affirm), CLA & GLA excepted, moves HQ from East Coast to Detroit area. Cadillac, with a mostly tepid-to-bad portfolio of vehicles (and plunging sales to affirm), under guidance of such characters as shyster Johan de Nysschen, Montblanc Pen Boy Uwe Ellinghaus, & Melody Handbag Lee, moves HQ from Detroit area to East Coast. Bonus quote from Montblanc Pen Boy: "Johan de Nysschen, my boss, and I always say we want to build the first luxury brand that just happens to make cars," Mr. Ellinghaus said in an interview at the Los Angeles Auto Show. "That sounds like a joke, but we're serious about it." Neither will Cadillac be defined by phrases like "American luxury." "Firstly, if you need to say that you are luxury, you are not luxury," Mr. Ellinghaus said. "Louis Vuitton does not say they are luxury. They simply are. Secondly, it's not meaningful. We realize that even in the U.S., people don't understand what makes American luxury different from European luxury." www://adage.com/article/cmo-strategy/ellinghaus-cadillac-a-luxury-brand-makes-cars/296016/

    • MBella MBella on Sep 17, 2015

      It's Diamler, the parent company moving to Michigan. Mercedes is moving to Atlanta as has been pointed out. Mercedes also uses the stupid "we are a luxury brand competing with Four Seasons and not other automakers" BS. Both brands might end up in the same place if they're not careful.