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It is the Mustang that could help students become future astronauts, however.

Ford announced Wednesday the one-of-a-kind Apollo Edition Mustang that will be auctioned July 23 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, to benefit the Experimental Aviation Association’s Young Eagles program, a youth flying education program.

On top of the Saturn V-inspired paint, the 2015 Mustang GT goes like a rocket: 627 horsepower and 540 pound-feet of torque.

Ford engineers bolted on a Ford Performance supercharger screw, side and rear exhausts, six-piston Brembo brakes and custom Forgiato 21-inch performance wheels to the Mustang. The interior has a specialized instrument cluster, custom-embroidered seats, performance gauges and trim panels.

It’s the eighth-consecutive year Ford has developed a special vehicle for the Young Eagles program. Past highlights include a Blue Angels Mustang, a Roush-Shelby collaboration SR-71 Blackbird Mustang and an AV-X10 “Dearborn Doll” Mustang, which netted more than $250,000 for the charity. In total, the special-edition Mustangs have netted nearly $3 million, according to Ford.

Is it as cool as nerds in matching 1969 Corvettes? Maybe not.


But it is for a good cause, which is totally OK.

(Editor’s Note: In all due fairness, this is not the first car we’ve seen painted up like a Saturn V. All credit to Escape Velocity Racing, which painted up their Dodge Dart something fantastic for 24 Hours of LeMons.)

Escape Velocity Racing

Photo courtesy Escape Velocity Racing

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14 Comments on “No, This is Not the Mustang Apollo Astronauts Drove...”

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    Wow a “Special Edition” Mustang I actually like…

    Carry on.

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    Why does it say USA? Shouldn’t it say Mexico since more than half of all Fords aren’t made here?

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    If the half the automotive media is Tesla articles, the other half is special edition Mustangs. Though I’ll admit I actually like this one.

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    A Dart done up like a Saturn rocket is appropriate. Chrysler had a major role in the U.S. space effort, building Redstone, Jupiter and Saturn boosters (though they didn’t build the Saturn V used to reach the Moon.

    The role of the U.S. auto industry in the country’s space effort would make a good book.

    Though Boeing ultimately built it, GM designed the Lunar Rover, first used on the Apollo 15 mission, which performed pretty well. I can’t find the exact source right now but the quote was something like, “If there’s going to be a car on the moon General Motors will make it”.

    Here’s a great photo of the Apollo 15 astronauts Jim Irwin, Al Worden, and Dave Scott, with their red, white and blue Corvettes and a Lunar Rover.

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    It needs to talk to you in Chris Kraft’s voice.

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    There is a lot to like but that wing, I just can’t get past that wing…such a disappointing add-on, saw it on the wonderful GT350R in the Toronto auto show and it doesn’t look integrated with the car, it’s too organic, it might be functional but it’s not following the rule of form following function.

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    Cool, but I seem to recall the pretty much the entire astronaut corps driving ‘Vettes.

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    SCE to AUX

    Sadly, to me this special edition car exists only because the US manned space program is directionless, in spite of the machines being built today to replace the (also directionless) Shuttle.

    This car harkens back to a day when we knew where we were going in space, but that ended in 1972. Seems like a way to fill the void, but at least it’s for a good cause.

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    Does the average Joe with $150,000 have a shot at this or is some fat cat (Rick Hendrick I’m looking at you) going to offer “$250,000 over your highest bidder” to trailer it away.

    What have previous examples “sold” for?

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