Junkyard Find: 1979 Ford Ranchero

Murilee Martin
by Murilee Martin
junkyard find 1979 ford ranchero

Ah, the Malaise Era! Engines making one horsepower per three cubic inches. Broughams, Landaus, and molded-in fake stitching on petroleum-distillate Simu-Vinyl™ upholstery. And, of course, a pseudo-pickup based on the Ford Thunderbird platform. 1977-79 Rancheros still show up in California wrecking yards now and then, and that’s where I saw this green-on-green-on-green-on-some-more-green ’79 last fall.

It’s hard to imagine a greener interior. We’ve seen this phenomenon before.

351-cubic-inch V8 making 19 horsepower, or something like that. I don’t feel like looking up the exact number, because it will make me sad.

Still, this face has a certain appeal. I know it’s wrong, but I could see driving one of these every day (I blame Mr. Mehta for this sickness).

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  • APaGttH APaGttH on Jul 01, 2015

    Back when I was a wee lad my father owned a '75 Chrysler Newport with a very similar green on green on green on green on green color scheme. The green vinyl interior was HORRID, even by my little kid standards, and in that God awful vinyl that would sear the skin right off your hide when you slid in on a hot summer day.

  • MrMag MrMag on Jul 02, 2015

    I always thought this generation of Rancheros looked funny. The front end looks like an LTD or Continental, but the rest of it is a 2-door truck.

  • Bobbysirhan Next thing you know, EV drivers will be missing the freedom to travel on their own schedules instead of their cars'.
  • Cprescott I'm not surprised by this behavior - it is consistent with how owners of Honduhs, Toyoduhs, or Mazduhs drive. Without fail, these are the consistently obtuse drivers on the road.
  • MaintenanceCosts Timely question as this happened to me just this morning. The answer was "my kids were engaged in a stupid fight in the back seat." I was trying to drive and keep them from killing each other at once, and I cut off a pedestrian in a crosswalk while making a left turn. Thankfully I wasn't close enough to create serious danger, but it was a jerk driving move.
  • Dave M. "81 million supposedly". Landslide according to some statisticians.
  • SCE to AUX I drive an electric Hyundai, so by definition I am a Bad and Annoying Driver.