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BMW M3 Touring Render

As rumors swirl about the eventual release of the BMW M3 Touring, Theophilus Chin has put a couple of renders together of Bavaria’s hot D-pillared automobile.

Here’s what happened overnight (and stories we’ve missed over the last few days).

BMW M3 Touring RenderBMW M3 Touring (Theophilus Chin)
Knowng Theophilus’ wonderful insight, it wouldn’t surprise me if the M3 Touring looks exactly like this when the sheet is pulled off in Frankfurt.

Ferrari DinoFerrari might bring back the Dino, says Sergio (AutoBlog)
…but it likely won’t be marketed as a Ferrari. Instead, Sergio is keen to build a sub-brand around the idea of a resurrected Dino. So far, that’s worked in Sergio’s favor.

1Takata will give quality chief more authority with board role (Automotive News)
Takata will put their quality chief on the board of directors, effectively giving him a louder voice within the company. It only took them seven years.

pst1002-100k-1_23394248Motor Mouth: Why no one drives like a saint all the time (
“There’s a good reason nobody drives like a saint all-year round: it’s not practical.”

1282948112939395876You Probably Want To Watch Chris Harris Drive The Ferrari 488 GTB (Jalopnik)
I think the 488 GTB is an ugly ducking that grew up to be an ugly duck. But whatever. Here’s Chris Harris getting it sideways.

15TDI_StarlinkKiosk002-300x204Subaru Starlink services priced, packaged (Technology Tell)
It’s kind of like OnStar, but for people who have a higher chance of driving off a cliff near Kings Canyon.

Speedhunters_Keith_Charvonia_Hilux-2Minitruckin’ All Grown Up (Speedhunters)
This is not your grandfather’s Hilux. Actually, this is your grandfather’s Hilux.

Lotus-Elise-frontJaguar Designer Planning Super Lotus Elise (GTspirit)
Jaaaaaag designer Julian Thomson, responsible for the Series 1 Elise, wants to build this “Super” Elise.

car-wash-girls-china-1a-660x546Underdressed Chinese Girls open a Car Wash in Urumqi (CarNewsChina)
Chinese auto show models have resorted to washing cars to make a living, maybe.

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14 Comments on “While You Were Sleeping: BMW M3 Touring Render, Ferrari Dino Returning and Takata’s Quality Chief Gets More Power...”

  • avatar

    The M3 Tourer looks like you could actually see out of it. I like the greenhouse!

  • avatar

    Dino sub-brand. Oy Sergio, stop throwing things at the wall to see if they stick.

    Mmmmmmmmmm car wash.

    • 0 avatar

      Well, that’s how Enzo himself originally created it. To begin with, the Dino was NOT a Ferrari. But OK, that didn’t stick back then either. (Shades of “Not ‘Cadillac Cimarron’, but ‘Cimarron, by Cadillac\'”.)

  • avatar

    There are several people who managed to transplant the E90 M3 sedan running gear and body details onto their E91 wagons, so there are certainly some running around, even if they aren’t exactly factory-sanctioned.

  • avatar

    “Instead, Sergio is keen to build a sub-brand around the idea of a resurrected Dino. So far, that’s worked in Sergio’s favor.”

    Because what FCA needs right meow is another Italian brand which not many people are aware of, which is simultaneously poorly funded and starved of product, while adding to the layer of “avoid me” the company already has in the eyes of any merger partner.


    • 0 avatar

      Indeed! Wouldn’t this make more sense as an Alfa, slotted in between the 4C and the Maserati GranCoupe in price?

    • 0 avatar
      Big Al from Oz

      I beg to differ.

      I do think this is a brilliant idea.

      FCA will has a very marketable name with Ferrari, why not profit from it?

      BMW,MB, Audi, etc have moved down to compete with more sh!tters, why not Ferrari compete with the prestige sh!tters.

      • 0 avatar

        But. A small Audi is still an Audi, not a DKW. And a MB is still an MB, not a Horschtweit.

        Nobody knows what a Dino is, except for “not a Ferrari.” So this is an apples to potatoes comparison.

  • avatar
    Big Al from Oz

    I do think the Dino by FCA is a great idea by Sergio.

    If one remembers Sergio increased the output of Ferraris from around 6 000 per annum to 10 000.

    A cheaper Dino, to take on the prestige car manufacturers like, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes, even Corvette would be profitable.

    This might just be the beginning of the truly exotic and luxury end of the market moving down.

    The non luxury and exotic car makers like I mentioned above have moved down market.

  • avatar

    Is the M3 Touring rumor actually making the rounds or is this typical fanboi fiction? The closest that BMW ever came was the one off E46 M3T that lives in their basement.

    • 0 avatar

      A chance of reality. The coupe and sedan use codes 90 and 92, which indicates a reasonable possibility of an upcoming 91 wagon.

      Silly car for public roadways, anyway, and who would buy a wagon for occasional track day use?. I’d have happily bought the current wagon, with sport package AND MANUAL TRANSMISSION after driving the auto. I prefer the old NA I6, but the little turbo 4 would work, too, and the rest of the car was very, very nice.

      But, of course, ridiculously overpriced if you start adding ANYTHING to it.

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