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While some Japanese CEOs are doing well for themselves in compensation, Takata’s Shigehisa Takada took a dramatic cut in pay for 2014.

Shown Friday, the supplier’s regulatory filing found Takada took home less than ¥100 million ($810,373 USD) in 2014, Reuters notes. The figure pales to his compensation during FY 2013, when he was given ¥206 million ($1.67 million).

The exact amount paid in FY 2014 wasn’t disclosed, however; the Japanese government only requires full disclosure of compensation above ¥100 million.

Takada’s pay cut — and those of Takata’s other five directors — is in part over the failings over the handling of the airbag recall crisis affecting several million vehicles and 10 automakers. Takada issued an apology over the matter Thursday following the company’s annual shareholders meeting, and said he and the directors would give back part of their pay as a result.

Per a representative, Takada would see a reduction of 25 percent for the year ending this March, while the five directors would give back 20 percent of their compensation.

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8 Comments on “Takata’s Shigehisa Takada Sees Dramatic Pay Cut For 2014...”

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    The only “cutting” I wanna see is Seppuku…

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    How does he still have a job?

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    Why do Japanese companies trade the d for a t?

    Toyoda – Toyota
    Takada – Takata

    At least Honda didn’t go to Honta I suppose.

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      Employment for life still stands in Japan. He may not be terminated but sooner or later he may be demoted to warehouse manager or similar- typically done in Japan. I’m surprised he will get a paycheck for $800K+ regardless of the embarrassment he brought to his employees.

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    Not bad pay for time spent hiding out. Paid leave.

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    To think he might actually get 800 grand is revolting. Japanese minimum wage is 744Y/hr. That should be his new wage, and he should be handed a push broom like in the final scene from “Gung Ho”.

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    This is what should have happened to GMs Wagner.

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    The difference is in the meaning of number of brush strokes between ToyoDA and ToyoTA. It takes 10 strokes to write ToyoDA and ToyoTA takes 8 strokes. 8 is a lucky number in Japan. This all began in the 1930’s when 20K+ contestants partook in a logo design contest. ToyoTA was the winner. They also claim that ToyoTA is much easier to pronounce than ToyoDA. This was a concern since the start of their export launch to the United States.

    The slight differences in other names like TakaTA and TakaDA, ShuTO and ShuDO, etc are a matter of pronunciation. Some could have completely different meanings as well as different Japanese kanji.

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