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12 - 1986 Dodge Aries Down on the Junkyard - Picture Courtesy of Murilee Martin

Chrysler has built a lot of cars atop the K platform. BangShift has put together a handy guide to figure them all out.

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18 Comments on “While You Were Sleeping: The K-Car Alphabet, Oil Prices Falling and Belarus Has a New Parade Car...”

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    I’m being serious here: Given the growing wealth inequality, destruction of the middle class, and propping up of the zombie banking/finance sector by allowing it to leech off of the taxpayer class, the Hongqi L-series looks like it would be an awesome vehicle to export to the U.S., put on sale for around $7,500 USD, along with a 8 year/80,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty (and comprehensive self-service manual and proprietary tool kit onboard).

    Harbor Freight could even be licensed to be the official franchisee of Hongqi Motors, with basic but efficient showrooms and parts counters.

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      ooops, the Hongqi L-series sells for the equivalent of $800,000 USD – my bad.

      (My, how the former non-mighty have risen.)

      Maybe this could be the new Cadillac CT-8?

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      First we should probably test that bizarre interior wood for possible invasive fungi. Stuff looks like mouse embryos floating in a pool of tar.

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      Maybe you were wrong about the price of that particular car but I think you’re on to something here.

      The price difference between a cherry 2004 E46 M3 and a 2004 Nissan Altima with 125,000 miles on it is now about $3,000. That’s because the average American can actually afford to spend about $5-6,000 on a car. The ones with incomes above that presently lease CUVs. But over time, they’re going to have to think twice about priorities and move down.

      So a Chinese vehicle, with a $7.5k price, is about pitch perfect, and would be a hit.

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    Hmmm… Nothing of much interest here. The K-car and its nomenclature is ancient history.

    Going back to sleep, now……

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    It is so hard to understand that and how Belarus still exists. When we were on vacation in Prague last year, we met some girls from Belarus on the tram. Nice conversation. Then we asked where they were from, and our faces must have dropped to the floor when they said: “Belarus”. I got the feeling they had experienced that before; suddenly they just turned away.

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    The K-Car thing is interesting, I think. All those different platforms, bringing out year after year of relative mediocrity, combined with iffy build quality and Mitsubishi engines and crap transmissions.

    And let’s not talk about AC compressors either.

    I was not aware that the Imperial and the New Yorker 5th were both longer – it always seemed like the Imperial was by itself at that length, to be “special.”

    But maybe I’ve only seen regular NY’s and not an NY5th, ever?

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    Rod Panhard

    A Chinese-made parade car for white people called the Hong-qi. That’s pretty funny.

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    Spanish Inquisition

    W12, not V12. I like the Deutsche Post brake calipers.

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    The truth is, the K-cars were not all bad. They had some issues, but over the years they developed into some halfway decent cars. Think of the other smallish american offerings at the time.

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      Lol, yes if we consider American cars in a vacuum by themselves, and the period of 1986-1992, and only cars shorter than 18 feet, they were “halfway decent” and fine.

      That’s a hell of a lot of disclaimers for what is ultimately a mediocre result.

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