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The ongoing automotive journalist meme that Mazda’s nearly perfect Miata is the answer to everything may not technically be true. But, this “Lifted Rally” Miata sure makes a good case in its favor.

This example is an original NA Miata featuring none other than British Racing Green paint. It’s been lifted with longer springs and FM upper perch spacers, though the owner admits he wouldn’t take it off-road as the spring are at “near factory rate”. Inside, the seats have been reshod in new vinyl, a “vintage” roll hoop has been added, and the owner claims the car itself is completely rust free. If you don’t feel like dealing with the hardtop, the MX-5 is equipped with the latest in tan glass window top fashions. (Sorry, hardtop not included.)

The rally-wannabe NA MX-5 is listed on Grassroots Motorsports with a $4,200 asking price in Roswell, GA.

[h/t Bring A Trailer]

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23 Comments on “Lifted Rally Miata Proves It’s Still The Answer To Everything...”

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    Alex: Please phrase your response in the form of a question…
    What is Miata?
    Alex: Correct!
    I will take “smoking crack” for $200 please.

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    A brodozer for the Miata set.

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    Miata really seems to be the car everyone likes, even people that are not the target group. It seems the one vehicle that was able to unify all internet commenters and armchair product planners alike.

    (the only other car unifying all opinions was the Aztek, but unified all people in hating it)

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      I think there is a bit of an emperor’s clothes things going on with it on most websites. I don’t really like Miatas (though I guess I respect them for what they are), but never really bother to say so since it involves strapping on the flame suit and being told I’m not a car guy. Not sure, but I’m thinking there are others out there like me.

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        I am one of the others like you. I also can appreciate what other people see in them but I would never own one. Mostly because it’s a convertible.

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          I know 2 guys with them. My neighbour bought one 21 years ago. He still has it. I went for a ride in one but I found it too small and cramped.

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            It’s obvious you haven’t driven one.

            Be sure to try the manual, and raising and lowering the soft top from the driver’s seat.

            Then you can have an opinion on the Miata.

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            At 6’3″ Im to cramped to enjoy the experience but really the car in general doesn’t do anything for me.

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            qest – and your point is? Both fellows I know with them love them.

            Have no need or any desire for one.

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    It should either be flying down a gravel backroad or out at Burning Man.

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    The instant I saw I thought of this:

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    formula m

    I’m sure there is a pair of women’s shoes that offer more arch support than the men’s equivalent but it doesn’t mean they are the best shoes for everyone. People praise the Miata on the Internet but it’s a whole other thing to actually be the weirdo driving around in these things.

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      Agree with this exactly. People say they love them and tell others they should buy one but I’ve never seen an NA Miata driven by anyone other than a grey-haired male or a female.

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        Scott, you sure are right. One of these will such all of your testosterone out and turn you into a sissy boy. Unless you are a real man. Then you can drive anything withpout worrying about your masculinity. I do see a lot of these driven on racetracks and at trackdays. I guess that those driving Miatas there are secure in their masculinity, instead of worrying about what others might think of them. When ever I buy a car, I always buy a car that says that I am a man. What if some insecure person saw me and thought the wrong thing? I could never live it down. Could you?

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          I’m a young man who drives a minivan. I don’t need an SUV to make people think I’m a a masculine man like all those moms in their SUVs do.

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        “but I’ve never seen an NA Miata driven by anyone other than a grey-haired male or a female.”

        What a remarkably unobservant person you are.

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    Big Al from Oz

    Is that the best tyre for rallying?

    There seems to be an excessive amount of sidewall.

    This will not do wonders for handling.

    70 Series T/As???

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      Have you ever seen a low profile tire on any off road vehicle? That sidewall is what keeps the rim off the rocks. That’s why trucks at one time came standard with 16-17″ wheels. Trucks today that come with 20″ wheels wouldn’t stand a chance if they ever had to do any serious off reading.

      On edit, I noticed you said rally, not off road. Sorry, its been a long night.

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      Yeah probably not. But a kick a$$ build for logging roads and railroad crossings it surely is.

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    Rod Panhard

    One of the best things about a Miata is that since they’ve made nearly 1 million of them, it’s no big deal when somebody does this to one. Imagine the howling if someone did this to a Ferrari.

    I have had my Miata since my older son was in fourth grade. He’s now in graduate school. Most guys I know don’t fit in it. One of my friends is rather long-waisted, and when he rode in it, we had to put the top down and his forehead was above the windshield.

    No, it’s not the perfect car for everyone, obviously because not everyone fits in it. And if you’re one of those horsepower guys, you hate this car, along with the Consonant Twins from Scion & Subaru.

    For those of us who are less interested in results at the drag strip, it’s a fun all-around car.

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    Forget the drag strip…I just wonder what the effective gear ratios are going to be with those meats on it. Coupled with the no-torque engine, this is basically going to be a clutch-destroying machine if it’s ever actually taken onto any tight, uphill stages.

    And the structural “rigidity” of an NA Miata is never going to work as a rally car…vintage roll hoop notwithstanding. At the first driver swap, you won’t be able to get the doors open.

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