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14 - 1983 Toyota Pickup Junkyard Find - picture courtesy of Murilee MartinLet’s follow up 21st Century Junkyard Find Week and Volkswagen Junkyard Find Week with Rusty Junkyard Find week, shall we? On Tuesday, we saw this ’83 Toyota pickup with not-so-effective fiberglass-and-Bondo cover-up-the-rust-and-hope-it-goes-away repairs, and today we’ll be looking at a thoroughly used-up Corolla with similar squeeze-another-few-months-out-of-this-heap repairs done by someone who knew he or she would be the vehicle’s last owner.
43 - 1983 Toyota Pickup Junkyard Find - picture courtesy of Murilee MartinAmericans didn’t much like the look of the AE82 Corolla hatchback, although we bought a fair number of its NUMMI-built Chevy Nova siblings.
51 - 1983 Toyota Pickup Junkyard Find - picture courtesy of Murilee MartinDoes this rust mean that important structural components are likely to fail soon? You bet!
32 - 1983 Toyota Pickup Junkyard Find - picture courtesy of Murilee MartinSo close to that magical 300,000-mile mark, but another 38,868 miles in this hooptie would have been pretty miserable.
36 - 1983 Toyota Pickup Junkyard Find - picture courtesy of Murilee MartinEven if the structure held together, there is no quantity or type of air freshener that could cover the stench of the fast-food-detritus-and-bodily-fluids-caked interior of this car.
13 - 1983 Toyota Pickup Junkyard Find - picture courtesy of Murilee MartinPlus it’s a real hassle to have a hatchback with a nonfunctional hatch.
09 - 1983 Toyota Pickup Junkyard Find - picture courtesy of Murilee MartinCrab Spirits is sure to find inspiration about this Corolla’s previous owner via the large number of stickers on the back glass. For example, he or she was a fan of Propaganda E-Liquid.
10 - 1983 Toyota Pickup Junkyard Find - picture courtesy of Murilee MartinThis retailer of smoking accessories also gets a shout-out on the Corolla’s rear glass.
47 - 1983 Toyota Pickup Junkyard Find - picture courtesy of Murilee MartinYou could get a diesel version of this car, but few did. Wikipedia editors believe that the 4A-LC engine was sold only in Australia, Switzerland, and Sweden, but you’ll see plenty of these two-digit-horsepower cockroaches in US-market Corollas.

US-market ads for Corollas and their kin seldom employed the word “sexy.”

San Franciscans— hundreds of them, lining the streets— doubted that the ’84 Corolla sedan could do anything.

John Davidson pitched a special New Zealand version of this car.

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27 Comments on “Junkyard Find: 1984 Toyota Corolla Hatchback, Spray-Foam Rust-Repair Edition...”

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    That car is Used Up. Good lord; you have to be really desperate to be seen in public in such a rolling pile of rust, litter, and shame.

    Even if my only transportation was a pathetic rust-bucket like this one, I’m not sure I’d ever let so much nasty-looking trash accumulate. I wouldn’t expect the car to be detailed four times a year, but there’s no excuse for this kind of filth.

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    i walked past a mid 90’s?? Corolla 4 door sedan, and except for the driver’s “area” the entire enterior was FLUSH to the window sills with assorted trash/debris/etc! I don’t have (and didn’t want to get any) olfactory impressions from either the car, or its elderly driver!! :-)

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      If it’s trash, that’s a problem. The back seat of my Buick was up to the tops of the doors for about a year. I did computer service, so I needed tools and supplies that filled the car. There is a difference between nice, neat wooden shelving in a car, and trash. I’d imagine that the stuff in this car could pose a potential health hazard.

      • 0 avatar

        The stuff IN the car a health hazard? Hell, the car ITSELF is a health hazard, if only for the amount of moldy foam in a failed attempt to retard the growth of iron oxide.

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    Roberto Esponja

    It really saddens me when you see little kid items among the litter in these pigmobiles. The whole appearance of the car just makes you wonder what environment this child (children?) will grow up in.

    And before anyone starts, just because you’re poor does not mean you have to be a slob.

    • 0 avatar

      I’ve seen pictures of cars like that. I imagine people with that much stuff packed into a car are hoarders though, which is a different thing from the slobs who leave a car like this one.

      edit: whoops this was supposed to be a reply to the post above that referenced the 90s Corolla with stuff packed to the greenhouse level.

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    SCE to AUX

    I’ve seen others use spray foam to seal up their wrecks. This is evidently a tried-and-not-true method for extending the life of a derelict car.

  • avatar

    Why do these last-users often draw on the dashboard and steering wheels?

    • 0 avatar

      Because they want to decorate/personalize, and it’s not like they have to care about resale…

      Crusher don’t care if it’s got marker all over it.

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    Volt 230

    I’m approaching 400k miles, and mine doesn’t look nearly 1/4 as bad as this, benefits of living in the sunbelt, I suppose! I would hate this owners’ home (dump) This reminds me, gotta get it cleaned on the outside.

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    Volt 230

    Murilee must have taken a real interest in this rust bucket, sure took a lot of photos.

  • avatar

    You always think of the Japanese as being so clean, neat, and orderly. I wonder what they think when seeing one of their “classics” in this end-of-life posture?

  • avatar

    The Brad Paisley CD seems out of place given the stickers on this car.

  • avatar

    JDub’s parental duty was shrouded in fog.

    “I don’t want to go there! I want to go home!”, five year-old Quinta protested. JDub opened the ‘Rolla’s driver door. It met the crinkled fender, making an “RRRRNT” squeak, and then bounced there on the sheetmetal. “I don’t care what you WANT, just get in the Champ.”, he said as he reached for the shattered inside rear door handle. He used the plastic remains as a pull lanyard for it’s attached rod linkage, pulling it forward to open the door. She relented, and jumped in the back of the stinky Toyota. Her baby gut stuck out of a T-shirt one season too small. She slammed her door with a bang of a rusty snare drum, and channeled her mother. “All you do is vape. Look up vape. Go to the vape store.” Beads of sweat floated JDub’s leather fedora on his forehead. “Jesus. If I get you a Happy Meal, will you shut up?”

    The 4A puttered through the drive thru, it’s voice harkening back to a sound from the dawn of the automobile via a completely wasted flex pipe. “Sir, can you turn your engine off and give me that order again?” JDub handed the woman in the window a crinkled ten. She humorlessly unfolded the bill while hydrocarbons wafted into the window, stinging her eyes. “Here you go, have a great day.”, she said wearing a grimace. The Toyota waited at the street, and then turned right. “Clack-clack-clack-clack-clack”, said the exposed CV joint.

    At the light, the Corolla sat at it’s abnormally high idle. Almost as much a blessing as it was a curse, it fumigated the cabin. JDub munched a cheeseburger as The Lumineers played.

    I’ve been trying to do it right
    I’ve been living a lonely life
    I’ve been sleeping here instead
    I’ve been sleeping in my bed

    The burger tasted a bit like Corolla butt. Crumbs of it’s starched bun fell upon JDub’s lap. He brushed the debris off onto the floor. His attention was directed to the back seat by the sound of trash being shuffled by little feet. It was at this very moment that JDub realized he needed a new car, something that he put off for way too long. He figured things would work out on their own to force his hand, but the damn wouldn’t die. “It’s still runs and drives fine.”, he would explain to those who laughed at his motor vehicle, right before wishing it didn’t. Another complete set of junkyard doors weren’t going to do the trick this time.

    JDub dialed his friend Ed with a hot tip.
    “Hey, what year is that Civic that John is selling?”

    The scuffed Brad Paisley disc was pondered in hand briefly before being flung back to the floor. JDub then visited the ferryman at the window. The transaction was over in a matter of seconds, and he had crisp bills in hand. “Damn! This is the best idea I’ve had in a long time.”, he thought, “Even have extra left for a new pen.”

    As they waited outside for their new car to pull up, JDub wrote a scathing review of the Kanger Aerotank with his sausage fingers on the iPhone.

    “Worked great for a month. Put a new coil and O-rings and it is still a leaking and flooding tragedy. Tried all the tips online for fixing Kanger tanks nothing works. This thing is straight over-rated garbage.”

    He took a break to inhale from a device resembling a Motorola brick phone coupled to an oxygen cylinder. The spent cloud was massive, and drifted across the parking lot, flowing over the sleek $800 Mark VIII with blown air suspension.

    “Here it is!”, he said with glee as the dented Honda pulled up with a delighted driver.
    “Daddy, can we watch them smush it?”
    “I don’t think they’ll smush it today.”, JDub replied, “Too many good parts on it.”

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    Our paper delivery man drove one of these up till about a year ago. Used to cruise down the residential streets riding on the bump stops with probably 500+ newspapers piled up to the ceiling. Thing seemed to run forever despite being one of the most overloaded cars I’ve ever seen. If not for the rust, these things are probably one of the best cockroach cars.

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    Athos Nobile

    OMG, I hope you got a tetanus shot after photographing that.

    Secondly, you can actually kill them. Where I come from, one of these would have easily 500K kms, with maybe 2-3 rebuilts on the engine.

    How come you guys didn’t get 3-point seat belts on the rear seats of these?

  • avatar
    Curt in WPG

    My buddy growing up had the Nova version, I think it was an 86. AM radio, crank windows special but the abuse this car took was legendary. Everything from hitting the ditch (repeatedly) in winter on the highways to seeing how slow we could go in 5th gear (@ 25km/h IIRC with the proper clutch feathering) – nothing could kill that car. Interestly enough his version diodn’t rust too bad, maybe because its too cold in Winnipeg for road salt much of the winter.

    • 0 avatar

      My uncle had the Nova version when I was about 3 or 4 years old in the early 90s, Blue on blue, I remember him being very skillful at driving it with his knees. I don’t remember him having it that long though, nor did he have the Hyundai Pony the Nova replaced very long either. I think it actually was a victim of Winnipeg road salt though.

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